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June Forecast: All 12 Signs - How much adapting can a person take?

This month's themes are challenges and delays, profound conversations, adaptation, and hard work.


 It's not going to be an easy month. Not that it's a surprise to anyone that's currently engagging in their life at the moment.


The New Moon in Gemini this month is highlighting the upcoming Jupiter/Saturn square in August. It's themes and difficulties will begin to make themselves known. The pileup of planets in Gemini mean we want to talk things through and keep busy with new ideas and possibly squirrel brain. The avenue forward is one that must be adaptable for a longer duration than necessary. It's about hard work and that theme won't change this year.


The Full Moon in Capricorn is a strange one. Within orb to square nebulous Neptune making it rife with confusion and disillusionment. Pay attention to the subtext at the end of the month, it's something we all will be dealing with in one way or another throughout the month of July to the 2nd Full Moon in Capricorn, where things will be resolved and finally let go.

Gemini Season
June Astrology: Gemini

June Forecast: All 12 Signs


June is a month about hard conversations, Aries. You've been thrust into the mundane and cannot truly rest and rejuvenate for a while now. With Jupiter, the Sun, Venus, and Mercury all transiting Gemini, squaring Saturn in Pisces, you could experience insomnia and sobering, long-term, grounded, or difficult conversations this month. 


What friends can help you relieve some of the pressure at this time? With the New Moon on the 6th of the month, a vehicle, a neighbor, or a neighborhood may be going by the wayside; perhaps how you're communication isn't taken the way you want it to, and hurt feelings could result, causing more alienation. Or there could be a goodbye on the horizon, with a neighbor, childhood friend, sibling, or relative, from moving or moving on if that applies to you.


Mars entering Taurus means your focus shifts from you, your body, and yourself to your finances, possessions, and what you need for security. The Full Moon towards the end of the month highlights what needs to be let go or finalized in career matters, which may be revisited and evaluated again in July. Things could be murky around the time of this full moon, especially with career and endings.


 June will see money matters face complex realities. Where you want to be social and connect with others, you must be serious and ensure your wallet is padded before that happens. Friends could feel like a lot of work right now.


Sudden career moves could have a ripple effect on your finances. The New Moon on June 6th could suggest that you must get serious about what you need to feel safe and secure in your finances, material wealth, and the friction to achieve your overarching goals and aspirations. The sobering truth of mixing friends and money could also cause some issues this Month.


Venus entering Cancer can see your focus shifting from securities and money matters to communication and self-care. The Full Moon at the end of the Month could see a finalization around travel plans, education, or overall big-picture energy in your life, only to be revisited in July. Things could be murky around this full moon, and the people you have aligned yourself with may not be who they initially presented themselves as.


June sees you as busy as a bee and may need to see your desired results. Sometimes, climbing the corporate ladder isn't all it's cracked up to be. With limitations set forth by a boss or a turn of karmic responsibility, the career sector is a struggle bus.


Sudden revelations or understanding about your place in the universe could also happen this Month. June 6th's New Moon could see you letting go of a career path that is no longer available to you or doubling down and putting in the extra work necessary to continue to achieve in this area of life. There could also be changes to your status, either marriage, divorce, or an announcement to those around you. It may be a sobering revelation, but the truth is now necessary.


Mercury entering Cancer mid-month sees your focus shifting to material gain and financial stability. The Full Moon towards the end of the Month could see a power struggle between your finances and a partner. Money matters; in this, there could be opposing viewpoints or a confusing set of circumstances that make you uncomfortable. This will be revisited in July.  


June, for you, is not quiet but not overly loud either. Lots are going on behind the scenes, colored by the long arm of disillusionment and practical sobering of your place in the world and where you tend to escape into the fantastical. So many things are up in the air at the moment, but at the same time, there's a sense of duty riddled with anxiety and your place in the world.


Quiet epiphanies and more profound transformations could happen for you this Month. Around the New Moon on June 6th, there could be a new idea percolating, something you're not ready to share that solidifies your place in the universe and the grounded knowledge you've gained. Facing hard truths this Month will go a long way in making and holding to practical expectations.


The Full moon in Capricorn can herald a new contract/partnership, but it could be steeped in confusion or illusion about what is right, proper, or just in your life now. This will be revisited in July and will be resolved then.  


June is interesting for you, Leo. Finances could be better at the moment, mainly contractually based finances. There can be an expansion of your social networks and the groups or people you align yourself with, but there needs to be clear and concise honesty about what is no longer valid for you concerning other people. Don't mix money and friendships this Month unless necessary. Loans are also not the best idea; they may take longer to pay back than necessary.


Expanding friendships and social networks are at the fore this Month. Around June 6th's New Moon, there could be a hard reality or kick in the pants regarding the money coming in for your partner, business, or spousal. There could be issues with taxes at this time as well. At this time, karmic social contracts could come up for evaluation, release, and unraveling.


