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October 31 - November 6th

November 1st

Mercury Trine Jupiter

The 3rd and final pass of the trine, which is a finalization of what it is we are going for, what we are doing, how the puzzle pcs fit together, think back to October 3rd and September 20th. What was going on for you then? What luck, what effortless opportunity popped up? Did you take hold of it? Well, if you didn't now is the final time! Jupiter and Mercury are direct and moving, Mercury is just about back at top speed and Jupiter only has another couple of months here in Aquarius! Take heed, take stock and utilize the low hanging fruit offered! The chance may not come around for a long time!

November 2nd

Mercury Square Pluto

Again, the third and final pass.... Fun. This is the reconciliation point, it hit exact, Mercury stopped, went back hit again and kept going, now, we have one last time for deep psychological truths to be brought to the surface, and either integrated, utilized or changed/let go. Squares are action aspects as much as crisis aspects. Where Libra and Capricorn are in our charts is where this is happening. We now have an understanding both mentally and viscerally of what needs to happen/change going forward. For each of us this will be different, for each of us we have an action to take to reconcile the deep seated fears and unconscious drives that motivate us to do and say the things we do and say.

November 4th

New Moon in Scorpio 12°

Sun Opposes Uranus

This New Moon is an intense one. For one, it's in Scorpio, the sign of silent intensity. For another reason it is at Perigee. For those that don't know, Perigee is actually a calculated point in Astrology AND Astronomy to predict the Moons orbit at its closest approach to the Earth. Perigee is a crisis point just like the Apogee for farthest point the Moon is from Earth. They run in opposition to each other. And these lunation cycles bring upheaval and change in and of themselves when the Moon is new or full at these points. As I said, this New Moon specifically in Scorpio is at Perigee.

The Moon is Dark, but it is so close as to bring more volatile upsurges both in our psyche and the ocean itself with higher tides and more dramatic storms. Here in Scorpio a sign of deep resiliency and transformation, as well as power and control and deep psychological focused intent. It's not going to be a walk in the park.

The Chains of Despositers is interesting and I won't bore you with the details, but, this New Moon in Square with Saturn and opposing Uranus will take time, effort, it will be fraught with delays and disruptions and subject to another's authority and the power of others or over others as it may be. Secrets may be revealed, lies may be ousted, the smoke and mirrors have the chance to come down and truth be revealed. My only advice is to speak softly and carry a big stick. Observe in silence and evaluate what is true, what is false and what needs to be delved into at length to understand the whole truth.

The Sun opposes Uranus! Same day as this New Moon and weeeeeeeee, activating the Square between Uranus and Saturn and putting the pressure on Saturn itself, only all roads lead to Saturn being the ultimate ruler of both the New Moon and the Sun opposite Uranus.

Have we really put in enough effort, enough time, enough fortitude over the last year to accomplish what we think it is we want to accomplish? Have we done our true due diligence? The final test is upon us in this last stretch of the year. Only time will tell. Also, what shocking chain of events can unfold with this T-square? What disruptions to the narrative can we experience? What truths are having the light shined upon them to scatter the cockroaches and vermin that have been feeding upon the unaware masses?

November 5th

Venus into Capricorn

Mercury into Scorpio

Venus moving out of fun, freedom oriented and fantastic Sagittarius into buttoned up, straight laced no nonsense get your work done Capricorn... Venus in Capricorn may not be overtly soft and sensitive. Here she is also straight laced, no nonesense and ready to roll up the sleeves and do the things that need to be done. Venus in Capricorn is oriented more towards the practical, the structured, the orderly and not fun stuff, the mundane is what gets Venus going here in Capricorn. Remember this is also where she will go Retrograde, over the top of Pluto and re-evaluate the deeper structures and our relationships to them, money, corporations etc... We will have to see how it plays out. Venus will enter her shadow November 17th. Great timing, two days later we have that Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, ground covered is fated, karmic, and will be re-evaluated over the coming weeks!

Mercury moving into Scorpio from Balanced Libra into Perceptive Scorpio. Mercury will be on edge here, Mercury will be perceptive and observant though. People with Mercury in Scorpio are highly perceptive and can see through bluster, subterfuge and any lies. Just ask my Daughter! No Joke! Mercury will mentally be about self-perseveration. With the upcoming square and opposition we can have shocking aha moments and conversations that leave us stunned into possible silence while we are coming up against a rock and hard place with no real option to get traction on what to do and how to do it.

November 6th

Mercury Sextile Venus

A give me from the Universe. Mercury is all in the feels, deep in the mud and muck and Venus is helping to organize and redirect like a BOSS from Capricorn. We have help, we just need to be aware and awake to look for it and utilize it where and when we need. Use it or lose it folks.

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