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Liberty, Justice and the Pursuit of Balance

A few months ago when I was looking ahead to now, no one was talking about the movement of Venus Cazimi in Libra from Scorpio! As I dove into researching what this strange and almost once in a lifetime changeover meant and how to help friends, clients, myself and my readers navigate this energy. I realized how powerful and potent this time really is for ALL of us on this planet at this time! It is so multi-layered and faceted, this will be a long read!

Let’s start at the beginning, most people want to know what a Cazimi is. It is a conjunction of a planet to the exact degree of the Sun. Cazimi’s can only affect the Traditional planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn). The orb of this Cazimi is a longstanding debate amongst astrologers across the globe. The general rule is within 1 Degree, but some astrologers adhere to the 0°16’ rule. It also means that while Cazimi, that planet is in the Heart or Throne of the Sun. The Sun being the epitome of God in modern times as without this light and heat giving Luminary we would not be living the lives we are! The world would be a much colder, darker place. Life would look very different on this planet.

Venus Cazimi’s happen roughly every 9.5 months. However, not all Cazimi’s are created equal. For the last 100 years one particular Venus Cazimi has been happening in a “bad place” for the Femme Fatale. That changes with this Venus Cazimi. For the last 100 years, Venus has been Cazimi in the Sign of Scorpio. Venus doesn’t do so well in Scorpio. Possessiveness, jealousy, obsessions rear their heads in Scorpio for Venus.

We will have one more Venus Cazimi in Scorpio in 2026 and then firmly planted in Libra until well into the 2130’s! Boggles the mind doesn’t it?! Venus Cazimi’s have seen social, political, and structural change across the globe for millennia, yet, she is relegated to the side and not discussed as the absolute powerhouse she is. Historical and Religious data doesn’t lie.

Since the research on this Venus in Libra began,I took copious notes from various books. The book all about the “Venus Star Points,” as Arielle Guttman calls them was of particular interest. She is the leading expert in all things Venus and the “Star Points”. Venus does indeed make a five pointed star through the zodiac with her Cazimi/Conjunctions to the Sun!

This five pointed star is called a Pentacle. It’s association with “Witchcraft” and the “Devil” or Lucifer is laughable once you learn the true nature of Venus. The Morning Star, as Venus is known, when she rises before the Sun, is a warrior Venus. The Evening Star has its associations with spirituality, ephemeral insights into the knowledge kept behind the veil. The Evening Star is the Venus that sets after the Sun, an otherworldly sight to behold in the Western sky.

To add another layer, the last time Venus had a cazimi point in Libra was September 23rd of 1879. She was moving from an Evening Star to a Morning Star. Fast forward to October 22, 2022 and Venus is Cazimi moving from a Morning Star to an Evening Star. No one alive today has this Star Point of Venus. After October 22nd and before the next Cazimi in Leo in August of 2023 those babies will carry this energy with them throughout their life. Because Venus is slow moving with the Cazimi’s in the signs we should back up again, this time, traveling to October 22nd of 1771, just a mere five years before the signing of the Declaration of Independence for those of us born in the United States.

Following the Venus Cazimi in 1771, the year 1772 under that Libra influence, Samuel Adams organized the Committees of Correspondence, which was a political organization that opposed the British Parliament and a way of communicating to people in the colonies what was going on with the movements and actions of the Crown . In April of 1772 the Pine Tree Riots happened, which had to do with Pine Trees that were to be used as Masts for ships in the British Naval and Commercial Fleets, what’s a whole lotta mess to write out, you can check it out HERE.

The Watauga Association “freed” itself from the Crown by declaring itself a sovereign state, fast forward to 2020, anyone remember CHAD?! The Gaspee Affair which was a British Naval Ship that ran aground chasing a bootlegger’s ship and was subsequently torched by colonists, the first attack on a British Naval ship of the Revolutionary War.

All of these things happened after the Libra Venus Cazimi in 1771 and before the Leo Cazimi in 1772. Sparking the greatest uprising from the Crown in History. You can find the events of each year leading up to the Declaration of Independence HERE. History indeed repeats itself in the most obvious of ways! These are just a few incidences under this influence.

If we compare the chart of Libra Venus Cazimi on October 22nd 1771 to the Chart of October 22nd 2022, we see something emerge that is undeniably a major influence that has been happening over these last several years and will unfold similarly but not necessarily the same as the onset of the Libra Venus Cazimi’s of the last 100 year cycle.

The Chart on the Left is from 1771 and the chart on the right is in 2022! Do you see the similarities? The Differences? Let’s dive in shall we?

In 1771 Saturn was in Leo, Saturn is a planet of restriction and repression and as such being in Leo, restricting the Kings and Queens of the day, subduing their power and lessening the impact they can have on the masses.

The opposite sign of Leo is Aquarius, which is the masses and whole groups and populations of people. This time around, Saturn is in Aquarius, limiting the masses and allowing the Rulers of the Day more control. Because Saturn is also about control!

Uranus (Taurus) and Pluto (Capricorn) as you can see in both charts are similar degrees between each timeframe. Similar themes of the Day, Money and taxation disruptions and absolute control from the powers that be, while lies and deception of the ruling class is ousted for the scourge it is.

In 1771 Jupiter was there in Capricorn as well, but for us, that expansion on governmental control already reared its ugly head in 2019/2020 When we had the Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn lineup setting off the US’ Pluto return quite fiercely! This time around Jupiter is in Aries, though Jupiter in Aries may squash violence and promote more benevolence, Jupiter can only do so much with the other outer planets being where they are!

Neptune is another one that is in opposition to where it was in 1771. Then it was in Virgo, now it is in Pisces. Neptune can be a bit more powerful and cause more escapism and media manipulation especially with Mars currently in Gemini squaring Neptune at this time! Verbal Manipulation in the Media outlets may run rampant throughout this Cazimi Influence.

In 1771 Mars was with the North Node in Scorpio, also in 1771 both the Sun and Venus moved into Scorpio and an Eclipse happened a day later. Back then it was a Partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus followed by a Solar Eclipse on November 6th. A mashup of Sun, Moon, Mercury, North Node, Mars and Venus all together in the sign of Scorpio!

This time it is shaping up to be a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio with the South Node, Sun, Moon, and Venus two days after the Libra Cazimi followed by a Total Blood Moon Eclipse in Taurus with the Sun, Mercury and Venus all conjunct the South Node. I don’t know about you, I don’t believe in coincidences.

This will have an affect on everything we are going through currently and in the months and years to come. Powerful transformation for all of us here at this time! Wild swings, changes and shifts, more impact and growing up to do this time around! The phrase, those that forget the past are doomed to repeat it comes to mind as well.

We live in interesting times! May we learn from our own personal and world history and may we do better together as a people, as a nation, as a community and as friends. And so it is.

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