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August 8-14th

August 8th

Leo New Moon 16°

This one is going to be interesting. The New Moon is at 16° of Leo. Mercury is within the mix at 23° still conjunct the New Moon but it is not functioning at its best! The Cazimi point was a point of clarity but, now it is anxiety prone and anxious as all hell. This New Moon is opposing Saturn, albeit separating but it is very close to the square with Uranus. Mars will still be in orb to oppose Jupiter though it’s moving on from that energy. Venus will be in trine with Pluto and opposing Neptune. Weee!

The sense I get with this New Moon is that while chaos is happening and/or has happened, we can harness our desire for change through acts of service of others in practical, direct and dedicated ways. Be aware of blowing things out of proportion and be aware that while there was a full moon at 1° of Aquarius we still have another one coming at 29° of Aquarius. We have a chance to let something go, that is no longer serving us, to move on to something new, maybe even something we’ve been mulling over and trying to figure out. In these mid degrees of Leo our world view can be challenged or expanded upon. What dogma do we need to let go in order to move forward, and upcoming, what do we need to take in consideration to that will benefit not just us, but everyone involved. Our thinking will not be clear though, we will have to really take a step back and calm the anxiety and anxious fervent energy of our mind to be able to see where we need to go. As Mercury moves farther away from the Sun we can start to think more rationally and as Mercury enters its home sign and traditional exaltation of Virgo in a few days even though its still in a conjunction it is being renewed in Virgo. Our thoughts can start to take shape and form and we can become more pragmatic more practical and driven towards taking action in relations with the sign based conjunctions of Venus and Mars here.

August 9th

Venus opposes Neptune rx

Venus in opposition to Neptune is not a fun aspect. The people in our lives may not be who they seem, we can be wearing rose colored glasses in relationship and seeing people in the best light only to be bamboozled later on. Be discerning in your relationships. With Venus in the very pragmatic sign of Virgo and Mars being here as well we can utilize logic, discernment, and even a bit of intuition if we have no fear in that place. It is a fleeting energy Venus will move on in a few days! But just be aware things may not be as they seem.

August 10th

Mercury opposes Jupiter rx

We may need to balance the day to day thoughts, against our world view and dogma. We can With Mercury still in the prideful Leo we can be on overload and fast paced thoughts. With Jupiter in the sign of collectivism and the masses at large we can come up against opposition from the groups of people wanting to subvert and subjugate individuals for their opinions. It’s a very precarious balance to hold. While the independent free thinking individual is under fire, can the one stand against the many and group think?

August 11th

Mercury enters Virgo

Venus trines Pluto rx

Mercury in Virgo is both home and exaltation. This means that Mercury is being renewed, revitalized, refreshed, more pragmatic thinking, speaking. It’ going to be more Virgo energy. But, With Venus and Mars still here the flavor is different. Venus will be leaving soon after she makes her trine to the perceptive and deeply focused Pluto. But until then she is offering her charm, wit and support to Mercury as it comes home. With Venus making this trine to Pluto we can utilize very deep penetrative focus to make sure we are restructuring (remember Pluto is Retrograde) reorganizing and redoing the practical, pragmatic relationships we have in our lives at this point in time. She will go retrograde this Winter when she conjuncts Pluto. We will be reevaluating this area, but for now, it’s working.

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