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October 3-9

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Everyone ready for some fun? Me either. Hahaha!

October 3rd

Mercury rx trine Jupiter 23°

As Mercury retrogrades back into the exact trine with Jupiter, where can we find the benefit of this intense period? What things have happened that now as we go back and re-evaluate them we see how it fits into this bigger story of our lives in these areas? These could be people, these could be situations or even in relation to ourselves and our own internal world. Jupiter is also stationing to go direct in a couple of weeks. What knowledge have we gained, still have to gain and put to use down the road, what still needs to be assimilated?

October 6th - New Moon in Libra 13°

- Pluto stations Direct

In any other sign, on any other day I would say wow, that’s a powerful New Moon; but in Libra, with Pluto stationing Direct? I mean there’s several words that come to mind but none of them are savory. We’ve been feeling this Pluto station for a while now, the energy has been building for quite some time. As Pluto goes direct at this New Moon expect that secrets held can be secrets exposed. After all, Pluto is deep held secrets. The fact that Mars is also conjunct by degree means there will be intensity and either hot headedness or passion! Whatever we are starting requires us to balance the relationships we have and desire against the ones that are incoming and powerful. Long standing relationships could face intensity over this lunation; even new ones could face blunt and direct conversation with Mercury retrograde and in square with Pluto at this time. The trine to Jupiter will offer support from beneficial groups or friends helping us to see clearly the road we are traveling. Advice offered is advice utilized. The Sun, Moon and Mars are in a wide trine with Saturn, offering a bit of stability but the exact Inconjunction to Uranus means it’s going to be rocky, disruptive, wildly different and shocking. How can we maintain balance when every step we take is like running down the halls of the Temple of Doom all whilst trying to stay one step ahead of the giant boulder barreling down on us.

October 7th - Venus into Sagittarius

Venus in Sagittarius is fun loving, adventure seeking, truth searching and experiential. This is a great time to explore different avenues of relationship, different relationships, change up the aesthetic and go big or go home with the outfit changes! Venus is fun in Sagittarius! Venus in Sagittarius can be higher minded and seeks the real deal truth serum, no one's going to stop you. It’s not one of pretense but more one of truth and justice for all. This is also a flirty placement, teasing, free love kind of Venus. She's not going to be tied down to anyone or anything unless she so chooses.

October 8th - Mars conjunct Sun

Mars and the Sun haven’t met up or been together since September 2nd 2019. This means they came together in Virgo. Now, October 8th 2021 we have the conjunction in Libra. Things are about to shift very dramatically. From one of Health related topics! To Relationships, justice, equality, balance and fairness. So excited to see what this next two years will be like! Especially after the Virgo conjunction two years ago.

October 9th - Mercury rx conjunct Sun

- Venus conjunct South Node

- Mercury rx conjunct Mars

The Inferior conjunction of Mercury. That’s a fancy way of saying it is retrograde conjunct the Sun. Which means Mercury is 3 times closer, wreaking havoc because now all the mistakes are glaringly obvious and things are in disorder, unless you’re lucky enough to have Mercury retrograde in your natal chart and you’re laughing at all the people dealing with what you live with every day. This means here in Libra we can get interesting insights into current relationship dynamics that need to be cleared up or implemented, taken care of, but maybe not yet, possibly not until the next Superior conjunction inSagittarius later this Fall.

Venus conjunct the South Node, there can be relationships from the past, money from the past, education from the past, all things Sagittarius really, truth, etc coming back or being let go. With everything going on in Libra and Taurus, it may be time for a paradigm shift for Venus. Here in Sagittarius she’s not afraid to speak her mind either.

Mercury conjunct Mars! This is not unlike the Transit we had with Mars in Gemini. More talking, heated conversations, quick tongues etc. We may need to watch what we say, how we say it and when we say it. Sometimes silence speaks volumes, more so than words ever could.

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