The Sun moving into Cancer shifts your focus from groups, people, and goals to quiet contemplation. Pulling away from the world at the end of the Month may not be wrong, especially with the Full Moon highlighting the end of a job, routine, or health matter that may be brought to light. It will be confusing and disillusioning, and the story will continue until the end of July.


 June could feel like walking a minefield. Tread lightly. Relationship/Contractual matters could become more work than necessary; contractual obligations could take the wind from your sails. There could be a change to your status/career choices. Someone could be dragging you down when so much is happening for you.


Sudden epiphanies about the direction you want to go with your day-to-day life and how you want to be seen in the public eye can go a long way in helping mitigate the drain from relationships. The New Moon on June 6th could see a need to let go of a partnership that has served its karmic debt.


Mercury moving into Cancer towards the end of the Month sees your focus shifting from career and reputation to friends and networks. The Full Moon around this time will also highlight romantic affairs or children. There could be some confusion or disillusionment with partners at this time. This will be an ongoing saga until the end of July.


 June starts with major re-evaluations about who you are, what you do every day, and where you fit into the larger picture of your reality. If you've conflicted with someone, it does come to a head at this time. There could be powerful transformations through or around children to jumpstart the Month.


The June 6th New Moon sees travel matters, court cases, and world views clash with the harsher realities of everyday life. Something needs to be let go for something new to be seeded. It can be a burden to bear the weight, but it could be the fresh start required for the long term.


Venus moving into Cancer mid-month sees your focus shift from dogmatic beliefs to your career and public reputation. The Full Moon towards the end of the Month highlights and confuses the home sphere. This issue will continue through July.


June starts with an intense focus on money through partners or clients. Knowing your karmic and tangible debts can help alleviate some of the psychological burden. Routines and health matters are still ongoing and subject to change, but that will shift early in the Month to relational issues.


June 6th New Moon could see the struggle bus increase and hard work needing to be done on a project or hobby. Something needs to be let go for the financial stability your partner needs. Unfortunately, you can't always have fun; reality sometimes has a nasty bite. On the positive side, something that has been a pipedream/fantasy can now see fruition if you play your cards right. It will take time, but the payoff could be worth it. Be aware of power struggles with children/money around this time.


The Full Moon towards the end of the Month could stir up confusing conversations about said project, hobby, or even child(ren). This will be ongoing through July. The resolution could be more favorable than the upstart.  


June is about relationships, relationships, relationships. This Month, you could see yourself being defined by the company you keep. Communicate concisely and directly with those you are interested in at the start of the Month.


June 6th's New Moon could see the home, people you live with, parents, and property dragging down the focus. This could also see the end of a partnership or friendship for something new that is long-lasting and better for you coming in.


The Full Moon towards the end of the Month highlights your life's material wealth and power structures. This could be more confusing than it needs to be, and this will continue throughout July.


June sees you busy as a bee! With so many things going on in your day-to-day life, it could feel overwhelming, but partly positively and frustratingly. Powerful transformations in money matters occupy your attention at the start of the Month. There could be some hard conversations as the Month progresses.


June 6th's New Moon could see the end of a job, project, health routine, or issue to seed the intentions of a new job, project, or health-related beginnings.


The Full Moon towards the end of the Month is highlighting you. An issue could pit you at odds with your partners, work or personal. It won't be noticeable. It would be best if you communicated your needs clearly and wants, or communication with partnerships should be at a different level. And with Saturn stationing to go retrograde on June 29th, you could revisit this for some time.


June is a month of financial focus, love affairs, passion projects, and children. With that comes some tension and power struggles—we can't forget the power struggles. You must be clear on what you want and desire regarding passion, play, romance, and children. It could go a long way to help alleviate some of the financial tensions that are conflicting with wants, needs, and desires.


The New Moon on June 6th could see a new beginning with fun, play, and children, but lacking resources may temper it. There are better courses of action than working hard for the money to spend frivolously.


Saturn is going retrograde towards the end of the Month, and we see a longer-term re-evaluation of how you make money, what resources you need to feel secure and safe, and how much money you truly want to have. The Full Moon is highlighting sabotaging behaviors that could be related to either a lack of or a leak in personal finances. It could also show up as a health issue that drains the finances due to doctor expenditures.


June is a month focused on home, family, property, place of living, and the people you live with. Things can be challenging with Saturn moving through your sign. Be clear about what you want and how you want it, and communicate that with those you live with, which could help alleviate some of your burdens and limitations. Something is stirring in your unconscious currently. Your intuition could be heightened, so pay attention to the vibes and hone in on what's disrupting the force.


June 6th's New Moon could see you saying no to a new project or plan to do with the home. Or, on a more sobering note, letting go of a place of living, at least the beginning process of it, to move into a more suitable situation. This Month, more companies could also be seen on the home front.


Towards the end of the Month, the Full Moon in Capricorn highlights your friends and the people you associate with by choice. There's something you're not quite seeing yet, and it can take through July to understand who you want in your life and who you need regarding friendships and people you surround yourself with.

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