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Rebalancing Our Relationships for more Freedom and Autonomy! New Moon in Libra and the Lunar Month!

This New Moon in the Sign of Libra kicks off a tumultuous time of self discovery and radical awareness of who we are in relationship with others and where we crave personal freedom. That theme is prevalent throughout the Moons cycle! The revelation of what hurts at the Full Moon in Aries is a pivotal turning point for us as we begin to realize where we are holding on too tightly to our independence or not holding on tight enough to those we truly value and care for. As the Lunar cycle wanes down to darkness we wrestle with our own innate fears and traumas, trying to find who we are and how we can possibly keep moving forward even through the fear. This Lunar month is a GREAT time to seek out help, either through hypnotherapy, talk therapy, or even early childhood or past life regression! If you are interested in pursuing something along these lines head to the Cosmic Community, Heather Eland's place for Astrology lovers and learners alike! There, in a New Moon Gathering, I go over an Electional Chart for those very purposes ad well as some of the aspects that will affect us on a deeper level. There is no need for us to be plagued by our inner demons and wounded child, we are all grown ass adults and should be able to free ourselves from those old fears and wounds without unconsciously lashing out at those that may or may not deserve it. What's coming after this Lunar cycle will be triggering for all of us on some deep soul level. We need to be clear and conscious to make decisions as the grown adults we are. May your month ahead be filled with AHA's and deep and profound insight into your very souls desires! Below each aspect is laid out for you and I hope you enjoy!

September 25th
Libra New Moon - 2°
This New Moon in Libra is in an almost exact opposition to Jupiter! This can bring an over indulgence, overpromise and underdeliver and such an optimistic viewpoint that we forget we are still just human and have human limitations. This New Moon is a great time to get very clear on your relationships with others and to rebalance them in some way. How are we relating to others right now with this mashup of planets Sun, Moon, Mercury rx and Venus smushed together at the end of Virgo and beginning of Libra!? Are we really seeing things clearly? With Venus and Mercury so close to the Sun it is doubtful we are. And it is doubtful we will for a time still. Once Venus moves into Libra things may become clearer in our 1:1’s and interpersonal relationships. But for now we are revising, rehashing, rebalancing and putting our internal world to order before we make it known what is happening next, we’re really working hard on making sure we know what we want, how we want it and what our next steps are. Another thing to note is that bluster, subterfuge and small talk chit-chat won’t cut it at this time. We want to get to the bottom of and understand at a structural, sub-atomic level the reality we find ourselves standing in. With Venus and Mercury in trine to Pluto at this time we may lean into the deeper psyche and darker aspects in a more fruitful and positive way for things to change and shape up later on. We’re getting deep into the rebalance of night and day, night is getting the upper hand. Persephone descends into the the halls of Hades and the old gods die once more. The time for contemplation and quiet is at hand. At this point the Equinox has passed, the equality of the day and night has tipped ever so slightly to night. The time to prepare for the long winter is here. The time to evaluate all that has transpired and prepare with gratitude for the harvests we have reaped is at hand. This New Moon is preparing us to separate the wheat from the chaff. This New Moon is also allowing us the space, time and higher thinking to see from a new vantage point who, what, where and how we can be ready to move forward.
September 26th
Venus trine Pluto
This is a time to get very clear, organized and deeply honest about the people, places, things and even monetary support we need, want, desire and are not willing to budge from. Venus is in Virgo putting to order and harmonizing this area of our chart, Pluto is in Capricorn finishing out the demolition derby that’s been ongoing since 2008. With the trine aspect of these two in Earth signs we need to put value on the things that are for the betterment of our health, our daily lives and the structures we engage with that control us, possibly even our own obsessive behaviors. How much money do we need and want to make, what does that look like for us? What do we need to do to maintain a sense of security? What people, places, things do we want to take with us and what do we want to cull? How can we harvest that which belongs to us and make sure it stays safe in the months to come to sow our seeds once more in the spring?
