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January 30th - February 5th

January 30th

Sun Square Uranus

Coming into the exact Square, we can have shocking events transpire. The Sun is in Aquarius and does not necessarily function optimally here. Aquarius is the sign of the people. The Sun the representation of the Soul but also those in power or leadership roles. The combination of the Sun and Saturn in Aquarius can represent those in charge of large populations of people. The Sun and Uranus squaring off can be clashes of man and nature. If we remember what happened in Texas and Italy just after this pass in February of 2021 we can possibly expect the same.

February 1st

New Moon in Aquarius

The New Moon in Aquarius will be an Interesting one, to put it mildly. The only major aspects the New Moon makes to the planets are a Conjunction with Saturn and a Square to Uranus. This new beginning we are embarking on in the Aquarius part of our charts will be shocking, long lasting and possibly not what we were expecting at all. While Saturn is putting a damper on the Sun and Moon coming together, hard facts and inalienable truths, the almost exact square to Uranus is adding some very intense spontaneity and out of the box surprises to the mix. The other planets are all forming nice trines and sextiles, just not to the New Moon. Wherever the Aquarius and Taurus parts of our charts are, we will see intense and dramatic change. Conscious and willful change can be a theme with the New Moon with Saturn squaring Uranus. Uranus does have nice trines from both Venus and Mars in Capricorn. We can gain structured support from others or rely on our own ability to compartmentalize and move through the crisis for lasting change. The Mercury/Pluto conjunction still in effect even with Mercury sitting still in the sky as it is about to go direct on the 3rd. We can be overburdened with trying to figure out the core of what the heck is going on but we may be able to intuitively understand that it will all be ok in the end with the Sextile they are forming to Neptune in Pisces. Jupiter the Great Benefic sitting sextile to both Venus/Mars and Uranus is a wonderful support from a teacher, benefactor or even a wish fulfilled in a spontaneous, yet grounded way! This New Moon will be intense and even a bit jarring, but we've been here before, we have been dealing with this energy for the last year and now we are ready to move on. Perhaps the tide is now turning the other way, it just may not happen in the timeframe we want, or it will happen all at once.

February 3rd

Mercury Stations Direct

Mercury is stationing in a very tight conjunction with Pluto, not exact, but close enough. Think back to what was going on for you the end of December. What themes are being revisited and rechecked. What things need to be redone and explored to their depth in terms of the Capricorn area of our charts as Mercury has this extended stay with Pluto in this last Decan or more Virgoan Decan of Capricorn? How can we be of service in a practical and profound way? How can we look beneath the surface of these structures in our lives to put order to the profundity of Chaos being caused in other areas of our lives? With Mercury's extended stay here with Pluto the revision may not look quite like we thought it would.

February 4th

Mars sextile Jupiter

Opportunities for action, gifts of insight into what we can do collectively to rally the troops behind a dream, a goal, a sense of honor or duty. While Mars transits Capricorn it is stronger than it is in other signs. Mars enjoys the structure and utilitarianism of this Saturn Ruled Sign. Jupiter is in a traditional Rulership. Which means it can be experienced as more of the same energy, vast and expansive Pisces, seemingly bottomless depths of dreaminess and mystical energy. Perhaps with the trine to Uranus this will be felt as out of the box beneficial, dynamic action that comes easily if we only grasp the moment or carpe diem to accomplish something that may seem wild and different to others but we can see the line, we can see the outcome and how things will fall into place if we just take the methodical approach and don't give up.

Sun Conjunct Saturn

No one made anything of themselves without first struggling to grow. The Sun and Saturn coming together here in Aquarius can put a damper on what brings us joy, maybe even temper a hedonistic nature, the good of the many outweigh the good of the few. The Limitation and burdens we have been carrying all year come to be evaluated under the direct rays of the Sun. Where we have been limiting ourselves perhaps through a sense of duty or obligation? It's time to become very clear on our own limitations in this area of our charts that is Aquarius. Perhaps where we needed to slow down is now a place we need to move things along or move things out. This conjunction highlights where we feel pressured or burdened, what is sucking the joy out of this area of our lives. We all will have this in our charts, the question is what house does it fall in? There could be illumination of the culprit behind the limitations, sabotage, delays, slow downs etc, but also be prepared to look in the mirror to see where we perhaps have been limiting ourselves this whole time.

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