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January 9th - 15th

Mars Square Neptune

January 11th 2022

This is rife for confusing and conflicting stories. Mars can see action being taken in legislature while Neptune in Pisces is confusing the situation and possibly offering up a scapegoat or martyr for a specific cause. Mars squaring Neptune is rife with conflicting, confusing, nebulous, nefarious, and downright intensely jarring anxiety attacks. Mars is about taking action on things, separating the wheat from the chaff or blatantly cutting things out of our lives. Here in Sagittarius Mars wants to take action on laws, legislation, travel, foreign affairs etc. But Neptune is muddying the waters by making things more nebulous and even a bit indifferent and ultimately confusing.

January 14th 2022

Mercury Stations Retrograde

Mercury is exalted in Aquarius in Modern Astrology. Mercury will be stationing to go retrograde in a conjunction to Saturn again highlighting the still active Square between Uranus and Saturn.

Mercury is in an exact square to Uranus at this retrograde point. This can mean we are having heavily burdened thoughts and we need to re-evaluate the constructs, authorities, people in power and their impact on us, we can feel over burdened, pressured, jarred out of a sense of complacency and our emotional relationships can come into play with this as well. The Moon in Gemini is making a trine to both Saturn and Mercury freshly stationed retrograde. We may have an emotional coloring to our thought processes and our conversations. Those more grounded emotional conversations can help set us up for long term so long as we are re-evaluating where we are in our current situations.

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