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March 27th - April 2nd

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

March 27th

Mercury enters Aries

Clipping right along Mercury enters Aries full speed ahead! Joining the Sun here in Aries. Mercury’s sojourn here in Aries will be interesting. It will conjunct Chiron and the Sun at the same time. Then go on to sextile Saturn and Mars in Aquarius while the Moon is in sextile at that Same time, and then square Pluto before moving on into Taurus. Mercury in Aries is very direct, even a bit hot headed and will speak out of turn. Watch our thoughts, they could be fast and sometimes a bit explosive this Aries Season. We can temper down the rash boldness of this transit with practical forethought with the sextile to Saturn later on.

March 28th

Venus conjunct Saturn

The conjunction of Venus and Saturn can be equated to financial fortitude or financial hardship, relationship fortitude or hardship. Both of these are true. Saturn does like Venus. Saturn rewards hard work, diligence and continuous sustained effort. Venus the planet of love and money will be receptive to what Saturn has to say. Venus in Aquarius is friendly but distant and Saturn, we’ve seen how Saturn is in Aquarius. So what relationships, what negotiations, what people, places or things need to be taken care of? What loose ends need to be tied up and what negotiations need to take place?

April 1st

New Moon in Aries

This new Moon is with Mercury and Chiron! What new physical beginnings can we start that will not only stimulate our minds but our bodies as well as profound healing for our consciousness? At the time of this New Moon Venus, Mars and Saturn are squaring the Nodes, there is something fated to do with our will, our power, our sustained efforts and friends, as well as money and relationships. We need to get certain things in order before we can move on to the next thing, the next stage, the next chapter. What is it we need to let go of at this time to move into the stability we desire for ourselves and our future? What actions can we take in faith and destiny to liberate ourselves from the fear of how things played out in the past to the dynamic new future we want to create or that is unfolding before our very eyes?

April 2nd

Mercury Cazimi @7:10 PM EST

This Cazimi point is not like all the rest. It is a Sun Mercury Cazimi with Chiron in the mix and as such we can understand where it is we are wounded, where our hurts are. We can gain clarity and have an epiphany in this Aries part of our charts! What actions can we take? What ground can we cover, what moves can we make? With Mercury and the Sun in Aries we are required to take action. It’s not a leap of faith, it’s action! Necessary action. Through words and deeds.

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