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Leo New Moon and the Lunar Month Ahead!

July 28th - New Moon in Leo 5°

The New Moon itself is at 5° of Leo, well within orb of a beautiful trine to the Great Benefic Jupiter in Aries at 8° stationing on this day! Things may seem very INTENSE though, just because we have this beautiful trine to Jupiter doesn’t mean everything is rose colored and harmonious! We also have a Grand Cross, a rather INTENSE Grand Cross forming, Highlighting the Mars, Uranus, North Node conjunction that is coming exact in just a few days time, with Mercury in Opposition to Saturn and Both of these planets squaring the Nodes themselves! This New Moon could have great benefits but not without mental, physical, psycho-spiritual overload, everything comes at a price my friends, everything! The implications are not only jarring and heavy at the same time, but something we thought was permanent may be cut out of our lives for good. There’s no going back. There’s no turning around, there’s no apologies and acceptance. What’s done is done. The thing is, Uranus is stationing, this wild and unpredictable planet is at the same Degree (18°) from July 8th to October 18th! Hold on to your hats folks it’s about to get crazy! We have some outs at this New Moon, the fact that the Sun is in its home sign of Leo, strengthening the love, joy and creativity sections of our charts, we may not know how we feel about something with the Moon being dark here. With the trine to Jupiter we can have optimism, hope, expansive views and maybe even BIG gestures, but if we don’t call out the other hard topics we’d be doing ourselves a major disservice and putting a rug over a gaping hole in the floor. Conversations around this time could be heated and not only at opposition to some type of authority but also volatile and out of the blue, there is a fated ness to what is being said, revealed, talked about that has been a long time coming or will have long term implications that have yet to be revealed to us. Pluto and Neptune can only do so much with the Trine and Sextile they offer at this New Moon to the Uranus/Mars/North Node conjunction. Keep your wits about you, also, beware the hand that offers salvation in times of crisis. No one can save us, lest we save ourselves first.

July 28th - Jupiter stations Retrograde 8°

Jupiter will be retrograde from now until November 23rd, where this beneficial planet will station direct at 28° of Pisces. The area covered will be short but, think back to what was going on May 2nd until now. What events have transpired? How are you different? What have you learned that now you want to revisit, rehash or go over because there’s something important that was missed. Jupiter retrograde in Aries can have people re-evaluating the physical body, the body autonomy or sovereignty. When Jupiter re-enters Pisces October 29th the change to benevolence, optimism, altruism, spiritualism, it will be here until December 21st.

July 31st - Mercury opposes Saturn 22°

The exact opposition of Mercury and Saturn while still in square of the North Node, Mars and Uranus conjunction will be volatile and fraught with mental acrobatics and tough situations to get around. Sometimes even radical decisive action has its limitations. Don’t get too caught up in the ego to not see the solutions that are right in front of the eye balls! We are thinking more with our hearts and ego than we are with rational logical thoughts. The focus is on the self with Mercury in Leo and Saturn in Aquarius is no joke as we have seen. Government funded social movements, contrarian copouts and despotic social control rampant. This opposition can see a few standing against the titans.

July 31st - Sun trine Jupiter 8°

The Sun in its home sign of Leo, strong and bright Leo! Jupiter is in Aries! This is a great aspect of ease, abundance, benevolence and understanding! A small reprieve of energy amidst the Chaos and breaking down of Stability and stubborn tenacity! All that means we have support to change the things we can change and to allow the processes of unfoldment to happen for us with what we cannot control. Half the battle is knowing, the other half is surrendering to a process.

July 31st - Uranus conjunct North Node 18°

Uranus and the North Node! Wow! Mars in tight tow behind catching up to this Karmic and volatile energy! You know that future reality you wanted to create? That one where everything was different from what you have had in the past? Lightning is striking. And the heat is about to get turned up! Shocking Revelations, intense leaps forward, paradox reconciliations. The annihilation of all that doesn’t serve us. A will and a drive to change, a storm of chaos and destruction.

August 1st - Mars Conjunct Uranus and the North Node 18°

These last few days have been volatile and disruptive. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Where do we need to utilize the indomitable will of Mars in Taurus to take action whilst in the eye of chaos. Can we separate ourselves from our anger or our passion long enough to see the patterns of the future start to emerge? The last time Mars was conjunct Uranus was in January of 2021. Now we are further into Taurus and the North Node is involved. Fated circumstances that will have long lasting repercussions into the future. This is an explosive energy, this is a riotous energy and one of dramatic and sudden change due to conflict. Dramatic shifts in power dynamics of those in charge. Before this last conjunction the previous one was in 1938, there were lots of skirmishes and battles and posturing for large scale war. The irony is that in March of 1938 The South Node happened to be in the same sign as this conjunction. Here in the present we have the North Node exactly conjunct this configuration. The past will inform you of the present but it won’t give you the full picture, as we all have free will. To engage or not, that is the question.

