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November 14-20

November 15th

Sun square Jupiter

Squares to Jupiter can bring an over inflated sense of optimism or overpromises in things. It happens. Just be aware this too will pass. It's not a bad thing from an objective standpoint. A bit of luck, optimism and joy could be good after the energy of the previous week. But, with the Sun in Discerning and Psychic Scorpio and Jupiter in the Sign of Aquarius, groups, people, future planning! We can utilize this if we are discerning and practical and making sure we're not over promising.

November 16th

Sun sextile Pluto

The Sun and Pluto in positive aspect, this is a closing sextile, a waning and winding down from their conjunction a little over a year ago. The Sun has traversed the Zodiac and is offering Pluto information in the highly structured and top down autocratic sign of Capricorn, from it's Rulership of Scorpio. This will help strengthen Pluto, to utilize this aspect is to be VERY clear about what it is you want to do, to be pragmatic and diligent with every single step you take forward with achieving your end game.

November 17th

Mars opposes Uranus

Mars is the stronger Planet aspecting from a traditional home sign, but Uranus, Uranus is hard to pin down and is the slower moving Planet! With the waning Square to Saturn and this opposition coming exact there can be fireworks and ground breaking changes to take action on. Balancing our wants and desires against the need for liberation from all things stuck and stagnant. We can take action, but at what cost? Saturn is still in the mix, creating roadblocks and delaying things; how will you stand up and fight? How will you liberate yourself from an oppressive situation without exploding?

Venus enters Pre-Retrograde Shadow

Venus is now in Shadow, themes will start to show themselves of what needs to be re-evaluated from now until she stations direct January 29th 2022. The resolution point will come after that. But for now this is ground we will have to cover again. Venus Retrograde while not the worst of retrogrades, doesn't happen often. Once every 1.6 years. How we love, how we spend, what we value, our interpersonal relationships, Venus rules all this and much more. The things we value in the area Capricorn rules in our lives will be up for evaluation from Venus. We have a chance to change something here, to redo something at a much deeper level and in a more structured way than we have been able to in several years! Venus has not been retrograde in Capricorn since December of 2013. She went from 28° to 13°. This is ground we will cover again this Year and into next. Think back to what was happening around that time in December of 2013 and January 2014. Themes can show themselves, we can inform our present and future by looking to the past. The Nodes were also in Taurus and Scorpio. But Venus did not make any re-connections with Pluto. Pluto was at the early degrees of Capricorn 8-10 and Venus came close but did not touch Pluto again. This time around there will be 3 exact passes. And Uranus was in the early degrees of Aries, this time there will be 3 passes of exact trines to Uranus! This time it seems the changes we want to make can stick. What changes and what themes will we each revisit?

November 18th

Mercury trine Neptune

Mercury in perceptive Scorpio in trine with enigmatic Neptune in free floaty Pisces. This is a very emotional and intuitive time. Mercury in Scorpio is quietly on a reconnaissance mission while Neptune is high on life with not a care in the world. This aspect can be highly intuitive and psychic in nature but we have to grasp what it is we are seeing. A great time to meditate or enter some type of dream state to pick up psychic impressions, otherwise this can be dark humor to escape the harsher realities.

November 19th

Venus trine Uranus

1st pass! Venus in Shadow now in trine with Wild Uranus! We have an inkling, of what changes we can make to have the liberated future we want to have in the Capricorn and Taurus area of our lives. Venus is supporting Uranus in her Home sign with the Boss up energy of being in Capricorn. Structured support and radical changes.

Partial Lunar Eclipse Taurus 27°

This may be a Partial Lunar Eclipse, but it packs a wallop! The Full Moon itself is Square Jupiter and then we have the Mars/Uranus/Saturn T-Square! The pressure is on Aquarius from Scorpio and Taurus! Venus is in Trine with Uranus from Capricorn, the Sun and Mercury are trine Neptune, and dear Pluto is in trine with the Moon and sextile the Sun. We may have a lot of intense T-squares going on, but there is good too! The totality of this eclipse the overall makeup of this chart is a prevue, a glimpse, a taste of the radical changes that are coming to the masses, to the people, to the world!

This Lunar Eclipse is the end of an old stuck stagnant cycle. We ourselves are changing and evolving. The world is changing. We are changing. The things that "mattered" are being revealed for what they were and the true things that matter are rising from the depths we buried them under. The time for liberation of outdated and fixed realities is done. A new world of possibilities is opening.

The major aspect of the Sun and Moon squaring Jupiter may not seem significant, but it is. Jupiter is bringing an opportunity here for whole masses of people to liberate themselves financially, emotionally and with joy to live a different way. With Venus in Shadow there is a sense we will revisit this over the coming months and ruminate on these very themes, especially with the trine to Uranus being exact on this day. Let freedom ring, a call to action is being highlighted with the Marts/Uranus/Saturn T-square. What is deeply oppressive and overreaching needs to go.

A New way is unfolding. A sovereign path lay before each of us. Will we go willingly into this new cycle or will we kick and scream and be dragged anyway? The choice is within each of us.

November 20th

Mercury Square Jupiter

We can really hone in and try to look at how all the things we are learning fit into the bigger picture of the reality around us with this aspect. Look deeper, understand the depths of what Mercury in Scorpio is seeing and how Jupiter in Aquarius is helping and hindering at the same time. Mercury wants to dive in and talk about the deeper, darker things that are going on, and with Jupiter in Aquarius we can talk about the problems of humanity, the lies, the deceptions, the manipulations for control of the masses. If we want to.

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