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September 12-18th

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

September 13th

1st Quarter Square Virgo/Sagittarius 21°

The Sun and Moon are in square, this means action to be taken from the New Moon in Virgo. This whole month can see a manifestation of destiny. This first quarter square comes in at 21° of Virgo and Sagittarius. Squaring and opposing the Gemini Eclipse from this spring at 19°. What can be made manifest? How can this show up for us? The Sun is in another Mercury ruled sign, here in Virgo the sun squaring the Eclipse point can see us taking practicality and putting the groundwork and/or busy work to use by taking the next right steps in our development towards the future we want to create! How is this showing up in your life? What seemingly fated events are unfolding now, what hand of destiny are you taking hold of to level up and out of the current paradigm you find yourself in?

September 14th

Sun opposes Neptune 21°

Mars enters Libra

Mars enters Libra With the Sun opposing Neptune at the Same degree the first quarter square of the Moon hits its imperative we look at and be VERY clear and conscious of what it is we want to manifest and create. As with all things opposing or squaring Neptune it can be confusing, confounding, murky and muddy. But if we ourselves are clear, concise and use practicality and logic with this Sun in Virgo we can co-create a profound new way of being. We can find if we are clear and certain in our destiny that we can manifest faster and more accurate. Neptune can be a planet of miraculous manifestations. But we have to be precise in our wants and needs.

With Mars entering Libra, the sign of its fall, we can see the social justice warriors take up arms if things start to become unbalanced, unfair and unjust to the many. Mars in Libra people may not stand up for themselves, but if anyone is being martyred, used, abused, or unjustly treated they will go to great lengths to make sure balance is restored, justice is served and retribution is taken. With the Transit here We can see interesting developments with relationships as well. Mars in a Venus ruled sign means Mars has to weigh the pros and cons of his actions. Is this right, true, just, fair and balanced?

September 16th

Sun trine Pluto 24°

The trine from the Sun to Pluto is another great aspect for manifesting and being very clear, focused, practical, precise and concise with what it is you want to lay the foundation for over the long term. This Sun at 24° is squaring the Eclipse from December of 2020. What was going on then that needs to be honed, refined, looked at, focused on? What else needs to be destroyed in order to get to the very bottom of what it is at that ground level you are trying to build for yourself as the foundation of the future you are manifesting and co-creating? Engagement in your life, engagement in your destiny is needed now more than ever.

September 17th

Venus square Saturn 7°

The exact pass of Venus square Saturn. This one can be intense and feel as though we are butting up against a brick wall. Saturn is slowing down to go direct in less than a month from this point. Both are in fixed signs, Venus wants to hone in and focus on what’s truly, madly, deeply important. Saturn here fixated on the subjugation and squeezing out of the masses at large anything that is different or unique about any of us. We can feel like we are at odds within ourselves because we just can’t seem to get deeper into what it is others need, want or desire. Our own appetites are changing and getting deeper and we are opting for more refined, honed in, focused and only value the truest essence of our relationships, our friendships and what we do with our money…

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