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Taurus New Moon

May 19th – New Moon in Taurus 28°

This will be the first New Moon NON-Eclipse in Taurus in two years. However, the North Node is still here in Taurus at 3°. While this is not an Eclipse, it may feel like one. Mercury is freshly direct and beginning its slow crawl forward. Resolving and smoothing over any issues we had here, some fundamental tangible changes took place, and we may still adapt as time goes on. Between the Mercury, North Node, and Jupiter conjunction being the focus of a T-square with Mars and Pluto at the other end, we may feel this energy more strongly than the New Moon.

The New Moon is nicely aspected with a sextile to Mars and Neptune in the end degrees of the water signs and an out-of-sign trine with Pluto by degree. This New Beginning is supported, but it isn’t without issues. I also say it may “feel” more like an Eclipse. Wherever this falls in your chart, expect real, tangible, and long-lasting manifestations to take root. We wanted this future, after all, didn’t we? This stability amidst the chaos that has unfolded. So why then, does it seem like too much?

Uranus being in Taurus and in wide conjunction with this New Moon, we can expect the unexpected, maybe a little more liberation and freedom from the status quo than we thought we wanted. The Moon is in exaltation in Taurus, which means it is emotionally a very grounding influence and may become something long-lasting and exciting, but for now, with the Moon dark, we don’t quite know how it will all play out; we still have to sort through how we’re feeling, something is rising to the surface from our unconscious.

With this being in the late degrees of the Sign of Taurus, we think we know where we’re going and what we’re doing. “Old hat” and all that. But do we know how things will shake out? The Next time the Moon is in Taurus as a Full Moon, the opposite end to this New Moon, is on October 28th of this year; it will be another Lunar Eclipse with Jupiter. While it’s not ‘bad’, and this energy seems to look nice in the long term, there is something we do not have within our grasp yet, something we haven’t anticipated or calculated into our plans. We still have some rough waters to surf through these next months before we can implement our plan, steady on, and stay ahead of the chaos.

May 20th – Mars enters Leo, Mars opposes Pluto

Mars enters Leo, powerful, forceful, but charismatic, with a twist. As soon as Mars enters Leo, it will oppose Pluto in Aquarius. This aspect can create a significant power struggle on a good day, but with Jupiter in the mix and these three planets in challenging aspects with each other, we are in for a long-term and long-time coming paradox shift. Fixed signs will scream into the darkness long before they concede to change willingly. When outside forces apply pressure, tantrums or drastic change occur quite quickly. Reconciliation can happen. This is also how diamonds are made.

This energy has been building; for some, the crescendo has already been reached, and we are now dealing with the cleanup efforts or the aftermath. For others, it can reach a fever pitch now and break a bit later.

Mars is our actions, aggressions, passions, anger, and where we fight or flee from situations. Leo is about being heart-centered; it’s charismatic and prideful at times. Mars coming through here with Pluto still at 0° Aquarius can create an intense power struggle for what’s suitable for the one versus what needs to be transformed for the many.

Mars and Pluto are also about desires and, ultimately, soul desires. Mars can act and separate, but Pluto is about the unadulterated truth, the profound soul truth, and what we desire at a soul level beyond culture, religion, and the conditioning we were born with. It’s also about complete transformation through death and rebirth. An inferno to burn it all down only to rise again renewed and refreshed, even if we’re still raw and sensitive.

This opposition can see significant action steps taken to free oneself of the shackles that bind us to a fixed situation. With Jupiter in Taurus squaring both planets, things will seem overblown and out of proportion; the issue, while it could be small, may seem bigger than life or a life-altering choice must be made. All of this is happening in the Fixed energies. We may not go quietly into the life we have wanted to create for ourselves. We may balk at the direction we are going.

We must decide what is true, what is correct, what is right, and what is meant for us beyond surface-level wants and desires. As this energy builds and dissipates, we may be left wondering how we got to this point. Did we know it consciously, or were we lying to ourselves about what we truly desire?

