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November 7-13

November 10th

Mercury conjunct Mars Squaring Saturn

With Mercury conjunct Mars we will be feeling fired up mentally, righteous, justice oriented and possibly argumentative or passionate about an occurrence in our lives in a couple of areas. With these two planets together Squaring Saturn, oh boy. Talk about road blocks, limitations, NO, you can't do this or that or the other thing! Maybe we are fired up BECAUSE we are told no. Maybe there is a contract or agreement with a 1:1 relationship that needs to be finalized finished or put to bed, but the timing is off or one is cut away because of the pressure and burdens of limitations that Saturn is exerting. One way or another something is coming to a grinding halt for the moment and it's not pretty, it's not nice and it's definitely not pleasant! At this time as well the Moon will be with Saturn in Aquarius. Emotionally we will feel let down, stifled, stuck, possibly even a little bored, yes I said bored even with Mercury and Mars in Square. Saturn limits and restricts. This energy is so HEAVY, the gravitas is downright overwhelming. We could be in for big arguments or conversations that leave everyone feeling drained, stifled and maybe even a little depressed. I'm calling it the way I see it folks. This is not a pretty aspect. Jupiter is still in Aquarius, it may help alleviate some of it but it may also create a more overblown reaction to the situation as well.

November 11th

First quarter Square Scorpio/Aquarius 19°

This first quarter square is happening at 19° of Scorpio and Aquarius. Which means it's with Jupiter. Remember the roadblock from yesterday? Well, now we are taking action in a really BIG way with Jupiter involved to get ourselves moving and pushing forward or on with what it is we have initiated and seeded at the time of the New Moon in Scorpio. Fate has a sticky hand this year for the fixed signs. Home stretch, but, I think we've all seen the memes of that home stretch! It's ladened with obstacles and hurdles and some trials and tribulations that would give the Hunger Games a run for it's multi-million dollar profit margin! It's also in close enough proximity to Uranus to make a T-Square towards the Moon at these Degrees, albeit a wide 7° Orb, but in orb it is. There could be disrupted or chaotic events that transpire that need immediate action, with the conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter coming exact just a few hours later our emotions could take on a bigger than life feel. Just remember, this will pass. We could also be in for a wild surprise out of the blue and fated karmic circumstance that shakes us out of our monotonous stupor and we seize hold of destiny's and hand ride the wave towards this partial Lunar Eclipse on the 19th of November.

November 12th

Sun trine Neptune

A lazy day we will want to have! This is feel good, dreamy escape with a good book or on a beach if we can to get away from the craziness we have been through. Seize it folks! Seize it while you can! This can also be a magical way to manifest something into your emotional world.

November 13th

Mercury opposes Uranus

This one isn't as bad as it appears, though it is still activating Saturn, ugh, this can be downloads and flashes of insight we gain, aha moments or even shocking conversations that leave us speechless! With Mercury in the depths of Scorpio and Uranus in the earthly pleasurable sign of Taurus this could be quite the shock to the whole system as well! Wherever Scorpio is for you can see deep, intense and profound insights that are shocking and earth shaking from the Uranus in Taurus area of our lives! If it wasn't for no nonsense Saturn squaring it would be an interesting chain of events, but we can see the burden of limitation rear it's snarky head and try to put the kibosh to what would otherwise be an interesting and fun time!

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