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December 5-11th

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

December 6th

Mars sextile Pluto

Now this is an aspect I like! Working with the deeper aspects of our internal emotional landscapes to effect or affect the outer structured world. This can also be an aspect of digging into corporate secrets. Or even exposing corporate secrets. It is a very beneath the surface kind of energy.

December 7th

Mercury square Neptune

Confusion, lies, deception, Mercury square Neptune is the worst! It's not really, but it is no fun at all! This can be lies of omission, unintentional deceit, this can also be institutions promoting propaganda, Mercury in Sagittarius isn't known for the details of any matter it may be discussing. It may even be a gross exaggeration of something or someone. With Neptune in Pisces it's just more of the same confusing, watery, foggy energy. We may just want a mental day on this day. To disengage and fall prey to our own sabotage or sacrificing means.

December 8th

Mars square Jupiter

Mars square Jupiter, this is an interesting one, Mars is known as the "lesser" malefic. Jupiter, the "great" benefic! These two planets in Scorpio and Aquarius, squaring each other is interesting. Mars is the stronger planet in Scorpio, Jupiter in Aquarius still isn't great here, though, it is better than Capricorn. These two will bring possible arguments to light for resolution. Jealousies will be revealed. Real, honest, authentic Teachers, gurus, wisdom keepers will also be known, the fakes, phonies, and misaligned power hungry ones can be ousted for what they truly are. Mars wants the truth, Mars is stealth and silent evaluation before the strike comes. Jupiter is expanding the knowledge of the masses in Aquarius. Showing people truth, but also showing them where they need not treat.

December 10th

1st Quarter Square 19° Sagittarius/Pisces

This first quarter square after the Total Solar Eclipse on Dec. 4th can really amp up and show us what next right steps to take to let go of something dogmatic and stale, it can also show us what we need to pick up and do moving forward to utilize a skill, a mindset, a goal from the past that needs to be manifest now. This is a time of action, a time of crisis, a time of manifesting the seeds, it's a germination and next steps energy. We are between the new and full moon. An uncomfortable time that can see anxieties ratcheted up. The receptive Moon in Pisces is in the deep end of the pool, feeling all the things on a collective level, especially being conjunct Neptune freshly stationed direct. Venus and Pluto are in sextile to Neptune adding a grounded practical supportive energy on the action we can take, but it can feel more intense than it needs to emotionally. What are the next right steps? How can we achieve them and with whom?

December 11th

Venus conjunct Pluto

Venus is moving super slow at the moment. She is getting ready to station and start her retrograde cycle. This first exact conjunction to Pluto will be around for a bit. Venus stations just a hair off so we can say that her whole time stationing is conjunct this planet. I'm excited, but nervous about this one. For everyone it will be a magnificent transformation of relationships, money, partnerships. We didn't know we could do the things, or we didn't feel ready to do the things. But this conjunction will make it too painful not to do the things. They say people make changes when the changes are easier than staying the same. This is an aspect that is that exactly. Something needs to be changed, transformed, cut out, away and left to decay on its own without your help, input or influence. What is no longer serving you, or me, or any of us will fall away to be replaced by something more profound than we ever could have imagined.

Mercury sextile Jupiter

Mercury in a really nice sextile with Jupiter! I like this! The end of Sagittarius and Aquarius is an energy of mastery. With Mercury finishing its transit here in Sagittarius we can see plans, goals, education, far reaching ideologies or ideas finishing up. With Jupiter supporting Mercury from Aquarius, this is so supportive. We can gain traction in teaching people or a new way to teach people with this energy. Both Mercury and Jupiter have associations with Teachers. As such we can open to new possibilities in education or see new ways of marketing to the masses on a bigger scale. This sextile is one of passion of newfound knowledge and wanting everyone to take notice. And everyone may with Jupiter in Aquarius.

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