August 1st - Mercury Enters Shadow

This whole month we are under the shadow of Mercury Retrograde Remember what happens here starting at 24° of Virgo because Mercury will station to go direct on this very Spot! Mercury will enter Libra at the end of the Month and go retrograde in September at 8° of Libra. Spanning the Air sign and Earth Sign. Relationships, relating, 1:1 back into orderly conduct and putting things in the right order. Maybe we need to reshuffle some personal relationships in our lives or some personal contracts. Time will tell.

August 2nd - Venus sextile Mars/Uranus/North Node 18°

Venus is in all the feels and nurturing elements that Cancer has to offer. Now she is in line to be sextile or supportive comforting influence for this wild conjunction. Venus can be a harmonizing influence and connecting us tangible to those that can help us understand this otherwise volatile and explosive conjunction. It is a short lived and passing influence but it is there to seize hold of and harmonize and help. Grab it while you can.

August 4th - Mercury into Virgo

The change of Mercury from dramatic and flamboyant Leo into practical, pragmatic and orderly Virgo will be felt! We can see people becoming more serious and deciding to do the correct thing versus the fun thing! Our thoughts will be more logical even if they become a bit anxious about next right steps to take. Virgo can be a sign that is the over thinker, the over analyzer. Too many things to do but there’s enough time to get a set amount done so it has to be done right and in the proper order. While Virgo is an Earth Sign it is prone to a bit more airy ness than the other Earth Signs as it is ruled by Mercury. Virgo as a sign is very busy, collecting the honey, vegetables out of the garden, canning and preserving and storing all the harvests for the coming months.

August 5th - First quarter Square 13°

Action to be taken from that intense yet beneficial New Moon in Leo. Crisis point. This First Quarter Square is not exact with Mars/Uranus/NN in Taurus or Saturn in Aquarius but it is close enough that it will be creating a Grand Cross formation. In Astrology The Grand Cross is the most intense of the aspects. No one is getting along, everyone is arguing and in the Fixed Signs everyone is digging their heels in and not giving an inch! Stubborn, tenacious, unyielding frustration. Explosive energy because there’s no outlet or a way to compromise. This is an impasse. Grand Gross energy can bring things to a grinding halt in no time. With Saturn involved there will be fear and gross overreach, The Moon with the South Node can see intense emotional fears coming to the surface and the past coming back to haunt in some way. The Sun is strong in Leo but it is part of this configuration, ego clashes are a thing, and Mars/Uranus/North Node still applicable, volatile, shocking, intense. To add insult to injury we are also at the halfway point between Eclipses and as such manifestations and events from previous months will unfold. The past is the past, it may be dead and gone but the future, though unwritten and changeable may not look how we have expected it to look. We do have a little bit of support with Venus in trine with the Moon, though wide, still there, the connecting factor, Venus is also in sextile with Mars at this time and Jupiter still within orb of trine to the Sun. We have support, we have help, we don’t have to go it alone but we better make sure we are taking care not to react but respond. Stability is an illusion. Chaos Reigns Supreme. Plan accordingly.

August 7th - Venus trine Neptune 25°

Venus in trine with Neptune is romantic gestures of love. In the midst of this turmoil and chaos a little romance may be a needed escape. Venus in Cancer will nurture and love you through caring for your needs and wants, making sure you’re comfortable and feeding your belly as well as your soul. Neptune in Pisces is highly spiritual and ephemeral! This is an uplifting and dreamy aspect. Because it’s an easy one it may be overshadowed by the other more intense energies going on. Just so you’re aware there is an escape route.

August 7th - Mars Square Saturn 22°

The Last time Mars was here in Taurus squaring Saturn was January 12th of 2021. In the days leading up to the exact square we saw riotous behavior directed at the PTB. This was in the early degrees of Taurus and Aquarius, 3° is still fledgling energy of any sign. This time around the square will happen at 22° we’re much older and wiser now. We’ve understood certain situations that were frustrating and limiting. We have an opportunity to level up and utilize our own authority with the information we have at our disposal to make the necessary practical even radical changes that are needed at this time to move through and break old patterns of behavior and walk the path we so choose. It will not be without frustration, it will not be without limits or arguments, it will not be without conflict. If we dig our heels in too much we can miss out on the potential for exponential growth through the struggle to actualize the reality we want to create. We will also need to carry something from our past forward with us at this time.