Venus conjunct Mercury
Venus and Mercury meet up one rainy September day, sounds like the beginning to a great joke, BUT, there is nothing funny about this meet up. Not with the very grounded albeit uncomfortable trine to crime boss Pluto in Capricorn and the opposition to nonsensical Neptune in Pisces. Venus is direct and moving forward, ready to get out of dodge and Mercury is freshly entered vigilant Virgo. The meetup of these two can see powerful revisions in how we do things, what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. Maybe it’s to do with health, wellness, mental or physical, maybe it’s to do with how we make or spend money, our relationships can take center stage at this point and making sure we are effective and making the changes we want is a step in the right direction.
Sun opposes Jupiter
BIG energies at play, this opposition finds the Sun at a disadvantage and Jupiter is internally focused at the moment. Maybe we’re wanting to relate to someone or maybe we are overdoing this area of our lives or rehashing and revisiting old relationship patterns. Maybe in wanting to relate we find ourselves caged and in need and want of freedom. But what is freedom? How does freedom actually look? A bird that has had its wings clipped can still be free in its mind to fly, even while being physically in a cage. The other end of that is being trapped in your own mind while being able to move about freely and do as you please. Freedom is a dangerous word. People throw about this word without knowing or understanding what is truly means, when is freedom not free? When feelings are hurt we can say we want freedom from things that we may not necessarily want freedom from, we just don’t know how to effectively execute the rebalance and succumb to Ego drives and cause more harm. We all need a healthy dose of Ego, but maybe right now be aware that we could be too much in our self-righteousness and the crisis we are facing may not be what we are actually battling for freedom from.
September 27th
Mercury trine Pluto
Mercury even in retrograde is still in Virgo, that means it is in a home sign, while it may feel a little more retrograde because of that, the trine to Pluto is offering us depth perception and even spy glasses to see even further into the heart of something that is plaguing us in this moment. This is a great time to research, organize, analyze and get very certain you have all the facts, figures, and knowledge to make informed decisions and choices once mercury goes direct. Mercury will be stationing well within orb that we will have time and patience and the ability to do what we need to do to make sure we have the proper protocols and fail safes in place for what we are about to do. Take advantage to get deep and clear on all things tangible and real in your life!
September 28th
Mars trine Saturn
Mars gets a nice grounding trine from Saturn. Mars in Gemini is sporadic and the fires that drive are driving everyone else around you mad! Too many small fires to really make a lot of heat, but, with this trine to limiting Saturn from Aquarius we have the genius idea to consolidate and maybe even get this thing lit! This is a great time to dig in and pick one thing, just one…. Stop it! I said ONE! To really focus on and get moving. Okay maybe two. But really that’s it. Follow through to completion can be seen even in a very short amount of time with this aspect of positive reinforcement. Use it wisely.
September 29th
Venus enters Libra
But, soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Venus is the Sun. Arise, fair Venus, and kill the envious moon, Who is already sick and pale with grief, That thou her maid art far more fair than she.
A nod to Shakespeare! Even if he is one of my least favorite playwrights. Yes, I said it.
This is how I envision Venus arriving in her home sign after a year away. Balance, beauty, love, Venus is technically still a morning star even though she is far too close to the Sun to be seen. Which means this Venus entering her home sign is more direct, decisive, action oriented. Though she goes about it in a way that is alluring and beguiling! Venus in Libra wants to harmonize and balance everything around her. Venus will defer but only to gain a second opinion. Being an Air sign there is still a conversational and mental note to the flavor of Venus. Though compared to the prickly version of her we have had in Virgo this homecoming is an auspicious one! For the first time in 142 years Venus will Cazimi in Libra. The ancients used Venus, not the Sun and Moon to reset the calendar, just ask the Mayans! The last time Venus was Cazimi at 29° was in 1771. At that time Uranus was also in Taurus, extremely close to where it is now! Pluto was in Capricorn though a little earlier in degree, with Jupiter! Saturn at that time was in Leo and Neptune was in Virgo. As you can see if you know where these planets are currently you will see that this Cazimi may very well bring about massive change and redirects from 1771! Time will tell. ;) Keep an eye on my website! I’m preparing a whole Blog Post about this Venus Cazimi and what it can mean for all 12 signs!
