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November 21-27th

November 21st

Mercury sextile Pluto

Mercury and Pluto are having a nice conversation right about now. Mercury is offering Pluto support from Scorpio and Pluto is offering advice from Capricorn. How can each of us get deeper into and understand the concept of our own individual and collective structured reality in such a way that we can see through the eyes of those around us?

Sun into Sagittarius

Quite the change from Scorpio to Sagittarius! Whilst in Scorpio the Sun was about deep unadulterated truths, now in Sagittarius it's about expansive freedom! But freedom from what? How can we harness this energy of freedom and belief to our benefit? Just some food for thought, the Sun will be completely Eclipsed here, the final time for the next 9 years! When the Sun, a planet of heat, light, joy, enters a sign like Sagittarius, that is about luck, expansiveness, jovial pursuits we get to see a different side of life. How can we harness our own expansive qualities and bring our own joy to the table. As a good friend and mentor says "Joy is the new Outlaw," perhaps a page from that book and we can become so joyous as to be free even for a moment of the shackles of the every day humdrum. Thank you @ChriseldaPacheco! <3

November 23rd

Sun conjunct South Node

As soon as the Sun entered Sagittarius it made a sign based conjunction, really at the Eclipse on the 19th it was already conjunct by degree, but now, we have the exact conjunction, this is a release, a letting go, a final goodbye of something that will be leaving our lives for good. If you have any planets or points at this 1°42' mark be prepared. I know I do, and it's one that I have been wondering exactly how it will shape up for a while now. The South Node can see a letting go of something in our lives, or as the case may be with this Total Solar Eclipse inbound in December, something from the past creeping back in for reconciliation. This can also be a highly intuitive time. This energy of the Sun with the South Node is highly psychic, see what dreams or ideas come to you around these days of the Sun with the South Node.

November 24th

Mercury into Sagittarius

When Mercury enters Sagittarius we can mentally be more expansive and optimistic, overly so we may miss some of the details that make up that bigger picture and get ourselves into trouble later when we realize we've made a mistake. Mercury is in Detriment in Sagittarius as it's rulership is Gemini opposite this grandiose sign of freedom and fun. It's transit here this year will see it both coming conjunct the South Node and Cazimi the Sun. It will be part of the Solar Eclipse inbound in December as well.

November 25th

Mercury conjunct South Node

What old outdated and no longer needed ideals and ideas can we lay down and let go of. Where does Gemini and Virgo fall in our charts? What themes are seen with Mercury here with the South Node of letting go of something? The problem with Mercury in Sagittarius can see us attempting to cut our nose off to spite our face at times. Let's make sure we are understanding the themes of what's best for all concerned before we decide to make that final cut. This is the last time Mercury will conjunct the South Node in Sagittarius. The next conjunction to the South Node will be in Scorpio.

November 27th

3rd quarter square 5° Sagittarius/Virgo

As we wind down from the Partial Lunar Eclipse we are beginning to see what it is we need to lay down and walk away from that is not serving ourselves, our lives, our loved ones our mental and emotional wellbeing. We're not going that way any longer and we are shifting into a new paradigm and dynamic in sync with the comforts and values we have begun to adapt to and adopt into our lives. This is a good time to have some dynamic movement, some stretching and meditation. Something to calm the monkey mind and sit still like the frog patiently allowing the chaos around us to shift and move without disturbing our own peace of mind and body. I can tell you, this is exactly what I'll be doing as well! It's time to pick back up on the yoga and meditation practices that served me well over the years!

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