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August 29th - September 4th

August 29th

Sun Square the Nodes 6°

As the Sun entered Virgo we officially hit the square to all the eclipse points of Gemini and Sagittarius. As the Sun transits here effects of Eclipses will start to take hold and destiny will be made manifest. The Sun squaring the nodes exact on this day is also a manifestation point. There can be an air of magic, manifestation, karma, destiny. As the Sun is one of the planets that are involved in eclipses this is a very powerful point to be at. Pay attention on this day. Themes, signs, synchronicities, people, places, events unfold in a way that may seem out of your control, or by your own choosing. Fate and fortune favor the bold as it were.

August 30th

Mercury into Libra

3rd quarter square Sun/Moon 7°

As Mercury moves into Libra our thoughts, words, deeds, communication can take on a very familiar relational tone. Mercury in Libra is diplomatic, relational, conversational, inter-relational even. And here as Mercury transits this beautifully balanced sign we can see negotiations, mediations, conversations go more smoothly.

The 3rd quarter square to the New Moon in Leo is happening in Gemini and Virgo. Interesting indeed. Here we can see a pivot needing to take place. As with the New, 1st quarter square and Full Moon they were in fixed signs. This 3rd quarter square asks us to release and let go and is also asking us to stay flexible and adaptable in how we go about doing that. Perhaps with both the Sun and Moon in Mercury's signs of Gemini and Virgo we can use practical, orderly, conversational repartee to work our way out of the situation at hand. This can also be a fated or karmic knot unfolding. As it stands the Sun is still squaring the Nodes and the Moon is with the North Node. Pay attention on this day as well. Destiny's hand is still at play.

September 2nd

Mars opposes Neptune 22°

Mars and Neptune are not friends by any stretch of the imagination. Mars rules action, tempers, war, violence, sharp words and even sharper knives, guns etc. Mars also rules passion, sex, drive, ambition, power. Neptune, oh, dear sweet Neptune. So slippery and confusing, escapist and distorted Neptune. Suspicion is a good word for this pairing. Nefarious is another. Possibly insidious as well. In general when we meet someone with this aspect we question true motives behind action, word, deed and if they are being truthful or honest in their dealings with us. The shifty eyed and shady people in the world. The ones that you question their honesty and possibly their loyalty and integrity as well. Be aware on this day we can deal with unsavory types that would sell their own grandmothers to make a quick buck.

September 4th

Mercury trine Saturn 7°

Mercury in the sign of Libra is about mediation, balanced conversation, Saturn in Aquarius is about grounded practical diligent group efforts. The two in trine can see people albeit fleetingly coming together and able to communicate in very grounded, balanced, long range planning of goals with relational themes. This can see a merger in the business sphere. Perhaps even a marriage in the personal sphere of some celebrities or people of prominence. Mercury in trine with Saturn is also a very grounded practical conversation with authority figures. Saturn will sober any planet it touches. Mercury wants to talk about it. These two in positive aspect can see great conversation that is grounded in practicality and authenticity even if it is a bit sobering.

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