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June comes in like a Lion! But it may not go out like a Lamb!

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

There’s not a ton of aspects this month, Things are kind of “quiet”, in the sense that we are now officially out of Eclipse season, however, we are entering the outer planets retrograde season!! One by one they start their retrograde cycles. Pluto was the first last month. Now Saturn and Neptune follow suit this Month.

Mercury stationing direct at the onset of the month says that while we may be in a holding pattern for a bit, that holding pattern leads to something greater we need to evaluate from a more authoritarian place as Saturn Stations Retrograde just a day later. Also Neptune goes retrograde at the very end of the month. This whole Month is mixed with confusion and anxiety.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius while trine and sextile Saturn will be squaring Neptune almost exactly. There can be a sense of leveling up or bossing up while being very foggy about how we feel about it and what it truly entails or even means in the long game or scheme of things.

Venus traverses her home sign in just a few weeks whipping past Uranus and the North Node but squares Saturn on her way out! Luckily the last thing she does on her way out is a nice trine to Pluto over in Capricorn, a much different energy than the Square we saw last month.

Under the Lunation Cycle that started in May, the Gemini New Moon at 9° we move through that quick witted and witty energy at an interesting pace. This whole month being under the New Moon influence of the slowing down of Mercury and Saturn in square can see turnabouts, heaviness, delays and limitations. As months go it won’t end how it starts out, but we have a whole different set of things to deal with as the month comes to a close.

June 3rd

As Mercury stations direct in sextile to the Moon in Cancer, Square Saturn in Aquarius, Sextile Neptune in Pisces and Trine Pluto in Capricorn, this station will be intense but supported! Mercury is all about our communication, our mind and how we think, the communication devices and ways we communicate with others. The hardest aspect being made is the Square to Saturn stationing to go retrograde, Saturn is literally sitting still from our vantage point here on Earth. The heaviness, the burdens, the limitations, the delays, the authoritarian looking down on what it is we have to say, but maybe just maybe we need to change our thinking and adapt ,which is difficult in Taurus as it is such a fixed energy. The Moon is supporting our decision making, so is Neptune, though Neptune is sitting heavier in the sky preparing for retrograde at the end of the month. We can find our intuition is picking up, what we are sensing and what we are sensitive to will also pick up, be aware of heightened emotions, sensitivities both by toxins and energy. Both the Moon and Neptune are support pillars for Mercury stationing, so is Pluto already retrograde in Capricorn, making things a little more perceptive and psychic, so this Square to Saturn is REALLY highlighted in a big way! Add in that Mercury is stationing ON an Eclipse Point and very close to the Lunar nodes of destiny, whatever is happening now has a fated ness to it that is inescapable. Fixed mindsets can see fractured outcomes. What doesn’t bend will break.

June 4th

Saturn Stations Retrograde Square Mercury and the Nodes! OY, as Big Baddy itself decides to rehash the area of 25° all the way back to 18°, we’ve been feeling the burden, the heaviness, the limitations wherever this is happening in our charts. Top Down hierarchal Saturn, in group dynamics and settings, wherever this is happening expect it to be a process of uncovering a new depth of where we need to take ownership and boss up or take responsibility where we have shirked it. It will take Saturn a bit to get moving again, to rehash and redo where even we need to take responsibility where we didn’t think we needed to. But here we are. With Mercury direct and moving on from the close to exact square, it’s time to re-evaluate where we’ve been a bit too harsh, either on ourselves or on others. Depending in where this is in your chart will tell you what’s really going on. With Saturn squaring the nodes at this time its so karmic and intense in the fear, the burden, the limiting beliefs about self or others, that’s truly what is holding us back. Maybe we need to re-evaluate our own security in the overly structured life we could be living or even the lack thereof. Time to pull the boot-straps a bit tighter and double knot them folks. Big re-evaluations are loading.