August 9th - Venus opposes Pluto 26°

Venus opposing Pluto can be power struggles with money and relationships. We could be craving security on both fronts but are confronted with gross overreach and downright intense opposition to what it is we crave on an internal level. The Trine to Neptune is still active at this time but with everything else in the sky at the moment we are going to be vary much on edge and deeply craving security on all levels.

August 10th - Sun Square North Node and Uranus 18°

The Sun Squaring both Uranus and the North Node at the same time while starting to get close to the exact opposition to Saturn will be intense and overwhelming for many people. There are a few areas of our lives that need addressing, what we once thought was stable and “routine” has become so disrupted and chaotic that we NEED to make changes, we need to free ourselves and we need to do it in a way that will not hinder us again. That being said, responding to stimuli and not reacting is key! The Sun is Strong in Leo, Uranus in Taurus not so much, it’s just a very disruptive force that is causing us anxiety at this point. Where do we shine? What part of our life does Leo and the Sun represent? While this square may be disruptive and wild and frustrating and uninhibited chaos we can pull from a power source to help have the strength we need to get through it. Where is our natural ability to lead, either ourselves or others through the chaos and disruption? Each of us will be affected, none of us will escape it, but we can choose how we respond to external stimuli.

August 11th - Venus into Leo

Dramatic shift for Venus from the caring, nurturing, safety net of Cancer into the shining, spirited, dramatic and dynamic Leo. Leo Sun, Moon or Risings will feel this in positive ways for about five minutes! BUT as Venus transits here the square to NN/Uranus and the opposition to Saturn will be felt. Venus is not in triplicity, but Venus in Leo is VERY magnetic. Be aware of what your desires are with Venus here, in alchemy she is the planet of Magic and as such in Leo, we can attract powerful allies that will help us achieve success in the world at large. Those that have Venus in Leo, as a love language will compliment you, feed you, do things that will endear you to them not for selfish reasons but because they want YOU to feel good, to feel powerful and handsome/pretty, you will know when a Venus in Leo likes you, you become the center of their desire and you will feel like you are just as shiny and powerful as the Sun to their solar system.

August 11th - Aquarius Full Moon 19°

Massive upheaval, change, disruption, discord, intense emotional limitations, frustrations, melancholy. This Full Moon is with Saturn and squaring the still VERY active NN/Uranus conjunction, Mars is still a part of this but is moving on. This is a showdown between what we had versus what we want! Our desire to create something that is tangible and dynamic is at hand. The Moon and Saturn together brings a sobering reality check, Uranus and the NN together brings fated karmic circumstances, really everything we have been experiencing has been under the fated karmic umbrella with Saturn squaring the Nodes for months now. Mars is moving on from the conjunction and forming a nice line to Pluto in Capricorn and the Sextile to Neptune in Pisces. We can take action in very tangible ways with this configuration at the time of the Full Moon but we are also working with energy that is VERY volatile. We HAVE to change. We HAVE to take action. There is no skirting around it, there is no, maybe later, there is no bandaid. Fixed signs are not known for their ease in changing things. This is hitting all of us in our charts one way or the other, some will feel it a bit more positively than others. Welcome to the second Lunation that is squaring the Eclipses from this spring and this coming fall. The intensity will be ratcheting up from here on out.

August 14th - Sun opposes Saturn 21°

This opposition is a little more tricky because we still have the square to the Planets in Taurus. This is not a usual opposition of Saturn and the Sun. Though Saturn will be the bigger influence in comparison to the Sun as it is an outer planet. We may need to balance what we want to do for fun and play with what it is we are obligated to do. What’s best for the group versus what’s best for the individual. All while still dealing with the tension and chaotic changes in the Taurus parts of our charts.

August 14th - Mars trine Pluto 26°

Tangible action through deep focus and fortitude of will. We’ve been through the Ringer with Mars in Taurus and taking huge steps towards what we want and desire in this area. Now with Mars in trine with Pluto we can have tangible action that has been needed, perhaps we need to cut something out of our lives for good we can do so at this time. Totally and completely.