May 21st – Sun enters Gemini and trines Pluto

The Sun enters the fun-loving, dynamic, and sometimes dualistic sign of Gemini. As it does this, it trines Pluto. Excellent energy, indeed! This is the first time we have felt this energy in Gemini. We seek to connect, communicate, and be social with the Sun in Gemini. And with Pluto in Aquarius, we seek like-minded groups, our soul tribe, or at least where we fit into or are separate from the many. We’re seeking things that are far different and have more depth than we have allowed ourselves in a long time. Some profound truths can be revealed with the Sun and Pluto in trine. We can seize hold and focus on what we wish to communicate to the masses if we have the power to do so.

May 26th – Mars squares the Nodes

It’s impossible to bring everything with us when we move forward. Mars squaring the nodes has quite a bit to say about that. Mars ruling where the South Node is finishing its transit out in Scorpio at this time says what is dead, what is stagnant, and what is rotting must be released. We can’t take it all with us and shouldn’t have to; how burdensome that would be. What we let go of now can make the difference of where we are going and where we end up landing. Cutting things out that no longer serve our path forward is a necessity we do not have the luxury of fussing over. When this moves on, we will feel the weight of what we have carried thus far lift, sever, and fall away. But it does require us to take heart-centered action. To remain heartfelt and humble while faced with adversity and hard decisions is a true test of the warrior spirit.

May 28th – Sun squares Saturn

The first square between the Sun and Saturn in Gemini and Pisces for about 30 years. This is also an opening square from their conjunction this past winter in Aquarius. We need to adapt differently now. Things have begun to shift and change. Once we were too adaptive and possibly too pliant, we needed to shore up our boundaries and make them less permeable moving forward. While we want to communicate and talk and socialize, there’s a damper on the party. Saturn in Pisces can make things heavy, less friendly, and social, more practical, grounded, and stable and even a bit depressing at times. The Sun will move on, but sometimes we need to talk about the hard things, the places we have martyred or have been martyred by others. Saturn in Pisces makes us look in the mirror of our consciousness and how we connect to all other things. A bit of a reality check this aspect, it moves on quickly but it’s still meant to have us evaluate the subtle energy permeating our lives.

June 1st – Jupiter conjunct NN

The expansion and abundance of where we want to go and what we want to do with Jupiter and the North Node coming together precisely can be beneficial and possibly a tad too much of a good thing? Taurus signifies indulgence, finesse, sensate experience, and physical, tangible resources. Jupiter expands on this, and with the North Node, we could want to move towards what feels good, whether it be money, food, possessions, and what is valuable or what we deem desirable. Under normal circumstances, this could be overindulgence, and while it still may be that, the T-Square with Pluto and Mars is still very active, though now it is waning. We are learning how to navigate this new thing and dealing with the aftermath of the T-Square. While simultaneously hungering for more, more, more. When is too much truly too much?

June 3rd – Sagittarius Full Moon 13°

As a Sagittarius Full Moon goes, we may not be as emotionally free as we would like. This Full Moon is squaring Saturn; some serious conversations will be had. The Moon in Sagittarius wants freedom of expression and can be overly optimistic and sometimes downright mulish with their independence and brashness. But with this square to Saturn, we may be reigning that in for now. Saturn is about restriction, delays, and the no’s of this life. T-squares are focal points of tension and obstacles. Full Moons are about completion and fulfillment. This Full Moon has the potential to feel melancholier than we would like. Saturn is a planet of hard knocks and toiling away. Maybe after this full moon, we will evaluate at what cost our freedom comes and decide what it's truly worth. At the time of this full moon, Pluto is the only planet in retrograde. Though Saturn is super slow and getting ready for its five-month retrograde period, that won’t happen for another two weeks. Perhaps we are ready to re-evaluate the broader and more diffuse topics; luckily at the time of this full moon, Saturn is in an approaching sextile with Jupiter. Both Sagittarius and Pisces are places of Jupiter’s benevolent influence. Perhaps it won’t be as melancholy as we feel it is. After all, we’re ready to make real, tangible, and long-lasting changes, aren’t we?

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