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Messages from who?


I wrote this back in July of 2020! I pulled it down from my website because I'm just an Astrologer. But a beautiful mentor and friend of mine who also happens to be a Teacher and Gnostic Luciferian Priestess reminded me after I talked to her about a post she made on this very topic, I'm also a whole person and that message is just as important as the Astrological Weather. You should follow her on instagram @chriseldapacheco and find her website Especially if you're interested in all things Esoteric and Truthful! All that being said, I do hope you enjoy this post! Happy almost halloween! :)

**Original Article below**

There are many theories out there for spirit guides, spirit totems, spirit animals, dream guides, etc etc etc... So many things that are "outside" of ourselves and while I believe that these "beings" or "guides" are useful at some point on your self-discovering journey you realize that in relating to animals or archetypes or totems of any kind you're just projecting a part of your inner psyche onto something exterior from yourself. Yes we are a part of this world, yes we relate to the natural world and its archetypal essences and yes they are useful tools. But what if all of those external things you see, the "messages" you get from your Angels, Animals, Birds or Guides aren't from the external otherness that is perceived? There is something to be said about the synthesis of becoming whole. In as such we need to understand that as we grow, as we evolve, as we reintegrate the rejected parts of ourselves back into the whole; we embody our true essence and the crutch we use is no longer needed, so it is integrated back into and of ourselves as well.

Maybe I'll catch flack for saying that, especially because I'm not a "love and light" person. Just like everything else, the "spiritual" community needs a fucking enema. Spiritual Bypassing isn't just a term, it's a real thing that people need to stop. Have I been guilty of it.... yup! Was I brainwashed by extended family and false light leaders into thinking that my anger at something or my recoil response was bad and wrong? Yessum. Did I feel guilt and shame because I wasn't as "detached" as them from my irrational deeply intense emotions... Well duh, I sure did! It wasn't until I reconciled within myself the reason I felt that way and realized the shit they're pedaling out there.

Now, I'm not saying that if you meditate and see animals and Jesus or whatever you are seeing isn't there to help you. What I'm saying is that until you reconcile within yourself that you're a spirit in a meat suit and in need of reconciling and alchemizing the inside drama that unfolds outside yourself; you will always give away your own personal (sovereign power). That's it. We have archetypes for a reason. We utilize them for a reason and we need them for a time. At what point though do they become a crutch? At what point do we lean so heavily on them that we emasculate ourselves?

I'm not saying we are gods, it's more complicated and less dramatic than that. We are magical beings. Think about it. Life is magical. Two haploid gametes meet and form a zygote sovereign being inside a mothers womb. Say that five times fast! Life is an intricate web not unlike a birth chart. The archetypes of the planets and the certain vibrational song infusing the person with specific traits and and expressions. Yet, we view everything as outside of ourselves. What if what is outside is a representation of what is going on inside? As time goes on we forget to remember and we remember to forget. What if the guides we "meet" and utilize along the way are really just our own reflection looking back at us as an innate unconscious realization that needs a way to manifest in our conscious; but our unconscious limitations won't allow us to see it as a message from our own unconscious processing, we have to see it outside ourselves because we are in essence brainwashed into believing we are less than what we actually are. That's all.

Maybe we should get a little deeper and dig down a little more to bring the real unconscious to the conscious so we can stop giving away our true sovereignty, and we can stop calling everything fate.

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