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How to Harness the Power of Ritual and the Moon for Manifesting

Do you often find yourself seeking guidance and energy to manifest your desires but falling short of seeing results? New moon rituals provide a potent opportunity for setting intentions and attracting energy into your life. This guide explores the art of new Moon manifesting and how you can leverage this powerful practice to align your intentions with the universe's energy.

Understanding New Moon Manifesting

The new moon phase symbolizes new beginnings and the release of old or outdated energies. By tapping into this lunar energy, you can amplify your manifestations and bring your goals to fruition. Manifesting during the new Moon involves clarity, focus, a deep connection to your aspirations, and an understanding of your personal Astrological makeup. 

  • Prepare Your Sacred Space: Create a calm and peaceful environment where you can focus on your intentions without distractions.

  • Set Your Intentions: Reflect on what you wish to manifest in the upcoming lunar cycle. Be specific, positive, and heartfelt in your intentions by harnessing the energy of your natal chart. (Understand what you are manifesting to know what cycle to begin the process) 

  • Visualize Your Goals: Close your eyes and picture yourself living your desired outcome. 

  • Create a Ritual: (Cleanse and consecrate all tools before creating the ritual.)Know the Moon element and the correspondence of HOW to manifest and what rituals are best to adhere to at this time.

  • Express Gratitude: Thank the universe, your guides, or any higher power you believe in for supporting you on your manifestation journey. (One step higher is Reverence for the process of manifestation unfolding before you)

  • Release Your Intentions: Trust that the universe will bring your desires into reality, and let go of doubts or fears. 

  • Take Daily Action Towards Your Goals: One step or three every day to make the intention manifest. (setting intentions and doing a ritual is NOT enough. The universe will provide, but you must DO something about it.)

Lunar Manifestation Rituals: Personal Insights

Most people need to remember that setting intentions is different from manifesting them. Ritual alone will not manifest anything. It will attune the energies you desire by drawing them in. But to do something with them, you have to take action. Baby steps, one at a time, will allow the pathways you've cleared to harmonize and become more accessible to move toward you. Synchronistic events will begin to unfold; it's your job to accept and interact with them or not. 

Be aware that "manifesting" and "magic" has a give and take. To gain something, one must also give up something. New moons are about letting go of what has not worked and beginning again towards your desires in a new way, which may seem like a simple barter. It is not. There is a price for everything. We each must count the cost of gaining what we desire. There will always be unintended consequences. 

Knowing What, How, and When to Manifest!

This June, the New Moon in Gemini may not be the best manifesting energy. As a New Moon goes, Gemini would be the perfect time to manifest with words, saying your intentions aloud and calling your desires to you with language. All Air moons are good for speaking your intentions into being. 

Word of caution if you still want to go ahead. Saturn is squaring this New Moon. Saturn is also in the superior position, and the last aspect the Moon will make is a square to Neptune. You could be spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere, even with aligning everything in one direction. 

If you still need, want, and desire to manifest during this New Moon, perhaps wait two days until the Moon has moved on into Cancer. As manifesting goes, the last aspect the Moon will make is a trine to Neptune in Pisces. Which, in and of itself, is a magical subtle energy that brings desires into being. During its sojourn here in Cancer, not only is the Moon stronger, but it is also trine Saturn. It will square the Nodes, so wait until you know that aspect is passed to begin. 

Types of Manifesting with the Moon Elements!

Knowing how to manifest can be made simple by using the correct energetic correlation to the element the Moon is in at the time. Below are some suggestions. 

Air Moons: As stated above, air moons work best when speaking aloud or writing your intentions down. Communicating your desires with a trusted friend who wants to see you succeed and mapping out what steps to take and how to bring in your desires is a great way to manifest with Air Moons. Writing your intentions down, re-reading them throughout the lunation cycle, and using them as a list of steps can also work well to stay organized with the spacey energies of air.

Fire Moons: Candles, Incencse, campfires, burning written intentions, and scattering the ashes to the wind. All great tools to manifest with Fire Moons. The only caveat with this energy is to be aware of burning yourself out too quickly. Things may move quickly, so be mindful of that as well. These moons are not good for long term projects or plans, but quick little things that are easy to manifest.

Earth Moons: Slower moving Earth moons can take time to manifest. This is the densest of the elements, everything may move slower. The result can be more profound than the other moons. This is also an excellent element to keep your goals in front of you in a tangible form. A vision board showing precisely what you desire to manifest—having a few of these around the home so you see them every day can be a good use of this type of moon energy.

Water Moons: These moons are about feelings; you have to embody your intentions at an emotional and energetic level, very literally. This can also correspond with, or work well with the Earth Moons and putting cups of drinking water or liquid on top of the vision board(s) before downing the beverage. Energetically, this is about deep emotions. The feeling is critical to manifesting with water moons.

Pre-planning and focusing your intentions at the beginning of the year or the beginning of your personal New Moon!

Knowing your chart is part of this process. You can try to manifest money with Earth moons all day long, but if the energy of your chart has the Earth element in the 4th, 8th, or 12th houses, you may be waiting a long time or see a loss before a gain. The elements that occupy your money houses are the elements to work with and the New Moon's to work within any given year. 

Manifesting a relationship (friend, lover, or potential marriage partner) in the Air or Water elements alone will not draw someone to you. Looking at the Sign that occupies your 5th, 7th, and 11th houses will, respectively, draw those people to you. I hope you're beginning to understand that not just elemental associations can help you manifest all that you desire. 

Utilizing your Ascendant Sign and that specific New Moon is a good way to initiate an overall transformation, with you, your relationships, your career or pulic reputation and your home life. Think of this New Moon as your personal New Year. A new beginning for your in all areas of life and work with the Sign and Element accordingly.

When reviewing the end of the year, looking back over everything that has transpired and everything you've wanted to accomplish versus what you did accomplish or manifest is a great way to plan out the year ahea and make different choices. As we are in the 3rd lunation of the Lunar New Year, look to where Gemini is in your chart and see what themes are associated with that house, not just the sign.

Below, I have my free guide that helps you understand the Solar-Lunar cycle, the signs, and the houses. Use this as a reference when utilizing rituals to manifest your desires. Knowing is half the battle. The other half is using the tools at your disposal to do so.

Until next time, my friends. XO - Shanna

Forgotten Lore Solar Lunar Cycle
Download PDF • 17.30MB

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