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September 26 - October 2

September 27th

Mercury stations retrograde 25°

Ahh Mercury Retrograde! The final one of this year In the Relational and Partnership oriented sign of Libra. Mercury stations in a square with Pluto, how fun 👀. If you look back to September 22nd you can see why this can be a big deal. Dangerous conversations, intense verbal altercations, abrasive challenges to the equilibrium and status quo. This retrograde will go all the way back to 10° of Libra in a close trine to Saturn in Aquarius, re-evaluating what is truly best for the group, the collective, the masses at large. Things are about to get interesting my friends. They’re about to get interesting indeed.

September 28th

3rd Quarter Square Libra/Cancer 6°

As we wind down from the Full Moon in Pisces the final square is seen in Cancer and Libra. The Sun is in trine with Megalith Saturn in Aquarius! Allowing us the fortitude, durability and structure we need to release and let go of what no longer serves us in any real, practical or tangible way. But it comes through crisis. The release point with Libra and Cancer can see an aversion to conflict to the point of downright avoidance. The Moon in Cancer is in a very uncomfortable Quincunx with Saturn in Aquarius. Emotionally we want to be with those we love. Our ego drives want balance and harmony. We want to be able to relate to others in an easier way, but is that possible? At what cost does harmony and balance come? On what authority can we stand to keep those we love safe and secure? There is no easy solution to what we need to do and what we want to do.

September 29th

Venus trine Neptune 21°

Sun trine Saturn 6°

Venus in the deep and penetrative sign of Scorpio in trine with Neptune in the vast and oceanic sign of Pisces can see us having relative ease in honing in on the compassionate side of ourselves no matter how uncomfortable we may be. We can focus on what has poisoned our hearts, our minds, our bodies and understand where they came from and what our next steps are to release them from ourselves if we so choose. The Sun coming exact in trine with Saturn can see negotiations underway. This can see communication with what seemed immovable now permeable and malleable. This can see a gravitas of a situation change into one of conversation and long lasting change. We can move the tide if only we come at the immovable with diplomacy and justice.

September 30th

Venus square Jupiter 22°

Venus moving into square with Jupiter can see an over exaggeration in all things. Venus is still intense and focused in Scorpio and Jupiter is still being dogmatic and stubborn about the viewpoints and the hive mind, in square this can see over exaggeration, overblown, outrageously intense indulgences on a BIG scale! This can also see people being real prickly about their money and what is being done with it on a massive level across many layers of humanity.

October 1st

Mercury rx Square Pluto 24°

Literally a week ago this aspect came exact, mercury moved foward just hair, turned around and came back. It's not something that just disappeared, it just got a little more intense and longer lasting and as Pluto is stationing to go direct later this month it is more intense than it needed to be. But that's how it moved isn't it. How have things been this whole week? Feeling paranoid? Suspicious? Have you found yourself neck deep in very intense topics? Life altering perceptions, aha moments that leave you feeling hollow inside? Yet, now that it's done, now that that bandaid has been ripped off, the thing that was dying anyway has now just finally dropped to the ground and is now turning to dust, has it transformed anything for you as of now? The reconciliation will come, but it won't be until another month from now when Mercury is ready to move on from Libra and its intense conversations here. What is it we still need to take a much deeper look at in our own lives before we can move forward?

October 2nd

Venus Sextile Pluto 24°

Sextile's need activation. This one is no exception. With Venus in the deep and penetrative sign of Scorpio making a sextile to the Ruler of Scorpio in the sign of the CEO, Captain of the Vessel, hierarchal structures, we can use some help. We may need to restructure something and if we are willing and able to ask for it, we will get the help we need in a very Plutonic kind of way but help none the less. They are coming closer together these two. Remember Venus will be going retrograde in Capricorn over Pluto. The planet of the sensual, money, relations will go over the planet of absolute obliteration and destruction, complete eviscerating transformation in the sign of structure, hierarchy, top down orders, but not yet. Not yet. Right now they can support each other.

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