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August 22-28th

August 22nd

2nd Aquarius Full Moon 29° - Blue Moon

Mars trine Uranus rx

Sun into Virgo

I have to say, I actually like the aspects on this Full Moon! Yes it’s at 29°, yes Mars and Mercury are in opposition to Neptune. Yes we have the ongoing Saturn/Uranus square but you know what else we have? A grand Earth Trine between the Mars/Mercury conjunction and Pluto and Uranus. This is very grounded, deeply penetrative, action through thought, word, deed different to what we have been now as Uranus is now retrograde, we can be rethinking this whole power structure dynamic between us, the governments, the corporations, the natural world. Just after this Full moon comes exact the Moon moves into Pisces, and then the Sun moves into Virgo that same day, we are still under the fullness the fruition, manifestation, actualization, reevaluation of this full moon while this is happening and we realize emotionally where we have allowed ourselves to be compassionate, possibly in places we needed to be more practical, where the Sun goes our attention follows. The Sun in Virgo, happy birthday Virgos, shows up in practical ways, it illuminates the need for practical application and sheds light on where we need to perfect both physically and energetically our minds and bodies.

August 23rd

Venus trine Saturn rx

The trine between Venus and Saturn coming exact the day after the Full Moon means we can have those conversations about relationships, where they are going, what they are doing and how they can or will benefit everyone, or not. Under the energy of the full moon we are reevaluating our position, we are looking at where we can negotiate with someone in a position of authority; someone that has power or where we perceive ourselves to have power and negotiate with others. Venus and Saturn in trine from home signs is a strong position to be in.

August 24th

Mercury opposes Neptune rx

The opposition, happens every year! And every year people look around like they’ve been cheated after this wanes and winds down. Yes it can be spiritual, it can be downloads from the other side, it can see with eyes piercing the veil and understand the subtly of how we are all interconnected. It can also come up and slap you in the face because you’ve been duped by a scam artist! Where do we need to balance our rational, linear, logical mind against our intuition and feeling selves? Neptune and Pisces are the least physical, they are so ephemeral as to be wisps of smoke drifting on the breeze.

August 26th

Mercury trine Pluto rx

Deeply perceptive, practically introspective this combination can yield deep insights and practical results if we choose to dive within and take the steps necessary to excavate our inner workings, in Virgo and Capricorn this can see us utilizing a deeper power in a grounded structured way to perceive what we practically know to be true. If it was intangible before, now we can make manifest and bring it into physical practical form. Our curiosity is peaked by what lay hidden beneath the structures of our physical reality, by the deeper hidden forces behind the curtain.

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