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February 13 - 19

This week is a week of culmination and crossroads. What has been working at cross purposes in our lives? What old story is dead that we need to move on from? How can we extricate ourselves from an energetic drain that keeps us in fear?

February 14th

NN Trine Pluto 27°47’

This is a very interesting trine. Not only is Pluto in positive aspect to the North Node, but it is also in trine exact by degree the Eclipse from November of 2021. This 27° of Taurus is very sensitive and will be for some time. With the North Node here, a point of Destiny activating this spot we can see manifestations of what this Eclipse cycle is both Ending and Beginning for us. With Pluto making a trine to the North Node and sextile to the South Node if we seize the opportunity we can easily purge some overly structured, stagnant, hierarchal area of our lives for something much more in alignment with our deepest desires and calling.

Mercury into Aquarius

Mercury moves closer to its post shadow, but for now we retrace where we were the beginning of January and again towards the mid-end of January. What was going on that brought up your level of frustration, feelings of being limited, pressured, anxious, overwhelmed, possibly even trapped? This time the conjunction to Saturn WILL happen. The gravity of change and due diligence combined into a perfect storm for shocking action with long term implications. Take the time to focus on the long range goals, plans, the betterment of humanity through due diligence and grounded communication. The only way out is through. This too shall pass.

February 15th

Sun Square Nodes 27°

As we inch ever closer to this Full Leo Moon the Sun squares the nodes exact. With the Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio and the Sun in Aquarius we can see where power has been corrupted, too much pursuit of personal gain and a want of overindulgence has allowed the corruption to continue, deepen and become so prevalent and insidious as to permeate the very foundation of our physical reality. Where the voices of the manipulated few outweighs the voices of the rational many. This can also see the manipulation of a social movement for the gain of the Saturnian few to tighten the yolk. There are 5 planets that have to answer to Saturn, including the Planets that rule the signs the Nodes are in, Mercury, the Sun and Moon ultimately. On a personal level this can be consolidating our own power through hard work to be an authority in one area of our lives.

February 16th

Leo Full Moon 28°

This Full Moon is not a Normal Leo Full Moon. Usually dramatic, this one can be overly so. The Sun and Moon are now in a tight square with the Nodes. We are craving both safety and security in a very uncertain situation. Bringing our fears to the fore, our wants and desires, how we relate to others and where we want to shine on our own. All of these things are present. And yet at this time The Sun and Moon answer to Saturn. The Planets that rule the Nodes, Mars and Venus conjunct in Capricorn, Pluto again in Capricorn, Mercury in Aquarius, all answer to Saturn. Saturn is the traditional Ruler of Aquarius, it is strong even while it is invisible to the eye at the current moment. We can feel absolutely stuck with this Full Moon. Being in fixed signs and creating a Grand Fixed Cross in the Sky with the Nodes and Luminaries, the old and the new are not only at odds and cross purposes but also frozen with fear while craving security. If we can overcome our fear of the uncertainty of the Chaos of the future we face we can move through this energy. It will be through pressure and iron will resolve to unstick ourselves from the fear paralysis. With the South Node at this time being in a close trine with Neptune we can intuit how we let go how we move forward with Uranus in sextile with Jupiter. Miracles can happen. The wide trines of Mercury and Pluto to the North Node in Taurus can show us opportunity of stability through structure and community. By dismantling the old but bringing what worked into the present and future with us we can overcome the obstacles we face presently. Leave behind the fear and uncertainty bring with us the deep core values of structure and communicate with like minded people and communities.

Mars conjunct Venus

The last time Mars and Venus came together was August 24th, 2019. They came together at 4° of Virgo so tight to the Sun that the exact conjunction was invisible to the eye. From there we can see what happened! Virgo has associations with the Medical Industry, health, wellness. It’s on this axis of Virgo and Pisces that Dr.s and health practitioners are. With them being 3° from the Sun in the early degrees of Virgo we see the toll taken on these themes of health, wellness and medicine. This time they are coming conjunct very visibly in the early morning sky, heralding the coming of the dawn, or the heralding of the coming of the Sun. 16°53’ or very close to the 17° of Capricorn. This conjunction will remain tight into the beginning degrees of Aquarius where Venus will start to separate from Mars and move ahead ever so slightly.

February 17th

Jupiter sextile Uranus

Freedom, fortune, creativity, visions of a dynamic future grounded in tangible results, innovation and cohesive realities collide and form new and dynamic timelines. At this time the Moon is also forming a trine to Uranus and the Venus Mars conjunction in Capricorn from practical Virgo. Very auspicious energy in an otherwise tumultuous situation. We have different areas of our lives coming together to show us the way forward through partnering up with those that are in positions of authority and out of the box ideas can be put to use and order for a miraculous change of fortune.

February 18th

Sun into Pisces

Happy Solar Return and Birthday Pisces!

Pisces season is upon us! Miraculous and powerful spiritual pursuits, escaping the humdrum and diving into the depths to find where we can master and level up our creative endeavors. Both Jupiter and Neptune are strong in the Sign of Pisces. The Sun will highlight them through its travels here. The New Moon incoming in pisces will be WITH Jupiter! A very auspicious time indeed. A nice change from the intensity of Aquarius Season!

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