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January 23rd-29th

January 23 -

Sun/Mercury Cazimi Rx

This is what’s called the inferior conjunct of Mercury to the Sun. Mercury being retrograde is the reason. It is not a usual retrograde either. In a few days Mercury will re-enter Capricorn. But for now, this aha moment that we may revise later on is where we stand. Mercury and the Sun coming together can give great clarity, with the square to Uranus we can be on edge or have very shocking conversations or mental downloads that are too much, too fast, too soon!

January 24 -

Mars into Capricorn

With Mars entering Capricorn after an almost two year trip around the Zodiac; this is the first time Mars has been here since February of 2020. The Landscape has changed. Mars in Capricorn is exalted. Mars functions optimally here. The General energy. Plans of attack are mapped and catalogued. Mars will form a nice trine with Uranus, then catching up to Venus after her retrograde cycle will conjunct Pluto before moving on into Aquarius.

January 25 -

Mercury rx reenters Capricorn

Mercury moves out of the future oriented sign of Aquarius back into the practical, eye on the horizon, methodical Capricorn. Mercury functions very structurally.

January 28 -

Mercury rx conjunct Pluto

This is the second pass of Mercury conjunct Pluto. We may need to revisit some very deep or intense conversations that have to do with our long range goals and aspirations. The only aspect these two are making together is the wide sextile to Neptune. Asking us to look beyond the mundane for inspiration or answers in some creative way. The results could be profound insights into how to structure this area or these areas of our lives.

January 29 -

Venus Stations Direct

Venus now stationed direct! The collective Feminine can breath a sigh of relief. Venus is visible at this point being almost 30 degrees away from the Sun, she’s been visible for a little while now. She is now the Morning star and is looking to connect and will actively do so. Venus now as a Morning Star in Capricorn will be about pursuing long range goals and ambitions, actively pursuing them. Not waiting for the chance to come by. As she moves forward now through the end of her Shadow period Venus will be making radical out of the box changes and connecting deeply with like minded individuals.

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