October 1st
Venus opposes Jupiter
The two benefic planets opposing each other. One represents luck, optimism, benevolence, expansion. The other relational, desirous, finances, luxury. What could possibly go wrong? When is too much of a good thing not a good thing any longer? This can be more of an over indulgent time. Going with what feels good in the moment and not truly thinking about the consequences of these actions. This can also be working with someone in a direct and beneifical way. Even though it’s a big beautiful energy, it’s not the biggest energy in the sky currently. So a word of caution as this comes exact and wanes. We all need a release valve but this may not be it.
October 2nd
Mercury Stations Direct
Not all Mercury stations are the same! This one is both deeply profound and possibly volatile! As Mercury stations to go direct it does so within 1° of an opposition of Neptune, 2° of a trine to Pluto and 4° of a square with Mars. This can work out a number of ways, but I want to highlight the trine to Pluto. We have everything we need on the mental and physical level to take direct, focused action on what we want to move forward with. It may still be confusing and irritating, but we know now what needs to be done. The why’s may not be answered but the action and the conversations still need to take place. Things still need to be talked about and utilized in a deeper more profound way. We still need to get things done. If not now, soon.
October 6th
Mercury trine Pluto
Now that Mercury is moving forward, Pluto is actually stationing to go direct in a couple of days. We can hone in and get very clear and very perceptive and orderly with what is going on in the Virgo and Capricorn area of our lives. We can make very real, deep, value added changes on a tangible physical level! I LOVE this energy! Getting to the very bottom of something that has been plaguing you! Getting into the depths of your own psychology is a good way to utilize this energy! Also, be careful what you wish for. As a harmonious aspect an easy flow of energy we can accidentally draw in what we truly desire, but what happens when we get what we wish for?
Engaging with this energy takes finesse and tact! Engaging with it is an alchemical process and I know no other woman that is capable to teach the subtly and nuance it requires than @Chriselda_Pacheco_ she has been working with and engaging with very deep and profound concepts and energies for her entire life! She was a sex worker for 20 years and is now a Gnostic Luciferian Priestess teaching men and women about the feminine and masculine principles through the laws of nature. I don’t usually tell people what to do, but, give her a follow and see what you find with her account, her posts and stories. These deep truths she talks about that live in plain sight for all of us. We have to have the eyes to see them, the ears to hear them and the courage to understand them! The time is now to fortify your spiritual armor for the coming storm, to let go of fear and dogmatic mindset and be open to the reality of the world we are living in now. A world we have always been living in, it is only now revealing itself for what it truly is.
October 8th
Pluto Stations Direct
That other shoe we have been feeling is about to drop. Well, this is the culprit behind it. Massive transformations with Pluto stationing! Where Pluto is stationing in your chart is just as important as where Scorpio is in your chart. Things will change in very profound ways when Pluto stations. We have been revising and revisiting at a deep unconscious level what it is we are truly afraid of in this Capricorn area. Pluto is about deep unconscious fear. As the modern ruler of Scorpio this area of our chart will also go through profound changes. With this particular Pluto station we move incrementally towards revealing and transforming the fear and power struggles in the Capricorn parts of our charts in its totality and fullness, the basement is the lowest point and the very foundation of a house, what’s in our collective basement?
While the last vestiges of fear, control, karma and power are reconciling here, in the spring we get a taste of Pluto in Aquarius. What secrets will reveal themselves, what new and powerful shifts will take place for humanity? What monstrosities will this give rise to? Time will tell. For now we pick up and move forward from another layer of fear towards total realization of the power we have to affect the outside world, the very foundation of our personal and collective reality.
