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January 2nd - 8th

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

January 2nd 2022

Mercury Enters Aquarius

Mercury in Modern Astrology is Exalted in Aquarius. Ideas, contracts, all things mercurial are heightened. We can have a epiphany or two, our eyes on the prize with our long range aspirations, goals, wishes, hopes dreams in Aquarius. Our mind can be on large groups, what’s going on in the airwaves or micro-waves, all things internet, all things group associations. Chill collectivity can be a thing here. Though, this year will be a bit different as Mercury stations to go retrograde at 10° of Aquarius in square with Uranus in Taurus, while mutually receptive, Mercury is still activating the waning square from Saturn, we will want more grounded conversations or our conversations naturally come down to what is best for all concerned. There will be upheavals over Mercury’s stay in Aquarius and some very grave conversations on top of that.

Capricorn New Moon

This New Moon at 12° of Capricorn his forming a tight trine with Uranus at 10° of Taurus. New Moons are about beginnings, but they are also about letting go and releasing. What this can show up as is closing a door to one area to have double doors on the far left corner swing open and out pours opportunity after opportunity for long lasting, grounded, dynamic changes for the greater good and will yield great gains over time!

If I were to be iffy about anything it would be the Square Mars is starting to make from Sagittarius to Neptune in Pisces. Confusion, righteousness to the point of dogma. Lies of omission or outright blatant misinformation. Right now the saving grace could be the short lived sextile to Saturn in Aquarius. Help from someone else to see the truth of the long range plans and goals while we may be caught up in dogmatic tug of wars with ourselves and outside influences.

Jupiter is freshly rentered Pisces, offering luck, expansion, opportunity, fortune, over indulgence etc. But Jupiter is largely un-aspected now. The Noes are the only close aspect in these first weeks of January, the square which gives the events of this month a more destined quality. As if all of us in one way shape or form is releasing that final piece of the patterns of the past to adapt and move forward. The only caveat with this is that we may not pass without completing, finishing, finalizing and letting go of something, we have to have faith that we are and will be protected.

Venus is also one to watch over the course of this Lunation. She is at 22° of Capricorn. That degree, if you remember, is where the Saturn/Pluto/Sun/Mercury conjunction happened, around January 12th 2020. All of those planets were at that 22° at that time, on the same day. This is significant. This is an activation of that conjunction.

We all saw what happened just after that time. Venus is a cohesive and unifying planet but in retrograde, she is evaluating. What happens around the days of this New Moon carry great significance. Something is changing, fundamentally and energetically for all of us. How this will play out with Venus activating that sensitive spot is yet to be seen, her unifying nature and extra receptiveness still as an evening star should be taken into consideration. It’s almost as if the fractured nature of that Conjunction is about to get a face lift and negotiate a way to come back together. The Singularity Point of 22° Capricorn will morph and change with Venus being here at the exact time of the New Moon, time will tell what is being revised to be unified…

January 8th 2022

Venus Cazimi

This energy is a heightened state of understanding what it is that we desire on a material level. Venus is sitting in the throne or the heart of the Sun. This elevates Venus and we gan gain understanding on what we desire in relation to our interpersonal relationships, money, values, where we are excess or overindulge in things. After this Cazimi Venus will reemerge from the glare of the Sun as a Morning Star. Where she will remain until October 22nd at the halfway mark of her retrograde cycle.

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