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August 15-21st

August 16th

Venus enters Libra

Venus enters her home sign of Libra! She is relational here, she likes to communicate here, she likes to see all sides of the situation here! Venus in Libra is more of the same energy. But she is back home for a time, being renewed here as she was in Taurus. We can expect relationships to take on new subtle nuance and feedback. As well as we well grounded approach later when she is in trine to Saturn.

August 18th

Mercury conjunct Mars

The combination of Mars and Mercury together in Virgo says, watch out! Faster thinking, speaking communicating, possibly even quicker outcomes. To varying degrees quicker tongues and arguments can happen. But also this can be very creative. Just try to make sure you are sticking all the way through something before you jump to the next task at hand. Mars is fast energy. So is mercury. This can see people jumping from topic to topic, project to project work to work. Slow it down and harness Mars for that one thing that is more important than all the rest.

August 19th

Sun opposes Jupiter rx

Uranus Stations Retrograde

Oppositions to Jupiter usually mean an over inflation, expansion, expectation, enthusiasm and ambition, especially when our Ego drives and Souls expression are in the mix. The Sun is our Ego yes, but it’s also our souls true expression and how we came here to function and how we came here to be! With the Opposition of the Sun to Jupiter, yes the Sun is in its home sign, but Jupiter has more Leverage because it’s a slower moving Planet. I the time it take the Sun to traverse the entire zodiac Jupiter has only been back and forth through one, obviously give or take depending on retrograde cycle, but you get my point. The opposition of will and ego against the many with righteous dogma abounding. Jupiter is also a place where we can see our dogma showing. And of course when we challenge dogma we can challenge the ego as well! We can become so inflexible in our beliefs that we lose sight completely of the bigger picture with Jupiter in Aquarius. Relax, use discernment, be a beacon of light for those that have lost their way, but also don’t be so stuck in the ego that you forget others have a right to say what’s on their mind too. Uranus stations Retrograde on this day as well! I’ve been feeling this one in a very literal way! IDK about you, but it’s palpable. Change, freedom, liberation! Retrograde Uranus can see an internal shift and liberation of our old stuck, stagnant selfish needs, wants and desires. It’s in Taurus, and Taurus is all about the senses, all about the sensual and being in physical form. With Uranus that has been changing, now it’s time for even more! Watch out, people be acting crazy!

August 20th

Mercury trines Uranus rx

Mercury in a waxing trine with Uranus is a fun easy time to shift your mindset! It’s an easy flow of brilliant ideas and out of the blue downloads! Don’t blink or you’ll miss the opportunity. As with all easier aspects you can miss out on something easily within hour grasp if you don’t take hold and work with the energy. Just as such, this can be a very practically funny and liberating time for some or an out of the blue creative project that is different, unique and exhilarating!

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