October 9th
Full Aires Moon - 16°
The revelation of what truly hurts. The revelation of personal freedoms and sovereignties mixed with the guilt of deeply and truly wanting and craving security in the self. The independent nature of Aries meets the emotional turmoil of feeling guilty for wanting freedom, for wanting sovereignty from co-dependency and selfish partnerships. While the Sun and Venus are traversing Libra, we have a healthy ego drive towards a want of relationships to work out, but in the end, there is the opposition of the Moon and Chiron in tight conjunction. Some relationships are not balanced, some need rebalance, but with that, comes the guilt and shame of the original want and wound in the first place. Are we in the energy of the Moon/Chiron conjunction? Fueled by Jupiter still hanging out in Aries, expanding on the pain, the longing, the want that just won’t quit. Are we truly healing ourselves or just exacting more trauma on the self? Or are we more in the area of Libra where we are supported by Venus/Sun traversing together with trines to Saturn and Mars? Are we able to talk out what we truly want and heal? What bandaids do we need to rip off in order to experience deep and profound healing? How can we heal ourselves first to heal how we relate to others next? All valid questions at this Full Moon!
October 10th
Mercury enters LIbra
Mercury Re-enters Libra, to finish out both its Sign transit and its shadow period. While things may look different now than they did a few weeks ago we are still smoothing over and refining the changes we have, are, and did make. We become more relatable, more socially conversational, maybe even a little more bougie within our networks and interactions with others. We WANT to connect and talk and get feedback from others.
Mercury joins the Sun and Venus in Venus’ home sign. Answering to a goddess is no easy feat. Especially when there’s a healthy dose of ego involved with the Sun here. What we desire and want from this place, what we are talking about and relating to will have interesting consequences. Mercury in Libra wants to connect, wants to talk about and listen to opinions. We on a collective level may want to see what the other side has to say about what it is we have done, what has transpired and what is coming next. What we have changed and how we are still changing, this is a time of feedback on all things. On relating to, asking about and moving with a more varied and holistic viewpoint based on our own evaluation and others evaluations. Working together means working smarter not harder.
October 11th
Sun trine Saturn
The Sun in Libra is in its Fall position, the Sun is in something called poor dignity. It doesn’t function as well here, in Hellenistic traditions the reason the Sun doesn’t function well is because it is now Saturns turn to rule, Saturn in Astrology is located opposite the Sun in the Zodiac. The Sun rules Leo and traditionally Saturn rules Aquarius. While the Sun is considered exalted in Aries, meaning it can do what it wants, when it wants, how it wants without limitation. Here in Libra it is inhibited and not able to really do what it wants, there needs to be balance. However, being this day specifically the Sun comes into a very nice trine with Saturn in Aquarius the Sun is supported. Ergo WE are Supported. We have groups we associate with to support us in balancing our wants and desires. This comes at a time when another area of our life seems to be filled with turmoil and strive or too much craziness to comprehend. But, we have support from those that truly matter. We can have very grounded conversations and relate to others on a deeper level here with this trine. Maybe it’s time to take our long term goals and plans and begin to connect with the right people that will help us along the way.
October 12th
Mars square Neptune and Mercury opposes Jupiter
Historically Mars and Neptune hard aspects like this (hard aspects can be conjunctions, squares and inconjunctions) have brought about really violent and confusing situations that get media attention. No one knows the whole story, and lots of misinformation, subterfuge and redirection happens. This one looks to shape up the same way. What have you personally noticed in your life that is getting more and more convoluted and confusing? Where is it you are trying to take action and move ahead with something that is important to you? Only you seem to be spinning your wheels, being redirected and rerouted to the most unlikely of places? Well, this is the first of 3 exact aspects. Revisions to intense and confusing circumstances loading…. Please hold… Mars will spend a large portion of the fall, winter in Gemini, moving on only at the end of March 2023. Prepare accordingly. Things are about to get American Horror Story confusing.
The hits just keep on coming! On this same day Mercury and Jupiter are exact in opposition. Everything happens for a reason. Jupiter in Aries wanting personal freedoms and independence and sovereignty while Mercury wants to talk about and relate to everyone. Maybe as Mars and Neptune are coming exact and Mercury and Jupiter too, on this day there is a sense of explosive energy because we are having the conversation, we’re talking about it and maybe it gets out of hand. No pun intended. This could be in our personal lives, an argument to end all arguments. On a bigger scale it could be some nastiness that we will be dealing with and picking up the pieces to for months to come. It’s what needs to happen to clear the air and get things reorganized.
