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December 19-25

December 19th

Venus stations retrograde

Venus stationing Retrograde now through January 29th. We really need to focus and re-evaluate our relationship to money, people, places, all the things in our lives that we have a vested interest in. This Venus Retrograde is different than most as over this time it will be the 2nd conjunction to Pluto, Venus Cazimi and becoming the Morning Star versus the Evening Star that she has been for about 9 months now. Mercury and Mars will also come conjunct this beautiful Planet as she moves retrograde and then direct in the sign of authority, power, prestige, hierarchy. This can see people with heavy or prominent Taurus and Libra placements rising to power as well. As long as they've put in the work! Venus rules both of those signs. Even though here in Capricorn she must give way to Saturn's rule, Saturn likes Venus. Saturn is the crusty old man who's head is turned by the beautiful empress energy. She softens Saturn a bit. Don't get me wrong, it's still Capricorn. But, with Venus working her magic here we can see deep and profound change and dynamic pivots over the next several months as she works through the 26°-11° area of Capricorn. Cardinal Signs will feel this the most, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Earth Signs will benefit, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn as well as the Water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Fire and Air signs may feel this but not in the way they would expect. It could be disharmonious but still yield good results once it is over and done with.

Sun sextile Jupiter

Working with Teachers, REAL spiritual leaders, understanding we all have our own way and approach to everything and that even if someone doesn't see how, it still works! This can be a learning moment for the masses if they so choose to see what is in front of their noses. A collective shift here at the end of Sagittarius and Aquarius! Lots of heat, fire, passion and learning moments for large groups of people. This can be a unifying energy of a love of freedom for whole swathes of people.

December 20th

Mercury trine Uranus

Even though it's Capricorn, we can still have moments of AHA! We can see with different eyes the path ahead and every step we need to take is dynamic and different than what we would have thought otherwise.

December 21st

Sun into Capricorn

Happy Solstice! Merry Solstice! This will be a very interesting time indeed! The Sun joins Mercury, Venus Retrograde and Pluto in the sign of Authority. Technically the Sun is now at its weakest point. Even though it will not be in "Detriment" until Aquarius Season. The Sun technically dies this day! In 3 days time it will rise again, reborn and will start it's travel higher in the sky in the Northern Hemisphere. Anyone that follows the more mainstream will see parallels with the time of year and the subsequent holiday that will follow in 3 days time. There's a reason for that. The Sun now heralds the end of one Solar Year and the beginning of the next. Now is the time for planning, seeding in darkness what will come to pass in the following year. Capricorn is a feminine sign and as such it is still receptive. Making our plans, making a list, checking it twice, how about a vision board too, mapping out the coming year is a great way to utilize this day, this is powerful energy. What will you do with it? What will you call to you? What answers will you gain?

December 24th

Saturn Square Uranus

The Final Pass is exact! With Uranus stationing for it's direct motion the middle of January it is where it will be for the next few weeks and is super strong in the sky! This one will be wild and the final one, the reconciliation of sorts. There is no escaping the changes now, we will get another partial change later in 2022 when they get super close to being exact again. The pressure and burden of limitation is too stifling, too constrictive, we NEED to make changes, and now, now we can. With Uranus being closer to the Earth in Retrograde motion the volatility is heightened. The jittery, wild, out of the box craziness that we have been forestalling, stuffing down, hiding away will now break wide open into a full on affront of all at once, in your face, drastic, change. Anyone else ready to ride the lightning out of dodge!? Let's gooooooooooooo!

December 25th

Venus Retrograde conjunct Pluto - 2nd pass

Let's revisit the events around the day of December 11th. What was happening? What was going on? What intense and profound thing happened for you around this day!? This will be what we are revisiting as Venus hit Pluto for the 2nd time, a new development, another step on the journey of profound insight. Perhaps our perception of those events have shifted just slightly, seeing things differently now in hindsight. Perhaps relationships have shifted with Venus now retrograde. Perhaps people have shown us something that we were not expecting to affect us in such a way? Now we review, no we re-evaluate and ponder and re-visit some things.

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