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October 17th-23rd

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

October 17th - Sun square Pluto

This one is intense in the sense that we can come up against our own psychological blocks, we can come up against intense and profoundly scary situations in the moment that are psychologically damaging, or perhaps profoundly healing, after the fact, maybe? The Sun is our ego drive, our souls expression, how we express ourselves on this planet. Pluto is, on a good day, intensely psychological and even deeply unconscious in motivation. Where can we dive into our own psyche, our own internal Hel and find the nuggets of wisdom from the overwhelm of discordant thought and deed? What truths lay buried beneath all the external exotic decorations? The things that make the rot beneath better to be forgotten? As Freud said all those years ago, “Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways.” What zombies and demons do we have in our own heads that have been resurrecting themselves of late in new and interesting ways? How have we come up against what seems like immovable obstacles that are lecherous and dark? Only to flip the light on or damask the villain and realize it was our own doing all along? Knowing is half the battle. The other is to actually take the necessary steps to make the change. It won't be easy, but it will be worth it.

October 18th - Jupiter Stations Direct

- Mercury Stations Direct

- Mars trine Jupiter

Jupiter is a planet of optimism, growth, big picture energy, Teachers, higher knowledge, what is right, true and just in the world and it's sitting heavy in the sky as it stations! In Aquarius, the sign of the masses, of science, of technology, of social movements and innovation, also of stubbornness and contrarian energy just for the sake of it! Put all those together and what do you get? Dogmatic ways of thinking that get you into trouble with large groups of people.

Mercury is a planet of the details, of contracts and agreements and merchants of all sorts, it also rules over early childhood education, also sitting heavy in the sky! In the Sign of Libra, relationships, contracts and agreements, negotiations, the justice system even. ugh...Not to be "political" but this could be some type of mandate or legislation regarding schools and early childhood teachers or students.

With both of these planets stationing on the same day it may not fare well for Teachers and students across the board, things have been re-evaluated over these last months with Jupiter and now Mercury. Jupiter has to give way to Saturn's influence, while beneficial as a planet, Jupiter can also exacerbate things. But, it will protect from worst case scenario too.

With Mars in trine with Jupiter from Libra to Aquarius we can see help given and benefits accepted in areas of our lives that have to do with relating to individuals and groups of people. The thing is, there is a very tough vibe coming up with Mars squaring Pluto, while it is not exact it's been tightening it's orb and while we may see benefit from the Aquarius area of our lives currently with this beneficial trine, the square to Pluto is in the mix, we may be feeling ultra pressured in the Capricorn area of our lives individually; collectively this energy with Jupiter is beautiful for group collaborations and taking action towards a cause to benefit the many. Emotions are heightened with the upcoming Full Moon on October 20th, catch the good vibes while they last.

October 20th - Full Moon in Aries 27°

This Full Moon is rather intense. A Full Moon is intense on its own. But add the Sun/Mars conjunction on top of this Full Moon squaring Pluto it dials it up to a thousand! Squares to Pluto are powerful, Sun/Mars square Pluto and this is cutthroat energy. Moon Square Pluto and it's emotional intensity and psycho/emotional manipulation. I really have nothing good to say about this Full Moon. It is full of conflict and separatist energy. While not in sign Saturn is also squaring this Full Moon. Whatever completions or endings in our personal lives are happening, they may take a long time to overcome. Personally I'll be parking myself at home the few days before and after this Full Moon. This is creating a T-square with two very heavy planets that just stationed direct! Neither one has moved forward even a full degree! Heavy in the sky means heavy here on Earth too. Pluto is about death, transformation, deep unconscious shadow shit, the kind of fear that paralyzes you! Saturn squaring from Aquarius albeit out of sign but stationed, will be no cake walk! Saturn speaks to fear as well, it also speaks to karmic debts and knots to be unfolded and refolded over time. It may not be psychically intense but you can bet the bottom dollar it will be emotionally! Mars in the mix and we have separation, Saturn says NO and Pluto destroys. The only help we can glean is the trine and sextile to Jupiter freshly stationed in Aquarius, physically and emotionally we can be supported by friends and benefactors!

October 22nd - Mars Square Pluto

Not the nicest of aspects, the last time Mars squared Pluto, Mars was in Aries and stationed to go retrograde. Now it's just come off the conjunction with the Sun here in Libra and squaring from a place of handicap if you will. Mars has to follow the rules of Libra, which are more about diplomacy and fairness. Pluto in Capricorn has been wreaking havoc since 2008 . Be aware of underlying motivations or manipulations around this day. This aspect is one of single minded focus on cutting down anyone or thing that stands in the way of power grabs.

October 23rd - Sun into Scorpio

Single minded focus and deeply passionate. The Sun here in Scorpio will be activating the ever present square to Saturn and Uranus. Our energy, motivations and drives will be on getting to the core truth of anything that sends even a hint of deception. This is also the time of year that my ancestors celebrated the reaping of the harvest to one of death, where ghouls and daimons roamed freely. The gate to the Underworld has been ajar since the Equinox and now in the fixed sign of Scorpio the sting of Autumns cold breath makes itself prevalent. Gone is the crises of Libra season, now we stand with Death itself whilst it roams freely. The phantasms light the night, wraiths roam in the midnight hours. Samhain, the Day of the Dead, Mabon, the time of the Morrigan, The fates 3 and a host of other ghastly tales of doom. By the end of the Suns transit here the the earth will lay sallow for the coming months. If you're paying attention you can already feel her beginning to pull herself into deep slumber as Persephone descends even deeper into the halls below.

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