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February 27th-March 5th

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

February 28th

Venus and Mars trine NN

With Venus and Mars in trine with the North Node this also means they are sextile to the South Node. Both planets are the rulers of the transiting Nodal placements currently. It’s almost as if the past and the future need to be compared and contrasted together to move forward. To bring the pieces together and cut away what no longer serves to move into the reality we want. With the stability and action required to do just that.

March 2nd

Pisces New Moon 12°

The month of March starts off with a Magical Pisces New Moon! The Sun and Moon are conjunct Jupiter and sextile Uranus at the same time! This can be a new beginning for everyone in these two areas of our charts, a way to work with someone or something in a tangible way to make steps forward. The Conjunction to Jupiter can expand on themes associated with this New Moon of love, benevolence, hope, miracles, it can also bring a sense of overzealous ideation, overabundance of things, escapism, martyrdom. Pisces is a sign that runs the gamut of Saint and Martyr. Mars, Venus and Pluto are all sitting together in the sky as well on this day, getting a deeper understanding of what and who we want to join, be a part of or get out of our lives all together, this can be digging into the bowels of the existing problem in the Capricorn area of our life and taking it out at the root. These planets are also in sextile to Neptune, also in Pisces at this time we can see heightened intuition on physical tangible things in our lives and what the deeper implications are of the steps we have taken or will take soon. At the time of the New Moon Jupiter is combust. Which means the more positive attributes of benevolence, hope and wish fulfillment may be burned away and we are left with just the over expansive and glutinous side of Jupiter. As things go it depends on your mindset and how you view things to see it as a positive or just overwhelming. Not the worst influence in the world, but take care not to over promise things you may regret later. The other aspect being made at this New Moon is Mercury conjunct Saturn. As aspects go it can be a heavy one, at least mentally. This can cause frustrations, delays, limitations, blockages to projects or mental attitudes at this time. Luckily Mercury is out of shadow, clipping along at its usual pace and will ghost Saturn in a few days time and enter Pisces. Many of these aspects come exact within a few days of this New Moon or already have and are moving on. Things are in motion and deep AF right now.

March 5th

Sun conjunct Jupiter

This aspect is different than at the time of the New Moon. This is a Cazimi of Jupiter. The More benevolence, hopeful, optimistic, expansive universal love, seaching, spiritual pursuits, all of these words correspond with Jupiter and Pisces energy. Escaping but in a good way, bliss, harmony, divine timing. Use this for deeply spiritual, expansive pursuits or to constructively escape into the aether realms. This is pure joy, elation, cloud 9 energy. Especially in Pisces! Enjoy it while it lasts!

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