October 14th
Venus trine Saturn
Venus in Libra, being relational and balance seeking/justice oriented and Saturn also in a home Sign of Aquarius. Judicial proceedings come to mind. Perhaps laws or something to do with the legal system. Balance and harmony may not be at all costs though, with the trine to Saturn there is a gravity of authority that is taking place. Venus and Saturn do like each other. Venus may very well defer to the popular opinion at large to make choices that will have long lasting impact. Food for thought.
October 17th
Sun trine Mars
Final Quarter Square
The Sun in Libra and Mars in Gemini, both air signs, both planets of heat and passion and personal will. Positively aspecting one another. We can see some decisiveness with this aspect. We are talking things out in a positive way and making headway with communicating what we desire for the long term. Maybe with this also being the final quarter square of the Moon though, we are talking about what we want to let go of in terms of relating or relationships. What no longer serves us has seen their final days. Maybe there is something very profound we need to transform as this final quarter square of the Moon creates a T! The Moon opposing Pluto and both planets(Moon and Pluto) Squaring the Sun! Something is coming to its final resting place after we have the conversations needed to let it go, or we are having a conversation about something that has been put to rest. It may not feel good in the moment, but it is something that needs to happen for the betterment of ourselves and what we desire and wish to take action on. Just remember Mars is DEEP in shadow and will be going Retrograde in November. Take caution with your words.
October 18th
Venus trine Mars
Relating to and talking things out with others is a good way for this energy to manifest. Lots of air this Libra Season! We have lots of things to talk about, lots of things to think about and to take action on and get help with. We just need to be willing to ask the questions. This trine of Libra and Mars can see conversations in a positive light. So many conversations this fall. People are ready to talk things out and talk about everything that is going on and everything they desire. Now may not be the best time to take action, but we will be by the time the Spring Equinox rolls around! This winter sees a lot of re-evaluation taking place with what we WANT to take action on! Where we NEED to take action!
October 19th
Sun square Pluto
While we have all these beautiful energies and trines with Mars and Saturn we have an intense aspect with Pluto coming exact. We’ve been feeling this since the Sun entered Libra. It’s been building. Now with Pluto direct, the power and control is externalized and we are able to utilize our power in an outwardly way to achieve what we want. Sun square Pluto is intense and over the top power and control dynamic. This can show up as authoritarian fear tactics and manipulation to get the upper hand. This can also show up as a powerful catalyst to transform what it is we think we want in ego and obliterate it completely to get what we really need for our soul. It is also a very cutthroat aspect. Utilizing power to gain what you want may be great and all, but what are the consequences? Every action has an effect and every affect has a cause.
A dear friend and mentor @Chriselda_Pacheco_ facilitates learning and showing people through her embodied experience as a Sex Worker and Dominatrix of 20 years exactly how to utilize their power in a controlled and purposeful way through the Laws of Nature and the Feminine/Masculine principles. Without the external manipulation. She has a gift like no other! She can see through to the very soul and pluck out the raw materials each person possesses and show them to her students. Being seen has its own consequences. Especially if no one has ever truly seen you before! Give her a follow! She will be opening up her course again soon!
October 20th
Venus square Pluto
Don’t let Venus fool you, she is strong in her home sign of Libra. But the power and control that Pluto has in Capricorn is all but absolute. What is the true extent of our desires?
Fuck around and find out!
What is it you truly desire in the first place?
Highly magnetic and deeply transformative this square will be noticed! Powerful poetic justice. We have the ability to transform, through balanced soul work, our very foundational reality that we inhabit.
What is it you truly fear?
This aspect can bring up undue fear as well. Intense and traumatic events create psychic breaks in all of us. What can we do to take action to face those fears and beat them into submission, what can we do with the deep dark undercurrents of our own psyche to bring to light that which needs to be healed and transmuted? Action must be taken to control ourselves lest we be controlled by others.
The bigger impact will be on our relationships with those we have in our lives. Pluto as an outer planet affects the inner Planets quite heavily. With Venus in her home sign, we have the capacity to work through the fear if we have those around that support us and help us along the way.
