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September 19-25th

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

September 20th

Mercury trine Jupiter 23°

Full Moon Pisces 28°

Speaking of relationships with groups of people Mercury in Libra in trine with Jupiter in Aquarius can see conversations around how we relate to the groups, to the people, the organizations, to our own long range plans and goals, our dreams in this life. The Trine of these two planets is beautiful! People with this in their natal charts are great orators and can marry the details with the big picture for a well rounded thorough conversation. This can also see us speaking about what it is we value, what we keep close to our hearts and also how we can interrelate with the collective of society at large. How our value system affects those around us and how we can shape a community using balanced and diplomatic thoughts and words to rally like minded individuals towards a common and collective goal.

The Full Moon in Pisces, again squaring the Solar Eclipse points from December 2020 and June of 2021. A culmination and meeting point of the past and the future. A place in between, an amalgamation of energies, the pivot and release of old dogma, towards a new and yet unfathomable paradigm. This full moon is also with Neptune, still hanging out in Pisces, let us be very clear with what it is we truly need and want to release and what it is we can finalize and put to bed. With both the Sun and Moon in these two signs we can look at Mercury and Jupiter in trine on this same day as an easy goal or the low hanging fruit from the Universe. Nothing is by chance. Chance is but the Universal Law not recognized as of yet, in the full form it will take. (Thank you Chriselda Pacheco for teaching me at a deeper level the Universal Truths of the Hermetic Laws). With Mercury also in close proximity to the square of Pluto at this full moon we can be assured that the culmination and the deep transformative and regeneration of the views, the mind, the thoughts on where we are going and what it is we need to let go of to move forward will be precise and calculated. With the Sun in a waning trine with Pluto we can still utilize this energy to get deeply into our own foundations at this full moon and also using the magical properties of Neptune, we can manifest into reality with the Sun in Virgo the practical things we want to bring into and even birth into this world going forward.

September 22nd

Mercury square Pluto 24°

Sun into Libra

Mercury in Square with Pluto can be very deep and intense perceptive qualities. This can see arguments and dangerous ones at that. This can also see very focused, very pointed and direct communication. Though it may try to be balanced because Mercury in Libra wants to maintain balance at all costs, it may be forceful, abrasive and challenging because of Pluto in Capricorn. Intense conversations on this day can shake the very foundation on which any relationship is set upon. Be aware and beware.

The Sun enters Libra, Happy Equinox! Happy Solar Return to all my Libra Sun’s out there! The Sun is in its Fall position, no pun intended, the irony of that statement though! The Fall Equinox. The Descent into the darker part of the year in the Northern Hemisphere! The Rise of the Sun into spring in the Southern Hemisphere! The “spooky” times begin! When the veil thins and death and the other side make themselves known to all! The Gateway to the Underworld is now ajar as Persephone descends into the Halls below and all things creepy and crawly and extra come out to play. Here the Sun will trine the North Node and Saturn creating a grand Air trine. This is also where Mercury will go retrograde and conjunct the Sun in retrograde motion, they have things to discuss from Mercury’s travels of late!

September 23rd

Venus opposes Uranus 14°

Mars trine Saturn 7°

Venus in Detriment and Uranus in Fall. Interesting mix! With the Square to Saturn in Aquarius as the focal point. How can we make radical, pointed, precise change to the status quo? What upheavals to our money and our values can happen? What restrictive and limiting behaviors from groups can we come up against? How can we feel safe and secure in our own relationships when suspicion and derision are rampant? How can we take back our own power, resources and change the tide incoming?

Mars in trine with Saturn can see us asserting what is right, true and just; standing up with valor for those that cannot. This can also see some type of litigation or mitigation and mediation on behalf of those less fortunate as well. This would apply to whole groups of people with Saturn in Aquarius. With Mars in Libra the Justice League of placements fighting for the underdog and those that cannot stand up or speak out on their own behalf. If there is something you see that has to do with the subjugation and radical pressure on a group or a population now is the time to stand and say No. In the world at large this can see people standing for what is good for the masses in ways we have yet to thus far.

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