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December 26th-January 1st

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

This whole week seems to be about big changes and evaluations! As well as working with people, places or things to get done what we decided now is time to do.

December 26th

Mercury sextile Neptune

With Mercury traversing Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces we can have some help organizing our thoughts through an abstract idea, person, or conversation. We have been mulling things over on how to move forward with something, we may be able to have a moment of inspiration from an abstract extrapolation.

3rd Quarter Square 5° Libra/Capricorn

With the final closing square of this Lunation cycle happening in Libra and Capricorn we can be having a crisis of movement. We may try to avoid the elephant in the room but we really cannot any longer. We may have to release some long standing relationships that have run their natural course, either with a person, resource or even inside our own mental landscape or certain mindset we have on how we want the outcome to play out. The point though is that we need to let it go. It's a closing square and squares require action. We take the next right steps to release what no longer serves us on this path we are on as the incoming New Moon is in trine with the planet of liberation and disruption. And the ruler of this New Moon in Capricorn is in square with said Liberating and disrupting planet. It'll be a mixed bag of energy for all of us.

December 28th

Jupiter into Pisces

This transit of Jupiter into Pisces on this day and the subsequent conjunction to Neptune in April will usher in to both a gross exaggeration of all things Piscean, from prophets, priests, gospels to the "sinners" on the fringe of society, the scapegoats and martyrs and even behind the scenes brothels and prisons or hospitals and ashrams. Beware the pied piper is owed his due. Both Jupiter and Neptune rule Pisces and here they both bring more of the same energy. Where we can get reprieve and rest with them here together? We can also get heightened allergic reactions, more sensitivities and martyred personalities. It won't be all bad, but the "other" side of things also needs to be talked about. The more positive manifestations are compassionate humanitarian actions, helping those less fortunate and offering support to those that most need it.

December 29th

Mercury conjunct Venus rx 24° Capricorn

We can begin a BIG reevaluation; With Venus Retrograde currently and Mercury now entering shadow at 24° as they are coming conjunct, this is something that we will revisit a little later on and probably in a couple of of different ways over the coming weeks AND at the every end of this year, pay attention, themes now will be revisited again next December. Here this can be how we are structuring our thinking, our relationships, our patterns of predictability, because if Capricorn is anything it's predictable within its organized structure. This is also a conversation between people that may not be exactly alike, but alike enough to make it work. We all have our own ways of doing things, but this an see people having very interesting and profound insights into relationships, work ethics, tasks, business etc. Because both Venus and Mercury have associations of commerce, merchants, money, assets, etc.

Mars sextile Saturn

Working within an institution to affect social change. Using academia, lawmakers, judges etc to make changes that affect the masses. That could be a thing here. In general though with Mars in Sagittarius this can see more action being taken with an authority or taking action on a plan for the future that will affect many people or over many years, or both.

December 30th

Mercury conjunct Pluto

With Mercury coming conjunct Pluto think Mercury in Scorpio vibes but with more structure and a much more organized way of understanding the deeply unconscious motivations either of yourself or those around you, or both.

January 1st

Sun trine Uranus

I do love the Sun in Trine with Uranus! This can be, even with the Uranus/Saturn Square a time of structured change with dynamic possibilities. It will be easy in one area, but the other will go kicking and screaming through the change. Happening quite dramatically and all at once, but the overhaul is needed. Once the dust settles and the changes are done and implemented we can see how much better or how much more FOR us these changes will be over the long term, perhaps that cage we created for ourselves has been blasted wide open by now and we are doing and being how we were always intended to be, we just had to see the forest for the trees first.

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