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October 24th-30th

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

October 26th - Venus Square Neptune

2x a year Venus squares Neptune. This can be both highly spiritual and scapegoat energy. With Neptune the highest spiritual growth and transcendence experiences are possible, but so is the other side of that spectrum, spiritual bypass, deceptive practices etc. Venus in Sagittarius is about our relationship to freedom itself in some cases and the need for a more liberated experience. Squaring Neptune in Pisces which is just more of the same energy can run the gambit of divine spiritual insights that can liberate, conversations and downloads on how to gain more freedom to scapegoating people that wish to attain their own freedom, or people in the spiritual fields because you don't agree with their viewpoints and feel triggered in some way to bypass the messages they offer. It's a double sided blade this energy. Be aware, with Venus in Sagittarius we could feel righteous in our viewpoints, but also know others points of view are just as valid to them. This can also show up as escapism through overindulgence and seeing things through a lens of absolute distortion.

October 28th - 3rd quarter Square

- Venus sextile Jupiter

Wowzer, coming off the back end of that very powerful and intense full moon in Aries we have the final square to this lunation, another crisis, this time of letting go of what hasn't worked. At this time it's in the fixed signs of Scorpio and Leo at 5°. With the Sun moving into the early degrees of Scorpio, we can feel the need for not just getting to the truth but also one of self preservation. Scorpio is a sign that gets a bad rap, but they do know when to strike to be able to stop an attack coming at them, defensive magic has a purpose. The Moon in Leo can be a bit much, a little over the top and dramatic in response and that bigger than life Leonine pride can be activated. But, again, crisis point, seeing what needs to be leg go and actually letting it go is difficult for the fixed signs, this is also creating a fixed grand Cross with Saturn/Uranus square, be aware, this crisis point may freeze some in fear but it also may mobilize people to do what needs to be done for self-preservation and the safety of all involved.

With Venus coming into a sextile with Jupiter, on the same day as the final quarter square of this lunation cycle, there is a hint, a gimme, a Hail Mary even a way out of the strife, turmoil and overly heated up grand cross. The two beneficial planets of the solar system in a sextile, a use it or lose it attitude will be involved! Activations required for this to go the way of beneficial energy. Venus in Sagittarius wants freedom, of expression, relations, money etc, Jupiter in Aquarius wants what's best for the group, for the future, for the masses at large. We can utilize this energy to put voice and purpose behind the things we want to accomplish and to have a way of expressing our viewpoints in a way that may help alleviate some of that grand fixed cross energy.

October 30th - Sun Square Saturn

- Mars into Scorpio

The Sun square Saturn happens twice a year. A waxing square and a waning square. The waxing square was with Uranus this past spring. Very strange, twisty, topsy turvy energy with that if you can remember the sideways slant everything in your life probably took, along with the shock and awe moments that seemed to tumble down with that energy. Now the waning square is in opposition to Uranus. Having to balance that weird Urnaian energy and coming up against a rock and a hard place with No-nonsense Saturn waggling his forefinger at you saying "do it the right way" ... Don't get me wrong, I like Saturn, I myself have a waning square energy from my Natal Sun to my natal Saturn, it's not all bad. But it can be frustrating to finalize and finish the things that really need to be finalized and finished. Add in the approaching opposition to Uranus and we're about to go down a rabbit hole of weird and wacky.

Mars moving into Scorpio.... oh boy, Mars in Scorpio is an interesting energy. Mars is the traditional ruler of this resilient and transformative sign. For those that are Sun, Moon or Rising's this is a refresh and reset from the ruling planet! What Mars in Scorpio is about will be a bit different with this transit. With the T-Square already being activated by the Sun; Mars is coming home to a tumultuous household. There's some arguments, upsets and roadblocks that need to be sorted out. Mars is just the planet to do the job. Mars in Scorpio will be the strategist, evaluating the undercurrents and overt actions and reactions. Making the necessary changes that need to be made. While still being stubborn and tenacious about it himself.

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