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The Triple Moon Goddess, Progressed Moon Cycles and Saturn!

Let's start by taking the title and dissecting it part by part. What is the Triple Moon Goddess? In very simple laymen's terms it is the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone. The three phases of a woman's life, or the feminine itself. What do these three phases represent, innocence, nurturing and wisdom. Please know I'm going to keep it VERY simple. However, I want to extrapolate and correlate through my experience. I do not claim to be anyone other than an explorer, I feel through the experiences, the nuances, the understanding of things. The "I feel" is the important part. Ultimately this is what the Moon teaches us, it shows how we feel through things, how we associate and what we will remember, what touches us deeply and leaves marks on our very soul.

The Triple Moon, the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone. The Maiden comes first, innocence, the journey just begun, stars in our eyes, hope in our hearts. The girl as she comes of age with wide doe eyes. It's what the church would associate with the Virgin. Innocence incarnate. She is a child, and this is representative of childhood. She has yet to experience, she has yet to see the harsher realities to come. She doesn't know what it's like to grow a child in her womb, she doesn't know what it's like to die a thousand deaths for her children. The Mother does. The Mother has faced her own childhood, her own maidenhood. She understands what it is to be seduced, to be fertile and/or sexual, creative and full, she knows seduction or else she would not be growing a babe in her womb. She knows the touch of another, an intimate caress. She has unconditional love for all her children, as different as they may be. She will hold them when they are sick and crying, when they are hurt and in need. She will push them gently to get outside their comfort zone and outside their nest of safety that is her arms. As such, she knows the beauty and love and heartache in watching them grow, hopeful yet fearful for them. Though she knows not the gut wrenching heartache the Crone has faced. The loss, the sadness, the harsher life lessons. The Crone knows sadness, loss, grief, pain, all the things the Mother goes through and experiences culminate in the Crones unshakable persona. This is where every woman, every person incarnate on this planet stands facing down the barrel of their own mortality. This is where we see the shadowy loom of Death stalking from every crevice and corner. We know what's coming for us, because we have seen it come for others. Sometimes softly, sometimes swiftly, sometimes slowly and full of pain. The Crone knows loss, she has buried those that came before her, some that arrived with her, possibly even those that came after. She does not quibble or quiver in fear; she is ready, she is steady, she is calm. She has made peace with her end, though it has not yet arrived, she is ready to welcome the end, knowing it is just the beginning.

The Progressed Moon cycle! When I came across this technique I was astonished! Because, it shows where we have matured, where we have traversed, and our internal subjective experience has changed and grown, where our internal emotional world has gone through cycles and changes and expanded, we have traversed the different areas of our life 2.5 years average in each sign. This means that in about 30 'ish years the moon will return to its natal position. A full swing around the zodiac, sampling and living in what each sign has to offer; each new experience in the sign away from your natal placement a mini lifetime into and of itself through the decans of that sign. Depending on where you are in the moons cycle depends on where it is in relation to your Natal Sun at the time of your birth, the phase you were born under is to be known and considered always. That starting point is how you will feel through your experience as a person in this life, it will color your experiences with the expression at your birth placement. Where Cancer is and where the Moon is will show you your internal experience, your awareness of self and others through emotional reaction or response; where you are either unconsciously or consciously moving through life. Each sign the Moon traverses through as you get older, hopefully wiser, activates the depositor of that sign. Wherever that planet is activates a new expression for you. This is my understanding of this technique. As such at the first turning of the Moon back to our natal placement we go from Maiden to Mother, the next turn from Mother to Crone, possibly lasting if not all the way through that third turning to reach a ripe old age of about 90. If not, anytime between the age of 60 onward. Obviously each persons experience, chart makeup and circumstance will be different. The rest of the chart will give you the information on how a person will experience this progression. I am not a master at this technique. It is not one I use often at all. At least not yet. I am an explorer as I said, and part of exploring is observing. I look, I watch, I wait. Once I have seen that a teaching works, or that it has use I will implement it. I have only been looking at this technique for a year.

