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February 20st - 26th

February 23rd

3rd quarter square 5° Pisces/Sagittarius

As we wind down from the Full Moon in Leo we hit the final quarter square of this Lunation cycle, this happens in the Mutable signs, the final quarter square is one of release and letting go, a shedding of the skin so to say to begin to surrender for the dark of the moon. This is also another crisis point. What do we need to adapt to after the Full Moon? What do we need to adjust and reframe in the reality around us? Where can we escape to regroup and re-evlaute what truly needs to be released at this time to move us forward?

Mars sextile Neptune

Where can we take dedicated, diligent, grounded action towards our dreams and higher manifestation to make a wish a reality? As Mars approaches Pluto with Venus in tight tow what can we choose to release to give up in order to gain the wisdom, sight and presence we desire.

February 24th

Venus sextile Neptune

As Venus is a unifying planet what continuation of the action we took with Mars can we gain support and unify our cause with others. Where can we bring together like minded individuals to be a cohesive unit?

Mercury square Uranus

Mercury is coming into its exact square with Uranus. We can be shocked out of complacency, moved into action through communication with others. Wild conversations about fantastical real events! At 11° Mercury is now out of Shadow. Just barely! But it is finally out. Moving ahead full speed it will conjunct Saturn in less than a week. While we may be excited, enthusiastic about this project, plan, event etc. We still need to make sure we are following our own due diligence and dotting the I’s and crossing the t’s.

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