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March 6-12

March 6th

Venus and Mars move into Aquarius and Conjunct for the 2nd time at 0° of Aquarius

This is a big deal. This exact conjunction of Venus overtaking Mars is activating the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn from Solstice of 2020. This is another revolution of that energy, this time with the two Lesser benefic/melific influences. Though if you’re a day born you know how sudden and intense Mars can be. (I’m just sayin’) With this I have a sense that things will look differently than they did with Mars conjunct Venus in Capricorn. I say this because Mars is no longer in exaltation. The Influence of Pluto is dissipating, though still there for a bit even out of sign. While Mars functions well in Air Signs Venus rules over an Air Sign and does much better. Here Venus will be a little cooler, a little more detached, yet still friendly and connective even if the fixed energy of Aquarius brings out the stubbornness in Venus. Mars in Aquarius can be focused on social movements, eye on the future and planning but not with the Structure of Capricorn, it can be dynamic and different even if it is rigid and little room for error. Mars can still cut away things. Whatever house this is showing up for you in, think back to 2020, Saturn and Jupiter came close at the beginning of the Year but ended up waiting until the very end to come together. Other than the Pandemic, what else was going on for you. What showed up in a way you couldn’t ignore at the end of 2020? There may be an evolution or revolution of that energy in a way that is impactful in the short term over the course of the next two years. We have to remember that as they move together into Aquarius they begin to Square Uranus as well. This energy can feel jarring and even overwhelming, especially for the fixed signs, but we need this change, this liberation, but at what cost? With Saturn still in Square this activation can feel more intense as these are the last two inner planets to complete this activation. We live in such interesting times.

March 9th

Mercury Enters Pisces

Mercury in Pisces is in Detriment. Not to say that Mercury doesn’t do anything in the Watery and Tentacled depths of Pisces. It does, it’s just not able to express to it’s fullest ability here. Mercury will be traversing this Sign and coming ever closer to the Sun but never catching it until we hit Aries! Mercury will conjunct Jupiter and Neptune through it’s transit here as well, along with a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. Mercury though in this sign is very intuitive. There can be a tendency to not have the words to express something that seems to come from divine insight into words. A thought, a feeling, an impression so perfect to put it into words will be to lose the essence of what it is. Such is the ephemeral nature of Pisces. Intangible and dissipating before you can grasp it physically in your hands. Like a child chasing a fire fly thinking it’s a Pixie!

March 10th

First Quarter Square 19° Gemini

This new beginning we started in Pisces, what evolution does it take on when the square happens to be at the exact 19° Eclipse point of Gemini we experienced last summer? The Sun is squaring this point from Pisces and the Moon is conjunct this sensitive point! Another evolution and revolution of the energies we experienced last June? There seems to be a bit of that going on this month! Jupiter, the Sun, and Neptune are all being squared by the Moon at this time. We can have an influx of communications that are over the top, too much and confusing all at the same time. There could be things going on in the early school system around this time that seem strange and nebulous or strange communications over the airways from the talking heads. The last aspect the Moon makes during this first quarter square is the square to Neptune. Be aware of what is said, but also of what is implied.

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