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September 5th - 11th

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

September 5th

Venus square Pluto 24°

Venus is strong in her home sign of Libra, however; Pluto the beautifully destructive force that it is; in Capricorn, this can see upset, keep in mind Venus will go retrograde over Pluto and conjunct 3 times this fall/winter. This square aspect can see power struggles in relationship. This can also see intense and disruptive energies where Libra and Capricorn are in our natal charts. In a more general sense this can see very intense and heightened perceptivity of how we relate to power, how we relate to control, how we relate to our own power and control at an internal level and how we see it out in the world playing out. This can also see us understanding how we allow our power to be stripped from us. And I don’t mean in the new age shenanigans that are perpetuating the same ole’ same ole’, I mean real personal power. Shameless plug for a teacher of mine, Chriselda Pacheco, you can find her here on instagram under her name, she’s the only one out there. If anyone needs help with understanding power, understanding the constructs under which we live and need a reframe of where we are individually on the spectrum of power, she is a Master Teacher, facilitator and all around great woman!

September 6th

Mars trine Pluto 24°

Venus trine Jupiter 25°

New Moon Virgo 14°

Sun trine Uranus 14°

So much to unpack here! All of it is so positive! WOW! If you are born within a couple of days on either end of September 6th, your year ahead is going to be POWERFUL!

This is such good energy!


Let’s dive in!

Mars in trine with Pluto, this energy is so powerful in and of itself, Mars as a planet is action oriented, in Virgo still it is about perfecting and ordering all the things. By no means is Mars nice here, but in trine with Pluto in Capricorn, restructuring our foundations and taking practical steps with this aspect to hone in on what needs to be built, rebuilt, deconstructed and demolished. It’s a very practical and honed in focus point for getting clear on all things Virgoan, including our health and wellbeing and the Capricornian structures we have either created for ourselves or find ourselves in. Venus in trine with Jupiter, both benefic planets having a tête-à-tête moment. Venus strong in Libra, still in square with Pluto but now in trine with Jupiter as well. This can see a much deeper understanding of how we can go about deconstructing and restructuring our lives to be more in alignment with the groups and people we wish to surround ourselves with. This can see a much more profound sense of personal power and how we can utilize our power within the group setting to uplift the entirety of the group. Not with coercion or divisiveness but with cohesion and coherence. We are greater together than we are individually. The New Moon in Virgo in Trine with Uranus! As we are in the midst of this great restructuring of our lives and every day selves we can have positive changes manifesting for us in our lives, not to mention we are completely in the middle of the two eclipse seasons happening this year. This New Moon is Squaring the Next Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius and the last Solar Eclipse we had in Gemini, asking us to begin. This is asking us to let go of very outdated, stuck ways of being and doing things and get very precise in an orderly but out of the box kind of way to be ready for the final shift of these changes being made on the axis of Gemini and Sagittarius in our charts.

September 7th

Mercury enters Pre-retrograde shadow.

This is just to warn you that starting today themes that will be present throughout the next month will be here. Themes around communication, contracts, agreements, negotiations, relationships, money, relating in general. It’s going to get uncomfortable, it’s going to be destabilizing and very intense as Mercury stations in square with Pluto in Capricorn. This is a very uncomfortable and laser focused conversation to do with how we relate to the structures, either imposed by us or imposed on us from the outside.

September 10th

Venus into Scorpio

Venus may be debilitated in Scorpio, but she functions very interestingly there. Venus in Scorpio is penetrative, perceptive, focused, obsessed. Venus’ attention is on merging with and relating to others at a deeper more profound level. Love is very deep and intense, it requires someone strong of mind and soul to be able to be a container for this placement. The focus of someone with this placement is on their partner, completely on their partner. The movie title Fatal Attraction comes to mind along with Basic Instinct. Careful out there as Venus transits this sign. Things may get real deep real fast. She will also be the first to form the next T-Square here in Scorpio to the ongoing Saturn/Uranus changes in our lives. It’s about to get real wild real fast my friends!

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