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January 16th-22nd

January 16th

Sun Conjunct Pluto

The Sun is our life force, our energy, without it there would be no spark of joy, no fun, no play, no children. Pluto is the unconscious depths of our psyche, our deepest desires or darkest wounds. The Sun conjunct Pluto is a very psychological one. We can dive into what our soul truly needs without all the subterfuge of societal pressure. The Sun has been coming conjunct Pluto here in this pragmatic, practical and highly ordered and structured sign of Capricorn since 2009. The Final conjunction will happen January 2024 at the final Degree and Minute of this hierarchal sign. By then we will have gotten very clear about what old constructs and outdated ways of being need to go. What doesn't bring you joy, what doesn't move with the purpose of who you are at a soul level will be let go willingly or ripped out of our grasp. Pluto is a planet that is of deep unconscious thought. An undercurrent of psychic ability to inform our conscious mind of what it wants. Collectively or Individually. Beware the urges that drive you. If they remain unconscious will lead to ruin, but bringing them into the light and seeing them for what they are can be our liberation and highest transformation.

January 17th 2022

Cancer Full Moon

This full Moon is in a nice trine with Neptune, offering an escape from the mundane elements that have transpired thus far. The Uranus/Saturn square is still being activated by Mercury now retrograde. Making sure the radical changes we are that have or are unfolding are combed over and evaluated. Venus is offering support while still in retrograde motion to Uranus from Capricorn. We can gain footing on our radical plans, ideologies or monetary pursuits with practical, purposeful and diligent examination. Mars is still in square with Neptune, we are still confused and possibly feeling a bit martyred in our pursuit of what the truth really is on a matter that needs action. The Sun conjunct Pluto at the other end of this Full Moon is showing us the true depths of our energy reserves and to what lengths we are willing to go to create the safety and security we need in a more structured and nurturing way.

January 18th

Uranus Stations Direct

Uranus has been stationing for quite some time, as an outer planet it will take weeks to station and begin moving again. The disruptive qualities of Uranus are more so as it stations. This can come from within, from ourselves or from outside circumstances that require immediate action. Disruption, liberation and chaos are all words associated with Uranus. As Uranus stations direct on this day specifically there is a T-square with The Moon, Saturn and Mercury involved. We may well have our feelings upset with the Opposition of the Moon in Leo to Saturn and Mercury in Aquarius. The focal point will be on Uranus and radical change will be required. The changes we have forestalled for the entirety of 2021 become so overwhelming we may just break free with Venus’ help from Capricorn. Venus is close to stationing as well and is closer to the Earth at this time. At a 15° of Separation from the Sun, Venus may be visible to the naked eye just before Sunrise, if this is the case Venus is now the morning star and is more action oriented rather than the passive and more receptive Venus as the evening star.

Nodes Enter Taurus/Scorpio

The Nodes officially change signs the SAME day Uranus Stations! This is a very intense period of the month as the Nodes shifting into Taurus and Scorpio bring a sense of urgency and destiny to all things Taurus and Scorpio, and the current T-square directed at Uranus! The Sun is also in a nice trine with the Nodes at the end of Capricorn, offering more in the way of support and an easier flow of energy for fate or fortune to take root. Just after the Full Moon we emotionally and intuitively sense more change is coming. Over the next 18 months The North and South Node Eclipses will refine what we are leaving behind and where we are heading, in this brave new world we are living in.

January 19th

Sun into Aquarius

The Sun moves on to the fixed energy of Mid-Winter. This January is SO similar to last, Mercury was with Saturn in Aquarius at this time. As the Sun enters Aquarius it lends its energy to the square of Uranus and Saturn, just like January of 2021, the differences this time are that Jupiter has moved on, so have the Nodes and Mars is in Sagittarius instead of Taurus. It’s almost a repeat but with a few more wrenches in the gears! Venus is helping to smooth over just a tiny bit the jarring energies of Uranus, but there is only so much Venus can do. This Aquarius Season may just be a repeat of last year. It will be interesting, weird, and wild.

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