August 16th - Mercury trine Uranus 18°

Mercury in Virgo trine Uranus Taurus, nice energy of exciting conversations that can have a very grounded tangible reverberation over time. Mercury in Trine with Uranus as a general energy is one of pleasantly exciting conversations that are outside the norm. Shocking news but exciting in a good way none the less.

August 18th - Venus trine Jupiter 8°

Sensual Venus in the sign of Leo trine the Benefactor Jupiter in Aries! This is great energy to seize hold of for monetary or romantic pursuits if that is applicable to you. Otherwise this is a great feel good easy flow of energy. Seize hold of it or just enjoy the feel goods for a little bit, though this energy is more active than passive as it is in Fire signs. A Pleasant respite from the current goings on.

August 19th - 3rd Quarter Square 26°

Again this last quarter Square is activating heavily the energy in Leo, Aquarius and Taurus at this time. More so the Mars at the end degrees of Taurus, finishing up and tying up loose ends and letting them go. The last parts of this lunation cycle meet up with things that need to be cut out of our lives in one way or another. The pressure and massive shifts we have been experiencing are not quite done with. They will still continue to change and move over time. After all we are only halfway between eclipses and these heavy activations are just that, heavy. This final quarter square is activating the Blood Moon Eclipse from May. Manifestations of what we need to let go will be glaringly obvious and unavoidable. Action needs to be taken and things that no longer serve us that are unstable and ungrounded in our future need to be cut away. We have an opportunity to move mountains and support what we want to create but to do that the dead weight needs to be cut away.

August 20th - Mars enters Gemini

Mars enters Gemini for an extended stay due to this little Martians Retrograde cycle! Prepare accordingly. Mars in Gemini can see lots of arguments or angry words exchanged. This can also see people taking up arms and accidents too due to the association with Gemini and the hands and extremities. Cuts, bruises, punctures etc. Mars here can also give passion to our words and we can speak and think quicker and with more vigor than usual. Mars will go retrograde in Square with Neptune so the normally quick square will linger far longer than it needs to, beware deception, beware arguments and disputes and bursts of extreme anger out of nowhere. Mars and Neptune in square can see people causing a ruckus without a rhyme or reason. Be aware and beware.

August 21st - Mercury opposes Neptune 24°

Confusion, mental fog, unclear conversations are marked by Mercury and Neptune opposing. The good thing about this one is that Pluto is also in trine with Mercury, giving us a bit of focus and depth perception to this otherwise confusing and nebulous energy. If we choose we can see through what is going on for better understanding of the why’s and how’s we found ourselves in the situations we have found ourselves.

August 22nd - Sun Enters Virgo

Happy Birthday Virgos! Happy Solar Return! A shift from the Dramatic to the Practical. Where things were over the top and intense we can now move to practical logical linear and orderly things in life. We can put to order the chaos and intensity of what has been happening and move on to making the grounded and very real changes we need and want to see in our lives. As the Sun’s transit here will trine the NN/Uranus/Pluto over the time of its transit here. Much nicer energy than the Leo season this year!

August 22nd - Mercury trine Pluto 26°

The exact trine of Mercury and Pluto, perceptivity of power and power dynamics as well as utilizing our depth of thought to make tangible the thoughts we have in our heads. Mercury is strong in Virgo as an Exalted/Rulership Sign. Pluto is restructuring Capricorn for a little while longer. With these two in trine as well we can manifest into reality by hyper focus and due diligence. The question is what is it you truly desire to manifest?

August 25th - Venus square NN 16°

Venus in Leo squaring the North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio. This is a brief yet powerful transit. With Venus as the Ruling Planet of Taurus this square to the Nodes can be a precursor to what is coming at the Solar Eclipse of Scorpio and the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. Venus will be heavily involved with that Eclipse on October 25th and November 8th, but right now, we are at a point in the story where Money, Relationships, Fears, Desires are all being reshuffled in such a way to make space and ready ourselves for what is to come. Prepare accordingly!

August 25th - Mercury into Libra

Mercury enters Libra and in a few days time will Station to go retrograde at 8° here in this Relational and lawful sign. Expect revisions to come with 1:1 relationships and contracts. Expect that we may need to revise certain things, friends, conversations interactions etc with others. Over the course of this retrograde Mercury will dip back into Virgo, its home sign. This means that while Mercury will be stronger, the physical and tangible revisions in our lives will be taking precedence, the question is what will the new daily life look like? Remember we will have a Cazimi in Virgo and this can bring clarity around what needs to be reordered in all of our lives.

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