June 7th

As cycles go this is the part where action steps are taken on the idea that was seeded at the New Moon. This cycle of the Gemini New Moon sees the Sun in tricky, fun loving Gemini and Moon in practical and orderly Virgo square at 16°. It’s not the only square being made, the Sun is moving into orb of squaring Neptune but also an orb of Trine Saturn. The energy is building towards the Full Moon in Sagittarius in a week. Here we need to take action, and it can be very grounded if we utilize the easier flow of the Taurus Placements of Venus, Uranus the North Node and Mercury for support as well as Pluto all by its lonesome in Capricorn. With the Moon in another Mercurial Sign we find ourselves evaluating in a yet more practical way what came up for us at the New Moon in Gemini. When the Moon was invisible and we were at a low point in energy. Now the growing Moon gives us emotional energy to pick up and do something. In the grounded and practical energy of Virgo we can gain insight into where we need to help ourselves before we help others. Where we can put to order and make practical what we thought fanciful or just a ludicrous idea that we can now begin to take the necessary steps to make it tangible and real! The support in matters of radical financial decisions or commerce with a bigger entity or financial institution can be done. If that’s what you’re looking for. This Gemini Lunation at the start saw Mercury Retrograde in a fate zone of Taurus, Mercury is still there at this time! Barely moving ahead, but starting too. We have support if we need it. The question is, what will it lead to?

June 10th

Mercury trine Pluto Retrograde, this is the 3rd and final pass of Mercury and Pluto in trine. Though the trine never really was gone, it was there the whole time Mercury re-entered Taurus and stationed to go direct. The exact and final pass can see clarity on a subject, on a conversation on a thought that we started weeks ago. Now’s the time to get clear on what it is we want to focus on, to see beneath or into the heart of. What real and tangible things we can see, speak to, think over, write out, move ahead with and utilize in a very practical, grounded and tangible way.

June 11th

Venus conjunct Uranus 16°, as wild and crazy as Uranus is, Venus is supporting those upheavals at this time. Wild swings in Money and the Monetary world, strange new gizmos or gadgets that pop out of nowhere ready to terraform the planet into a playground of the weird and unusual. New land masses or wild shakeups or quake-ups, out of the ordinary technology or strange new worlds discovered. With Venus running thorough Taurus strengthening everything she touches expect the unexpected with this transit. Expect our world to go a little sideways or topsy turvy in some way shape or form, be it relationships, land deals, money deals, interpersonal or extra personal, we’re headed for some strange happenings and encounters. Prepare accordingly, only it probably won’t be what you expected it to be. ;)

June 13th

Mercury into Gemini and one step closer to being OUT of shadow! Now that Mercury is re-entering Gemini expect things to pick up speed again; expect things to become easier and more conversational and a little less stuck or bullheaded as they say. Expect now to be able to freely speak without strange sideways conversations, expect that we can now banter and barter again, we can play and wordsmith our way out of clunky ole’ Mercury in Taurus and into the more fun loving and double speak that is Gemini. Expect conversations to take a lighter turn and as such playful banter to come back into fashion. We are free to change our minds or decide what, when, who or where we speak it. Mercury isn’t done with its shadow period yet folks So know things can still be a little wonky. We are going out the other side of this Retrograde a bit wiser and a lot more set in what it is we want to make tangible, if we haven’t already we will get a another chance either by the next Mercury Retrograde or the next time Mercury goes Retrograde here in Taurus next year. Fully grounded and entrenched in the stubborn and set in its ways Taurus.

June 14th

Full Moon in Sagittarius 23° sextile Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius and square Neptune in Pisces. While the Moon is sextile to Saturn and the Sun in a nice trine we have that pesky confusing and convoluted square to Neptune mucking up, what would otherwise be a nice completion point. We maybe thought we were done, we thought too that the direction we were going was the right one. Now we’re not so sure of what’s actually the right direction to go. Maybe we need to utilize a wizened sage to get to the bottom of what it is we are actually feeling. Perhaps as Neptune is stationing and sitting heavy in the sky we become so sensitive on all levels we come about with a reaction to the most bizarre things. Perhaps the actions we have taken up to now, that we thought were in alignment, maybe we realize our discernment and logic was flawed this whole time. The glasses are coming off with Neptune Stationing we are seeing things as they are rather than what we want them to be, and maybe, just maybe we don’t like what’s staring back at us. One thing is for sure, if we want it, help is there, we may not like it because of what we see coming down the road, but it’s there non-the-less. This Full Moon is also at a point called Perigee, this point is the closest to the Earth the Moon gets, as such it will be BIG and bright in the sky. A Super Moon, fraught with the energies stated above, as things go, in my research this point of Perigee and the other opposing point of Apogee are Malefic in nature. This one has the energy of Mars, whatever completions are happening will happen rather quickly, abruptly and whatever it is we want to divest out of our lives at this time will happen very quickly, if not in a very confusing and convoluted way. But we will use authority and longstanding wisdom to do so.

