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October 10th-16th

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

October 10th - Saturn stations Direct

Where has the time gone! This Spring and Summer have both flown by and crawled by like snails. May 23rd Saturn stationed Retrograde, now October 10th the Big Baddie Daddy is stationing Direct. 13° of Aquarius all the way back to 6°. Wherever this is in your chart, however this shows up for you, now that Saturn is turning direct what people places or things in our lives are changing? What re-evaluations have we gone through about the solid things in our lives that needed to be seen for what they were? What burdens are we ready to walk away from? What pressures and what hard circumstances will be alleviated by either our decision or an outside influence?

October 12th - 1st quarter Square Libra/Capricorn 20°

Just a few days ago the Ruler of Capricorn turned direct. The Ruler of Libra entered Sagittarius, now we have the first quarter square of that intensely powerful New Moon in Libra a week ago. Was it really only a week ago? What shifts have happened since? What has changed in our lives? What events have transpired not only for us but out in the world? What action steps have we taken and where in the hell do we think we’re going? Both the Sun and the Moon are in uncomfortable places. Our ego drives need to take into account others before we get what we want. We need to compartmentalize our emotions for the sake of others to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and get things done without a big fuss or mess being made.

October 13th - Venus sextile Saturn

Indulgent Venus transiting the larger than life sign of Sagittarius in sextile with No Nonsense Saturn in the sign of groups and organizations can be a time for some group organized fun! That may look different nowadays. Or it could just be that there is a learning opportunity with a bigger establishment in your life. Support is what a sextile is all about. Wherever Sagittarius and Aquarius are in our lives we could use a little of that right now.

October 15th - Sun trine Jupiter rx

As this comes exact Jupiter is literally just days away from stationing direct. What joyful relationships with friends can we reconnect with or what situations can we reconnect with and move forward with in the coming weeks. It may get rocky but right now, we have Jupiter and the Sun in trine! This is a very auspicious energy to seize the day with. If you can do something for yourself and a friend or group of people do so. You can be supported in a humanitarian pursuit.

October 16th - Venus sextile Mercury rx

Support from Venus while Mercury is retrograde in her sign is a good opportunity to connect with things that bring us pleasure, people that make us feel good, indulge in a little rich food and allow the support we need in the area of life being affected by Mercury Retrograde! Venus in Sagittarius is over indulgent though so be aware you can take a good thing too far. But allow yourself to feel supported even if it's just connecting with your pets and watching movies.

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