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May Astrology, it's about to get weird!

Updated: May 13, 2022

The Month of May is looking like an interesting mix of positive, weird and downright nasty energy!

Coming off the back end of the Partial Eclipse in Taurus at the end of April; May ushers in Venus moving from the Sign of her Exaltation to the Sign of her Detriment. This is not to say Venus does “bad things” here. It’s Venus! A planet of connection, love and money. Venus is more “direct” in Aries. It’s not about pretense and inactivity and receptivity in Aries. It’s about taking direct connected action towards what it is you want. Add into the energy Venus as a Morning Star and she’s going after what she wants in a VERY direct and passionate way, lets not forget that Venus known as a Morning Star means more warlike actions, vengeance and swift justice. This begs the question with the combination of the Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus and Venus moving into Aries, what actions will we take with this new information, this wild turn of events that has us going in a powerful slant from where we thought we were going? The Sun also makes its conjunction with Uranus, we can definitely be feeling jittery and out of sorts with this energy. But there’s some things that need to be re-evaluated this month as Mercury stations to go retrograde first in its home sign of Gemini then back into Taurus towards the mid-end of the month. Some powerful revisions will be happening when it makes a powerful trine to Pluto, also retrograde now. Our psychic abilities will have been heightened for some time with Pluto stationing at the end of last month. That won’t change this month either. Pluto needs to pick up speed and move in retrograde a bit further before that uneasiness and paranoia subside.

Almost Mid month we have a lineup that is both powerful and intense! Jupiter moves into Aries, Jupiter does like Fire Signs, lets hope we get benefit in the action oriented benefits with this transit over the next several months! The Sun also conjuncts the North Node and Squares Saturn, moving and shaking up to that Full Blood Moon Eclipse in Scorpio. This is the stuff I absolutely do NOT like talking about. This Full Moon is no joke. This Moon is so Karmic and powerful, nothing will be the same. The Square to Saturn the ultimate Task Master and Top Down Control Freak can see far reaching changes that affect everyone, everywhere. Saturn is so strong in Aquarius, if anything I have leaned into the Hellenistic favoring of Saturn being the Traditional Ruler of Aquarius and it really is NO JOKE! This is a point in History that will be remembered for generations to come.

After the Scorpio Moon we have a plethora of changes happening almost all at once in the last two weeks of the month! Things will be moving exponentially faster and shift in dramatic ways after this Blood Moon mid-month. All the while we are in a state of mental revision with Mercury in retrograde! With Mercury entering the Earthly Sign of Taurus for its final leg of Retrograde Season we may well make very tangible and karmic changes. The New Moon NON Eclipse in Gemini on the 30th sees a change in energy in terms of what we’re focusing on, but we still have the leftover from that Blood Moon Eclipse to contend with.

May 2nd

Venus into Aries

Venus in Aries is a go getter, no nonsense, straight up no chaser, call it how it is and let's just do the thing kind energy. Venus isn’t about pleasantries and niceties in Aries. She gets the job done and does so in a very direct and forthright manner. Largely un-aspected minus the Sextiles early on to Saturn and the big finale Square to Pluto as major Astrological happenings, Venus is just doing her thing in Aries. Initiating something new and exciting, Especially after that Eclipse in Taurus. Venus is moving in uncharted and dynamic ways. She’s doing so with Gusto and Pizazz. Stay outta the way folks, people are going to be going after what they want, how they want and when they want! Great Energy for connecting to your people and resources in very direct and meaningful ways. Taking action on a lucrative venture or connecting with someone that is new and exciting. Be aware, we are in Destiny’s corridor and events that transpire in Eclipse season are fated and karmic!

May 5th

Sun Conjunct Uranus

Wild turn of events! Under normal circumstances this is an interesting and exciting mix of energy, but with Eclipses also happening in Taurus currently it’s even MORE interesting and exciting. The Moon will be a waxing crescent by the time this conjunction happens. We can see manifestations of changes already happening from the Solar Eclipse just 6 days ago. Things going left when we wanted them to go right. Wild swings in Money, Relationships and Farming can be seen. The disruptions in supply chain can be highlighted now as things seemingly come out of nowhere. This can see decisions being made that are radical and different from the norm or status quo. The Sun and Uranus shake things up and express as a need for liberation and personal freedoms. There’s no holding the Solar energy back when it runs into dynamic and liberating Uranus! Wild times and unique expression of the self are a must. Collectively we can see radical pushes for freedom and change.

