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Forgotten Lore: An Astrology Course

Embark on an enlightening journey through the foundational elements of astrology with our unique hybrid course. Forgotten Lore: An Astrology Course offers a deep dive into the intricate relationship between the solar and lunar cycles and their impact on astrological interpretation. Designed for beginners and seasoned enthusiasts alike, this course sets the stage for a comprehensive understanding of astrology’s core principles, using the sun and moon as our guideposts.


Course Format:

Our hybrid course model combines the best of both worlds: in-person meetups and online interactive sessions. Each month, participants will gather in person for immersive lessons and discussions, diving into the dynamic energies of the sun, moon, planets, houses, signs, cycles, and rhythms. 


Between these in-person gatherings, online meetings over Zoom will provide a platform for further exploration through journaling prompts and Q&A sessions, ensuring a continuous and engaging learning experience.


What You Will Learn in the First Lesson:

The Solar Lunar Cycle: Understand the fundamental aspects of the sun and moon in astrology, including their significance in the natal chart.

Energetic Influences: Discover how the solar and lunar cycles affect personal growth, emotional well-being, and life events.

Journaling for Reflection: Use guided prompts to explore your astrological journey and the cycles’ impacts on your life.

Interactive Discussions: Share insights and questions during online sessions, fostering a supportive learning community.


Download the first lesson PDF handout HERE.


Upcoming Levels of Learning:

Our journey does not stop with the sun and moon. Forgotten Lore is designed as a series, with future courses exploring the planets and astrological cycles. Each course builds upon the last, offering a path to master astrology’s rich and complex system for yourself and others.


Who Should Enroll?

This course is ideal for anyone curious about astrology or seeking to deepen their understanding of how celestial cycles correspond to our life’s rhythms. Whether new to astrology or looking to expand your knowledge, our slow and layered content and supportive community provide a welcoming environment for all.


Enrollment Details:

Hybrid Learning: Monthly in-person meetups complemented by online sessions.

Community Support: Access to a dedicated forum for ongoing discussion and exchange.

Flexible Schedule: Designed to fit into your life, with recordings available for those who cannot attend live.


Join us on a transformative exploration of astrology’s most fundamental elements. Enroll in Forgotten Lore today and begin your journey to understanding the celestial rhythms that guide us.

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