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February 6th-12th

This week is one of interwoven threads. That's how I see this energy. With the first quarter square coming to the fore and powerful planets making positive aspect and the final aspect of the week one of powerful intentions via words. Be aware of what words are spoken. There is a reason it's called "spelling" magic is not what most people think. ;)

February 8th

First quarter Square 19° Taurus/Aquarius

This is the Crisis of Action for the New Moon in Aquarius. The first quarter square of the Moon in any lunation is a crisis point. Wherever this is showing up for you can have to keep refining what it is you are working towards. To change your mental process to affect the physical world. But refinement is a thing with the fixed signs. So is stubbornness and holding on to things too tightly. Continued action on what we wanted, on what we initiated and on what we want to liberate and free ourselves from that are old, outdated and stagnancies in our lives.

Mars Trine Uranus

Mars is in Capricorn, a place of decisive action for Mars, with Uranus in Taurus this can be something tangible and physical. Both Earth Signs, the trine can show us taking dedicated, calculated action that can change a disruptive energy into one of true liberation and freedom from the clutches of deeply authoritarian and totalitarianism. The coming conjunction of Mars and Venus is highlighting were we can make powerful alliances and truly liberate ourselves from the old ways and stagnant mindsets of doing things. A new world is being birthed and if we don’t take our authority through dedicated and diligent step by step action we risk allowing an outside force to do it for us.

February 11th

Mercury conjunct Pluto

The third and FINAL pass. Though Mercury never really left the conjunction there was barely wiggle room between the two planets to even notice. As Mercury Stationed on the 3rd we really dug in and sifted through the deep seated psychological blocks holding us back in the Capricorn area of our lives. We need to be prepared to cut out the cage, the stagnancy of what is holding us back in this area. Mercury will revisit the 24° of Capricorn again in December, but for now, we have what we need and now we purge what is no longer necessary. This final conjunction coming exact can also see us getting to the core of any topic through the subterfuge and understand how we came to find ourselves in the place we are now. Words take on more power with this conjunction. Choose them wisely! Lest you release a powerful spell that you cannot call back.

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