May 8th

First quarter Square 18° Leo

This opening square is one that will be focusing on the Sun. Like everything in life we look to the Sun or the people in leadership for guidance, for information, for support. This is a little bit different. Saturn and the Moon are in opposition and the Sun is applying within a few days to square Saturn exact! This is putting the focus of a T-Square on the Sun, and because of the conjunction to Uranus also radical change. This is asking for change, real, sustainable, radical change. Remember we are in Eclipse Season, anything goes with these Eclipses with Uranus. But Saturn is so powerful right now, squaring the Nodes and Squaring the Sun and subsequently still squaring Uranus. The Top Down figureheads are still trying to subdue any freedoms with limitations and restrictions. There is something related to karmic debt to be paid with these Eclipses. With this T-square to the Sun at the halfway mark we may see some radical changes with leadership, with the Earth itself, with the limiting structures that pervade our current paradigm right now.

May 10th

Mercury stations Retrograde 4° Gemini

Fear the Mercury! Buahahaha! No, really, don’t. Whilst in Eclipse Season we don’t want to miss something important! We have some things we need to re-evaluate, re-calculate, revisit, rehash and revise over the next several weeks. Nothing is by Chance! I don’t believe in random acts or events happening, there is a divine orchestration to it all even if we don’t like it. One thing affects another and all things. Having to revise a plan while all these unforeseen changes are being made with Eclipses this Mercury Retrograde can see very beneficial and profound insights. Mercury stations retrograde within the orb of Sextile to Jupiter. Perhaps negotiations are on the table at this time.

Jupiter into Aries

I have a sense that Jupiter in Aries will bring a sense of autonomy to people, a sense of independence, not in the Radical way that Uranus brings it but in the way Jupiter brings it. Jupiter is about freedom and justice as well as expansive knowledge and beliefs. Aries is about action and will. We may see more people becoming autonomous and independent of institutions or regulations of some kind. Perhaps it brings hope to the go getters and achievers of the world. Jupiter hasn’t been here since 2010-2011, what happened for you the last time Jupiter was here? In that timeframe what did you do? What did you accomplish? What changes, seemingly beneficial happened for you?

May 13th

Sun conjunct North Node

Karmic changes, blessings, and upheavals are afoot! Especially with Saturn being in Square with this alignment. Our truest desires will be highlighted in a big way with this conjunction. Fated, karmic debts to be paid and the release of fear to move forward to what it is we are truly lit up about. Expect some changes to unfold around the 3 to 4 days around this conjunction. As well as the Full Moon incoming.

May 15th

Sun square Saturn

Luckily this is a passing transit, though Saturn is squaring the Nodes still and the path forward may feel limited or delayed by something seemingly insurmountable or beyond our control. We may be seized by fear of the unknown or of past mistakes or mishaps that pop up but we are not the same as we were. We are not the same person we were. Sun Square Saturn can pop up as feeling unsure of ourselves, of feeling like we are limited or being fearful of our own innate talents and gifts. Our energy can be low and melancholy at this time. Especially at this time as we come into the Blood Moon Eclipse. This one will be felt. Karmic paths are ending and beginning simultaneously. Surrender control of how you think it should look.

May 16th

Full Blood Moon Scorpio Eclipse

This Eclipse will be FELT. The Sun and Moon and North and South Nodes are Squaring Saturn! This one is ALL about the FEAR of LETTING GO! The end of something is at hand and we will be processing in a very intense way. Scorpio is all about the unconscious, deep psychological desires we truly have. Saturn has rulership over fear itself, our physical limitations and the world in which we live is governed by this Planet. The Moon is our emotional state, our feelings of security and safety. I know collectively people have been feeling this one, you can see it on social media, mainstream, sidebar, underground, daily conversations. Everyone is bringing up their fears and their unmet desires. The Trine this Full Moon has to Mars, Neptune and an out of sign but degree trine to Jupiter. We have support from both beyond the tangible and very physical action. We can use our intuition, we can use our action, we can use our knowledge to work through what this eclipse is bringing about for each of us. This karmic release is happening for us, though we may not see the blessings yet, or for a long time, the toxicity needs to go. And so it will.

May 18th

Mars Conjunct Neptune

Do not deceive others lest we deceive ourselves first. Is a great way to sum this transit up. Lies of omission, fake it till you make it kind of energy. Mars is about action and will, power and control. Neptune and Pisces diffuse Mars ability to act or take action. There is no real foothold Mars can gain from just being in Pisces, the conjunction to Neptune is a doubling down on that slippery surface where we can’t get ourselves in motion. Mars transits through Pisces can see will and power postponed and diffused too much. Where we need to dive into ourselves and our dreams to find a way to rally our inner resolve and deep emotional maturity for the next steps when Mars moves into Aries.

May 19th

Sun trine Pluto rx.

Much different than the Square about a month ago. The Trine to Pluto, especially retrograde can see us taking our time with a difficult or seemingly difficult power struggle and overcoming it with an iron clad will and fortitude we didn’t realize we had. Stubborn control and structured power. We can dig in and realize how to use things to our advantage if we would take the time to focus and harness our energy on them.