June 16th

Venus conjunct the North Node at 22°, strengthening our resolve and what it is we are moving into over these last several months. Propelling us forward with momentum and strengthening our resolve to not only connect but relish and savor the direction we’re going. If nothing else is true about Venus or Taurus energy, relishing the good things and taking stock of what is pleasant and feels right is one of the most positive traits of self-care that can happen. We can connect with and utilize resources for a deeper and more solid foundation than the one we currently have, it may not look like what everyone else is doing, it may seem strange or unusual to most other people, but it’s what we want, it’ll take hard work, dedication and fortitude for sure. This is where we want to go, where we are being led and connected to go and with whomever shall show up on that path was put there for a reason.

Sun in Gemini trine Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius and the Sun Square Neptune in Pisces, this has been building for a bit now. Sign based aspects would have been felt as soon as the Sun entered Gemini and around that New Moon at the end of May. But now the exact degrees are here. Amplified and grounded in one way and draining and confusing in another. The Sun trine Saturn on its own is a good flow of energy around having a conversation with a boss or authority figure or even a father figure in your life, having the square to Neptune can create an energy leak and tiredness that just won’t go away. It’s as if the hot air balloon sprung a leak and we can’t quite figure out how or why we’re losing orbit. This is a mixed bag of energy for sure. We can have very nice conversations while feeling the pull of something else. Something lurking just beyond that pulls at us with unseen tentacles. Leaving marks in its wake, but not understanding what’s causing it. Whatever we seeded at the New Moon in Gemini, we didn’t understand what it really meant until just now, still reeling from the weirdness the Full Moon caused, whatever came to light in the Sagittarius part of our chart we understand that it’s time to let something go, we’re beginning to wind down and the evaluation of what has come to fruition is at hand. What do we keep and what do we let go? We have the ability to make grounded concerted efforts, but something is tugging at our intuition to pay attention to something else, but is that something else real or something from our imagination?

June 18th

Venus in Taurus Square Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius, both of these Planets are in home signs. Both are strong and stubborn. In square this is a grinding and grating, like nails on a chalkboard or a dissonance of a fork across the plate. We may feel good about what we’re doing or where we’re going but Saturn has something to say about it. An authority figure may not like what’s going on or we’ve turned up in such a way to make physical tangible changes in our environment that will last long into the future. Whatever connections we have been working on, whatever direction we’ve been going, we can see interference that may take longer to overcome than what we are willing to wait for. If not, the rewards on the other side of this could be worth the temporary setback, as long as we are willing to let go of the fear that has caused us to stall out. We have support from Neptune coming exact tomorrow. As such you can bet your bottom dollar the Sun will come out tomorrow, after all, it’s only a day way.

June 19th

Venus in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces, such a beautiful energy. A feel good supportive energy, far different than the energy of the squares we have had going on. This can be a very real and very tangible manifestation of a dream, an idea, a wish we had upon a star, once upon a time. But, we need to use it. We need to grasp it in both hands and make sure we don’t miss the opportunity to make something that we once thought was a dream a very real and tangible thing. Utilizing our intuition, our know how, our 6 senses to our benefit, we can see what’s right in front of us, just waiting to be ours if we just reach for it and seize the day.

June 20th

Mercury in Gemini sextile Jupiter in Aries, we can utilize our intellect and action at the same time to get something done in a big way! Again, this is an opportunity to do something, but we have to want to take hold and get it done, either in partnership or in speaking or learning about how to do it!

3rd Quarter Square Pisces 29°, this is the bigger energy of the day, activating both Jupiter and Mercury in sextile as Mercury rules Gemini and Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces. There is a sense with this final quarter square that something is afoot, something is unraveling or re-raveling. This is the second Lunation in a row that has seen the final square in these two signs. Only this one, this is leftover, this is tying up loose ends from both Lunation energy of Taurus and Gemini before we can get to that new beginning, something maybe even from our past that comes back in a way that shakes us up and shows us where we need to adapt and change and what right next steps to take in order to do so. This could be a wrap up of the energy of what it is we seeded this last New Moon here in Gemini or the wrap up of old stale energy we needed to let go of to move forward into uncharted territory. Either way, this may be the time we decide to finally let go and to surrender to the process that is unfolding.