October 22nd
Venus Cazimi 29°
This 29° Mercury Cazimi is powerful! This Cazimi point has not happened since October of 1771! Venus has not been Cazimi in Libra since 1880. The timeline of the past is astounding! My question is, what happens now? Venus is strong in her home sign of Libra, the Sun even in Fall is supported by her and now Venus is elevated even higher to the throne (this is what Cazimi is, an elevation of a planet to the heart or throne of the Sun 0°16’)! There is magic here.
Tread carefully!
With the Sun and Venus acting as one this is a goddess born! With the Square to Pluto still active, this is deep soul magic at work! In Alchemy Venus is the Planet that represents Magic. This Cazimi will kick off events over the next several years that will be so transformative, we will know when the Event Horizon is reached. The inevitable future is at hand, there is no turning back, forward, onward, and through is what we need to focus on. Venus will Cazimi here in Libra again in 2030. Venus is beginning another Star Point cycle. Once in a lifetime for this change over!
Mercury trine Saturn
Mercury in trine with Saturn is a great grounded long range goal or plan that is being communicated, possibly not yet implemented but communicated at least! This day sets the stage for interesting and dynamic shifts as this happens alongside the New Star Point of Venus! Something beautiful seems to be brewing alongside some intensity of feeling and transformation. How it shapes up depends on how conscious you are of power, control, psyche and the deep unconscious mind.
October 23rd
Venus and the Sun Enter Scorpio
Traveling together quite closely now Venus and the Sun enter Scorpio within a few hours of each other. Venus goes from an extra elevated position to slowly pulling away from the Sun in the sign of her Fall, but not quite yet. For Venus to fully be in Fall she will need to be 0°16’ away from the Sun, as they move into Scorpio Venus is only a little more than half the Distance at 0°09’. Technically she is still Cazimi, though it is starting to wane. Something from the past may well surface, an old fear, trauma, wound, but there is clarity around it. This can also show us as they move together from Libra to Scorpio what relationships are truly toxic and need to be let go, or maybe they fall away on their own and we are left breathing a sigh of relief. What have we contributed to in terms of our own sabotage. But also where have we not allowed ourselves to be vulnerable due to fear? As Venus continues to separate we may find that toxic love no longer serves us. Once you see things from a different viewpoint, once you truly see them for what they are, there is no going back. Venus is now an Evening Star, more connecting and receptive but in Scorpio, beware of trauma bonds and obsessions. What is healthy and what is not? We each need to decide this for ourselves. But is it our traumas talking when we say, yes or no, or is it a true conscious knowing of what is now good for us and what is not?
This is where Shadow work comes heavily into play. @Chriselda_Pacheco_ has a great course on the examination of the self through the Laws of Nature and dives into the Masculine and Feminine Principles! Follow her on Instagram for a deeper look into your own psyche! This is a great time to dive in to the very depths and get very clear on where our wounds and our gifts are! Because ultimately, our wounds are our greatest gifts. Once we see them for what they are, we can transform and truly alchemize them to become stronger and more wholly who we were meant to be in this lifetime.
Saturn stations Direct
Saturns long trudge through the things we have been re-evaluating here has come to an end, think back to the end of February. What is it that was set in motion at that time that has been evaluated, re-evaluated and is now coming to a close, or finalized to be reconciled on both an internal and external level? Where have we had to step up and be more of an authority in our own lives? Where have we had to take on extra burdens or limitations in our lives that we either signed up for, or had placed upon us? Have those burdens and limitations released for us to get our proverbial shit together? As the Planet stations we can feel heavy, burdened, limited unduly so as outer planets create what I call a Singularity point. A place of gravity so heavy all things flow to it and into it to be swallowed up by that Planet and its meaning. We can have a sense of major restriction and a huge roadblock. As if we can’t move forward but are at a complete stand still in this area of our life. Dig in my friends, it will take Saturn a bit of time to begin moving again and in this time we need to get everything complete, in order and ready for the next leg of Saturn’s Journey through the remainder of Aquarius and a quick pop over into Pisces in the spring. Things are-a-changing soon. Let’s make sure we take the responsibility to dot our I’s and cross our T’s shall we? Lest we miss an opportunity to boss up and be our own authority.
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