May 20th

Sun into Gemini

Gemini’s! Happy Solar Return Gemini’s! The Sun hasn’t been here for a year, and what a difference a year makes! After all the eclipses in your sign, all that work, now you are refreshed and renewed and ready for less volatile and more subtle change this time around the Solar year. There can be powerful forward momentum and communication as we have powerful sextiles and trines to some outer planets. Less upheaval, more fun!

May 21st

Sun conjunct Mercury rx 0°

This is the inferior conjunction, Mercury retrograde in Gemini, finishing out and moving back into the earth signs. At 0° this is New Energy, after all the upheavals in Gemini, beginning again, beginning anew. Uncharted territory that we will have a firm mental grasp on, but first we must think about this opportunity and mull it over and ruminate on it.

May 22nd

3rd Quarter Square 1° Pisces

Let go and surrender to the possibilities that are before you, you can’t go back, it’s time to pave a new road, it will be interesting and mind bending at first, but this final quarter square is asking us to surrender our expectations and adapt to the new dynamic that is playing out before us. Maybe we just need to be flexible after the New Taurus Moon Eclipse and Full Blood Moon Scorpio Eclipse. Maybe we just need to escape and chat about what happened and what went on to process. Let go, surrender, focus on seeing the dual nature of what you are going through, both Gemini and Pisces are double bodied in nature. Opposites and parallels at the same time.

Mercury rx into Taurus

Mercury has some unfinished business in Taurus. We’re re-evaluating these last degrees here for a reason. This is a level of mastery we need to attain before we can truly move on and allow the mental process to take hold to transform what it is we are doing in this area of our lives. Thoughts can be helpful or hinderances to our growth and development. Especially if they are not grounded in the integrity of what it is we are trying to overcome or accomplish.

May 24th

Mars into Aries

Mars in Aries is a lot of the same energy. We have our will and our capacity to take action back! There’s a good thing! The conjunction to Jupiter in a few days is going to expect on our ability and our will to take action. Maybe a bit too much. Just remember Aries energy is about initiation. Mars is about action, Jupiter is expansion. Too much action can see us burning ourselves out. Best to pace ourselves, as we move through this energy. It will be difficult because we want to do all the things!

May 25th

Mercury rx trine Pluto rx

This is the second pass of Mercury Pluto in trine. This time retrograde AFTER the Cazimi point. By this time we are re-evaluating decisions, expectations, larger structures in our lives and what serves us at a deeper level than just the surface. We are evaluating the roots of things, money, relationships, these conversations need to happen. With both planets retrograde the deeper inner revolution is real.

May 27th

Venus Square Pluto rx

As aspects go this can be summed up as tainted love, toxic love, or intense love! Highly charged sexual energy and downright obsessive qualities. This is NOT an aspect to start a first date on. It’s passing in influence but I would most definitely push off any dates for a solid week. Just sayin’ unless you want a fatal attraction type situation on your hands.

May 28th

Venus into Taurus

Venus moves into her home sign of Taurus, yet again this year she finds a crazy squatter that just won’t leave(Uranus)! Venus transit here sees her connecting in new and exciting ways with unique and different people, places, things and money matters are about to get interesting! After all we just ended eclipse season but those points are VERY sensitized! With Venus soothing and smoothing over the rough edges in a different way than expected, expect things to take interesting and bizarre turns when relationships and money are involved.

May 29th

Mars conjunct Jupiter 3° Aries

This is a very fast moving transit! Fortuitous for taking action and getting things done. Just make sure you’re not burning yourself out at the same time. Mars in Aries is just more of the same energy and but the conjunction to Jupiter can see an over expansion on this area of our charts. Seems like it’s going to be a lot of Busy-ness.

May 30th

Gemini New Moon 9°

This New Moon in Gemini Officially ushers us OUT of Eclipse Season. With a wide sextile to Jupiter and Mars in Aries. Really the only major aspects being made at this time by the Sun and Moon. Think utilizing action and forward momentum and communicating with others. This Lunation will hit a bit differently. We have been having Eclipses here for 2 years but now that we are out of that cycle and into the new, what unfoldments will we see, gain, have in this Gemini area of our charts? With Mercury retrograde at the time of this new Moon in a trine to Pluto and Sextile to Neptune we could be rehashing some information we received prior to Mercury going retrograde. The Square to Saturn can have us doubting ourselves and our ability to rationalize what is going on and how we thought we were doing. We can feel stifled in our evaluation but using deep rational focused thought and a sprinkling of intuition we may be able to figure out what the problem actually is. We’re still dealing with the aftermath of the liberating changes we’ve made and the limiting forces that are still trying to hinder that change. It’s in the background but not gone. Be aware that the final aspects the Moon makes before it moves on from Gemini into Cancer on June 1st in EST will be a Square to Neptune and Trine to Saturn. We can see long lasting effects for what is put in motion as long as we can discern what is real and what is not.

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