Now Saturn, oh, Saturn, limiting, delaying, harsh teacher of life! Saturn will knock you down 7 times just so you get up 8! It is the heavy hand and cold lesson keeper. Saturn does not consider your emotions, just that you learn the lessons. It takes Saturn 30 years to circle the zodiac. Give or take a couple of years. I myself hit my Saturn return just before my 29th birthday and then 2 more times after that due to the retrograde cycle. Saturn is the teacher of harsh reality. Of having to look into the mirror and see what is truly before you. The people, places and things that make you get outside of your comfort zone to grow not only as a person but as a soul. It is the lesson of time, of life, of the living. It is the boundaries we find ourselves up against when we have missed the mark of what we were supposed to be doing. The first turning of Saturn makes you an adult. After that, the second turning shows you your limitation, shows you more life lessons this is also about the time you lose your parents. If you haven't already at the first turning. The second prepares you for your own end. It is said that Saturns lessons will lessen as we get older and learn to abide by the rules, but I have a different theory. Harsh aspects from Saturn to your natal Moon mean harsh emotional upset when you're young. But it also means chronic illness in your body when you're older. Saturns lessons don't lessen with time if you have a harsh aspect to your Moon. They just change form. Now you've adapted emotionally, you've grown at the first turn of Saturn. Now the lesson changes and you're more responsible in deed and emotional response. But now, the stiffness starts to set in. Now is a really good time to take up a yoga or regimented stretching routine. Because if you don't, that third turning can see you stiff as a board and in constant, chronic pain. Saturns lessons are hard, mastering them even harder still. But that is what Saturn wants from you. It wants you to master your mind, your emotions, your limits. It wants you to work within our personal bounds to manifest physically. Mastering Saturn, means mastering what some call the Matrix. It is the physical bounds by which we abide. I could go down the rabbit hole of the ones that worship this Black hole Sun. But won't. Just know, what you don't know about Saturn, will give others power over you. To keep it simple, its life lessons are hard. To master it is to master this thing we call Reality.

As an example of Saturns Life Lessons, the last time Saturn was in Aquarius actually; I lost my grandmother. My fathers mother of all people. She was a robust Matriarch, if anyone embodied Saturn as a human it was her! She was a harsh teacher! She didn't care about my emotions or that I was overly sensitive, what she cared about was that I learned what she was teaching. She once strapped a ruler to my back because she said I slouched too much. Made me walk with a book on my head at the same time. Taught me "how to be a lady" because I was too much of a wild heathen, her words exactly. She would rap my knuckles if my penmanship wasn't perfect. She also made me re-draw a picture of a hill with trees and a sunset because "trees don't grow sideways you stupid child". When I was 9 she was diagnosed with Cancer. Just after my sister ran away from home. My grandmother went from being a robust, hold it all together for the family woman, to laying in a hospital bed with iv's and machines hooked up to her with a morphine drip to ease her pain as she died, in between I was forced to go to church after church as she prayed for a miracle, she was staring down he barrel of her own mortality and it scared her, she wasn't ready to die. My parents forced me to sit with her almost every day when she became bed ridden. To watch as her life slowly left her body. I was 11 the winter she died. The Stellium in Capricorn on January 6th, 1994 saw the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Uranus and Neptune sitting at varying degrees of Saturns rulership. The inner planets and the Sun were clustered around my natal South Node at 13° activating a pre-natal Blood Moon Eclipse and my Vertex at 15° of Capricorn. Watching her die, being forced to see what death sometimes looked like was an initiation of sorts, or so I'm told. I can tell you my perspective has been colored by that experience. The irony is that the transiting Saturn in Aquarius was in a wide trine with my natal one. But the other planets, they were squaring my natal Saturn, Mars and Pluto placement, opposing my Natal Sun in Cancer. The irony is not lost on me, neither is the lesson. Looking back, those harsh lessons taught me to never expect the best from people. Always take them and their kindnesses to heart because they could just as easily be cold and demanding.

I am not the be all end all of knowledge. I am not a guru, I am not a teacher of life lessons. I am an explorer. I am a collector of knowledge, experience and emotion.

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