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December 12th - 18th

December 12th

Sun Square Neptune

The Sun in square with Neptune can really zap your energy! You can feel tired, overburdened, exhausted, listless, yet sleepless and wired at the same time. It's as if you're in a pool having fun, floating around only to realize there's a leak somewhere and the water is slowly draining away, sitting in the middle of a pool on a floaty, instead of buoyant and fun, you're at the bottom of the pool sitting on a tiny puddle. Feeling bereft and adrift on a more internal sea of angst and confusion. It's a very disillusioned energy. Where you thought things would be one way but you're now realizing they're not what you thought they would be. ;) Don't be too sad, this energy will pass.

December 13th

Mars into Sagittarius

This one is going to be interesting! While everyone is talking about Venus and the intensity of the retrograde Mars is over here causing a ruckus in Sagittarius! These early degrees sees Mars coming conjunct the South Node and transiting over the Eclipse points of the last 18 months. What is it that needs action? What do we need to release? What do we let go of? Mars in Sagittarius can be righteous and fierce in defending dogmatic held beliefs. It is a fire sign and Mars does well in fire. Be aware that too much too soon can burn you out.

Mercury into Capricorn

Mercury into Capricorn can see a massive shift from big picture ideas and thoughts of grandeur to down to the grindstone working and toiling for the rise to the top of the Mountain! Or as we like to say in my household the top of the pig pile! We can gain a sense of clarity by utilizing hard work, diligence and focus in Capricorn. We will be able to compartmentalize and put our thoughts to order and structure the next right steps to take. With Mercury swinging through the first degrees we may think we have everything figured out, but remember. When Mercury gets to 24° Shadows of things we may have missed will pop up and start the process of wreaking havoc with our best laid plans.

December 15th

Mars conjunct South Node

And here we are! Mars and the South Node. An energy of Action and Endings. With the South Node finishing it's transit here it'll be a hot minute before it steps out of Sagittarius and into Scorpio. The intensity of this early degree compounded by Mars showing us and cutting anything out of our life that we are not bringing forward into our new reality. Perhaps this is something that doesn't need to move with us. It needs to go anyway, we need to take action and adapt to the changes that are inevitable. We may not like it, but it's necessary. For others this can be a breath of fresh air even if it's been a long time coming there can still be a moment of WFT now what?

December 18th

Full Moon Gemini 27° This is not an Eclipse. But it can feel more fated as events unfold that have been in the works for the last 18 months. Especially with Jupiter in sextile and trine with this Full Moon! As it inches ever closer to Pisces. This can be a grand culmination event unfolding with luck and optimism on our side we can achieve dynamic results with this full moon. Maybe we've had to think outside the box on some things. And now we have the structure and dynamic vision to see something through in a powerful and unique way! After all the Depositor (planet that rules Gemini) of this Full Moon is in the very structured and achieving sign of Capricorn moving towards a trine with out of the box Uranus in Taurus! We can affect our physical world with all this Earth energy! Though we can be a little confused and wondering about something that seems nebulous and anxiety may be high with Neptune in Square with this Full Moon. We may not be as clear as we want to be but we are getting things done.

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