June 21st

Sun into Cancer! Happy Solstice! Happy Cancer Season, Happy Birthday Cancers! Welcome to the Cardinal Sign of Water! The Energy of nurturing and caring, compassion, co-dependency and smothering! Figured I’d get it all out there! All signs have the light and the dark. Right out of the gate we continue the story of letting go with the Moon still in square with the Sun, but in Aries! Luckily Mars is in Aries, offering a helping hand and bolstering the Moon’s fiery nature here! With the Sun highlighting what we need and want on an emotional level, the Moon itself is taking action on letting go of what no longer serves us and going towards what is really and truly wants! The Connection to Jupiter is astounding! The Sun now squaring Jupiter with the Moon in tight tow can see bigger than life emotions taking front and center stage, this can also see action being taken in a big way through upfront and intense litigation stemming from recent events. Either way, emotions will be intense and hot! Fueled by the expansive quality of Jupiter and we have a powerful powder keg ready to ignite. All that being said over the course of the Sun’s transit here we see the Square to Jupiter, as a focal point for the Solar month ahead!

Venus in Taurus trine Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn, is a great energy to utilize connections with people in positions of authority to cash in on a deal or broker something that has the potential for long lasting results either monetarily or something that is real and physical with money, business, pleasure, relationships, even agriculture.

June 22nd

Venus into Gemini, FUN! Venus in Gemini is far different than Venus in Taurus! Venus in Gemini is fun and flirty and multi talented and likes to engage in conversation so much more! The Love language of Venus here in Gemini are words of affirmation! Reassurance, verbal validation, word games and all mentally stimulating! Venus in Gemini are people that are attracted to intelligence and word games. Venus here can see people being nicer in their communications, a little sweet talking goes a long way with Venus in Gemini. The word smith of the Zodiac placements, this can also be related to financial matters or commerce of a telecommunication nature. This could increase transactions through electronic means.

June 27th

Mars in Aries sextile Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius, this is nicer than the conjunction, though we learned at the conjunction what next right step we needed to take, this opening sextile is a good start to taking it. We now have the ability to take action if we so choose, but is the timing right? Are we ready to seize the day or are we needing to re-evaluate the Saturn occupied area of our chart before we jump in. A wise man knows the difference between rushed action and calculated risk.

June 28th

Neptune Stations Retrograde in Pisces, this has been a thing all month long. With Neptune stationing we have had a sense of anxiousness and sensitivity overload in this area of our charts that is Pisces. Now that Neptune is stationed Retrograde and from our vantage point moving backwards in the sky the hyper sensitive and intuitive elements of Neptune are internalized and we are able to have inner vision and awareness of “other” and what lay beyond our 5 regular senses in a much easier way. Combine that with a Dark Moon about to be renewed with the Sun in Cancer in less than 24 hours and the still places within will be highly active with information ready for processing.

New Moon in Cancer 7° square Jupiter in Aries! Exponential growth potential with a just a hair TOO much! Jupiter in Square with this New Moon can bring an excess to the table like no other! Jupiter is the planet of expansion and growth, in square it can bring an excessive amount of new beginnings, perhaps to the point of indecision and an inability to decide on which one to go for, you could go for all of them, the potential is there, but on July 28th Jupiter will station retrograde just 1° away from this point. Jupiter is deep in its shadow period at the time of this New Moon. This square to Jupiter is also the only Major Aspect being made by this conjunction of the Sun/Moon combo. That being said this over expansion and over zealousness could take on a life of its own and be just a tad too much gusto to handle over the course of this lunation cycle! The last aspect the Moon makes before leaving Cancer and moving on into Leo is an opposition to Pluto, at this time the Moon may very well be a tiny sliver in the sky, what’s coming to light from our deep psyche is not something we can ignore at this time. Add into the mix that this Lunation Cycle begins at Apogee, a malefic point for the Moon and our wayward emotions and we can see the beginnings of something very dark and disturbing starting to come to light. The Apogee in my research has been in more alignment with the Energy of Saturn, Malefic yes, but also a point that brings about situations that can take a long time to overcome. As New Moon’s go this cycle will last long past just this one Lunation and into the winter months and possibly longer into next summer as well.

Venus in Gemini sextile Jupiter in Aries, this is a mixed bag of fun and playfulness with the crazy energy of over seeding what it is we want to manifest over the coming months. This is not separate from the New Moon in Cancer, but part of it. Sextile’s are supportive aspects and as such we can reach out to garner relationships with others to lessen the craziness that is beginning to take root. Jupiter being supported by Venus can see conversations of spurred action at this time. They could be private conversations that come out at a later date, perhaps an alignment with someone in a positive way to conjure good feelings and a pizzaz for emboldened action. A benevolent teacher or friend that has some great advice on how to connect with like minded individuals or small groups of people to help us as we move through this new cycle beginning.

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