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November 28th - December 4th

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

The Astrology this week is pretty Intense! Fated Karmic Events are unfolding and will continue to unfold throughout the rest of the month. It's a time on a collective scale we will be releasing and letting go and reintegrating moving forward.

November 28th

Mercury Cazimi 7° Sagittarius

Mercury Cazimi is a time of divine insight. A time when we can see what it is we have been unable or unwilling to see. The Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius are only a few degrees away from the South Node. As it readies to leave here we can gain clarity and insight into what patterns, habits, ideologies, world views or old dogma's that have kept us back from reaching our higher potentials here. We can see what we need to let go of and leave behind as we enter a new page, new chapter, maybe even new book altogether!

November 29th

Mars Trine Neptune Retrograde

Both Mars and Neptune are in their home signs. Scorpio is highly perceptive and psychic energy. Pisces is vast and deeply intuitive. Both Planets are so strong! Here we can see an emotional warrior holding space for humanity to get its ISH together. This is also a very emotionally passionate and highly creative energy! Fixed Signs like Scorpio are about refinement and homeostasis. Mutable Signs like Neptune are about adaptability and flexibility. We can find equilibrium, we can find homeostasis, but first we must adapt and change how we see that in ourselves.

November 30th

Mercury Sextile Saturn

Mercury is in Sextile to Saturn, we can work with this energy. Saturn and Mercury are supporting each other and as such we can learn to support each other through this. Whatever conversations we want to have with groups of people, what ideologies we want to share are powerful in their ability to teach us something about the long term and far reaching goals we have in front of us. Each of us has the ability to understand the others viewpoints and speak intelligently about the future. If we so choose.

Venus Sextile Neptune

As Neptune is Sitting quite Heavy in the Sky from our vantage point on earth, each of us has an opportunity to manifest through diligence and hard work a dream we have just dreamed of dreaming. With Venus in Capricorn moving ever closer and slower due to her retrograde cycle approaching we can see a glimmer of what is to be made manifest if we so choose and ask the universe to provide. It will take effort and work on our part, as that is the deal with Venus in Capricorn. But we can use what seems to be miraculous magical manifesting qualities of Neptune in Pisces to harness the power of the universe itself to be on our side as we work diligently towards our goals and ambitions.

Sun Sextile Saturn

With the Sun Sextile to Saturn we can take action with others. Impassioned intercourse leads to far reaching goal alignment and ride or die allies. This energy is great for utilizing our knowledge, putting it to work for us and helping others to achieve the same or more over time.

December 1st

Neptune Stations Direct

Heightened psychic and intuitive perceptibility's. Neptune is known for crossing and erasing boundaries as it goes. Here it is strengthened and at home. When Neptune stations our spidiey senses are heightened. We can pick up the energies from the ethers of time and space. Though we do not know where it is coming from or where it will lead. It is a confusing energy. The rose glasses whose tint is getting a deeper shade of pink.

December 4th

Total Solar Eclipse Sagittarius 12°

The Final Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius! We will not see eclipses here for another 9 years to come! How different the landscape will look that far from now! The Aspects of this week are harmonious and fortuitous, and a bit of a biting intensity thrown in. Even with the Saturn/Uranus Square inching ever closer to it's crescendo to finish the year this energy is powerful! Decisive action, intense opportunity, Overblown arguments, structured support, release of old baggage and patterns. It's a doozy of an Eclipse. A true mixed bag! But, if we choose to look, the support is there. We just have to take the hand offered or ask a close trusted friend or friends for support. The doors that open may surprise us, lead us to new, bigger, better things. Better than we can imagine in the moment, deeper and longer lasting relationships and collaborations or friendships. As we unfold and refold the doubled knot of karmic patterns we come to a deeper understanding that this too shall pass into the shifting sands of time. As we lay down what we have been carrying and move into this new paradigm we must know that as we move we must begin to refine and redefine who and what we are becoming. The crisis came, the crises went, what we have adapted to now needs to be refolded, revolutionized and moved into a direction we can sustain.

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