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March 13-19

March 13th

Sun conjunct Neptune

As a Leo Ascendant I sometimes dread this conjunction, as the Sun rules my Chart. I know this day will be worthless for me and my energy! This day can either be so beautifully relaxing as to be on vacation to exquisite external or internal paradise or this can make people so tired and exhausted they get nothing accomplished whatsoever! This is how it manifests for me personally haha! But enjoy the little reprieve from the daily humdrum of life. Spiritual pursuits and escaping into deep blue waters if that is available to you is perfect for this conjunction!

March 14th

Sun Sextile North Node

Carpe Diem as they say. Utilizing the North Node can be tricky to navigate but in sextile it can feel synchronistic with what is coming anyway. You can seize this energy by utilizing intuition with action. What is going on in this Taurus area of our lives that is causing disruption or change or even liberation in a tangible way? What feelings to we get when we think about the future? How can we keep the nebulous anxieties at bay to see clearly under the light of day?

March 17th

Mercury sextile Uranus

Just a few days after the Sun Sextile’s the North Node, Mercury comes into a sextile with Uranus. Our thinking, our intuitive thought processes can get an upgrade on this day. Mercury is highly intuitive in Pisces even if the linear logical thoughts cannot get clear headway at this time. We can understand in impressions and abstraction the dynamic and liberating energy we can seize hold of to make more changes in a tangible way with this easy aspect of Mercury in sextile with Uranus.

March 18th

Full Moon in Virgo 27°

At the time of this Full Moon, the Moon herself is lonely in Virgo. There are no planets at all near any of the signs she is in. I’ve heard some call this a lonely moon, a misunderstood moon. We can feel on edge with what is happening, we can see the practicality in what we need to do, but we may not like it. This Full Moon is opposing Jupiter, Neptune and the Sun (as all full moons will oppose the sun) but we have an opportunity with this Full Moon, she is in trine with Pluto, applying towards the exact trine just an hour away. The Moon and Pluto are in understanding of what needs to be done, how it needs to be implemented and the tangible results we need, want and desire to come out of it. We will also be heightened emotionally as all full moons are but this is a practical full moon. Perhaps we are faced with a crisis of health, whether that is physical or mental. Things can feel bigger than what they need to be especially with the opposition to Jupiter, we can be confused as to how we actually wound up were we are because of the opposition to the Nebulous Neptune in Pisces and the Sun, well, the Sun and Moon are no stranger to opposing each other. Other aspects going on on this day Venus and Mars applying towards the square with Uranus, money, relationships, also with will power and and action, we can be shocked out of some type of reverie at this time the building tension with Mars/Venus squaring Uranus all the while heading towards the conjunction with Saturn. There’s more work to be done, intense action and out of the box thinking that is required in these two areas of our lives. There are certain things that will be cut out, that will be ousted from our lives at this time. Pluto in sextile to the Sun and Neptune and trine the Moon, we can have a sense of what we must truly let go even if it hurts. Mercury in sextile with Uranus still we understand the dynamics even if not consciously there is a sensing of the change coming in the near future.

March 19th

Venus Square Uranus

While these two are in what’s called a Mutual Reception there’s only so much Venus can do at this point. First Venus and then Mars in a couple of days squaring Uranus. We’re heading towards a tumultuous beginning to Aries Season. We can see massive disruptions on the personal with relationships, finances, currencies, technologies, food. Uranus can bring shocking turn of events and Venus being Venus wants to harmonize things, hopefully that mutual reception will help to harmonize things in a positive way. But be aware finances, relationships and food are on the table for massive disruptions. Especially with Mars in close contact with this Square.

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