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March 20-26

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

March 20th

Sun Enters Aries

As the Sun Enters Aries we are embarking on a new beginning in the world, Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, Fall in the Southern. With this brings Change. The Sun, the blazing ball of gas that lights the sky and gives sustaining life on this planet enters the Sign of its Exaltation. This isn’t a sign of control, this is a sign of Action and Raw Power. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac for a reason. Cardinal, Fire, Masculine energy. The Sun is all about joy, play, fun, the souls expression! In the Sign of Aries the Sun is elevated, if it can’t be in Leo it would rather be in Aries. Action, action, action. A fire planet in a fire sign is all about action. Aries is when we see the first crisis of life peeking through the wet soggy earth. New shoots, buds, plants all pushing up whilst pushing their roots deeper. Birth is a messy time, it’s intense and ferocious, just look at how people that are cooped up all winter run from their houses at the first warm sunny days of Spring! Look at the animals waking out of their winter’s long slumber, hungry and ready to move! I do like Aries Season! The crisis of creation. This Aries Season Mars, the ruler of Aries is in Aquarius moving ever closer to the Square with Uranus. The Sun gives way to Martian rule at this time and what that pesky little red planet is doing has an impact on what the Sun can do in Aries. As the sun rises higher in the sky, enjoy the beginnings, be aware of what’s going on but focus on your own personal expression. Turn your face to the Sun and soak up refreshed and renewed rays streaming down this New Year.

March 21st

Mercury conjunct Jupiter

The energy of Mercury with Jupiter in Pisces can help Mercury see the real big picture. Mercury is in detriment in Pisces and as such doesn’t offer the more functional qualities of rational, linear, logical thinking. Here it’s an intuitive and perceptive Mercury. Maybe even a bit anxious because it’s uncomfortable with all the watery energy. But being in conjunction to Jupiter can have an expansive and uplifting quality on this little tricky planet. It can also increase whatever anxieties we have about things as well, so be aware of that too. But Mercury and Jupiter together is great for combining the details and larger picture. We are able to see both the school and the fish for what they are here.

March 22nd

Mars Square Uranus

This is a rather explosive energy. The tension, friction, heat, and action can create rather intense and volatile situations. With Mars in the Sign of Aquarius, the sign of Masses of people, innovation, science, fixed mindsets, we can see Mars acting in a way that is stubborn yet different and bizarre. Uranus is no different of an energy, though it is a bit wilder and out of the box, it is in Taurus, another fixed and rigid sign. Dogmatic is a great word to describe the energy of fixed signs. Stuck, stagnancy and fixed mindsets are a thing. Neither of these planets in the fixed axis want to budge an inch. A paradox, stuck in and of itself. The only thing that can reconcile a paradox is lighting also Uranian in nature. Once that happens, intense momentum is created. We may hear of shocking innovations, disruptive weather, cataclysmic long range decisions, you get the point. It’s going to be intense and shocking. Prepare accordingly.

March 23rd

Mercury conjunct Neptune and Sextile the NN.

Our intuition can be so heightened we may not see reality the same way. Perhaps an overindulgence into escapism is to blame for the lack of touch with reality. Perhaps a momentary psychosis to escape the intensity in the Astrology of late. But also on the flip side perhaps a moment of perfect clarity seeing reality for what it truly is both in the depths and behind the veil. The thing with Piscean energy, it’s the least physical of all the signs. The most connected to all other things. A true collective unconscious rhythm that can permeate outward, tentacles reaching far and wide. The primordial goo from which all things spring. With a sextile to the North Node, we can ground what we sense, what we perceive and what is revealed to us into tangible things. We can observe our reality. We can see beyond what is in front of us to what will one day be. How we use this energy, well, that’s on each and every one of us. This is a highly creative energy, one that we can ground into tangible being if we so choose.

March 25th

3rd Quarter Square 4° Capricorn

As we wind down the Pisces Lunation we hit crisis with the Sun and Moon Final Square in Aries and Capricorn. Strangely enough this is another Eclipse point from 2019. We had an Eclipse at 4° of Capricorn! How MANY activations can you have in ONE Lunation Cycle? Really? I want to know! I don’t know how people are not looking at this or talking about this!? This whole Lunation has been in the Destiny/Fate Zone. Yet no one has said anything! New Moon, squaring the Eclipse From December. First Quarter Moon activated the Solar Eclipse from last Summer. The Full Moon in Virgo was Trine the Taurus Eclipse from November 2021. And now we have another Eclipse activation a closing Square, a winding down, a letting go time before we enter the dark phase for the New Aries Moon! What old narrative are we releasing? What crisis of authoritative action needs to be let go? We live in strange times my friends. Strange times indeed!

March 26th

Mercury sextile Pluto

What is it we learned at the time of Mercury being in conjunction with Pluto? What narratives in our personal lives transformed at a much deeper level than we were expecting? Mercury is in the deep end of the pool trending water in Pisces, or maybe Mercury’s just free-floating in deep space, the sextile to Pluto can see profound intuitive and psychic phenomenon awaken from the depths. If ever there was a time for remote viewing, transcendental states, astral trips, now could be the time for it. Deep transformations at an unconscious level can happen. Watch for synchronicity.

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