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August 1 - 7

August 1st

Mercury Cazimi

Mercury opposes Saturn rx

This is called the Superior Conjunction of Mercury. After Mercury’s retrograde in Gemini it took until Leo for Mercury to catch the Sun. Clarity, aha moments, divine inspiration. Things have still been confusing about the events that transpired when Mercury was in Gemini Retrograde. While we had the Cazimi with the Sun then; we still felt “off” about what was happening. Now, with the Cazimi and the opposition to Saturn we can find clarity. After the Cazimi point, Mercury will be combust, more anxious and anxiety prone. But, the opposition to Saturn means we must balance our creative need and want against the duty bound collective need and want. How can we use our language, our thoughts, our words in dramatic pause, prose or pride to speak up, speak out and use our personal power of voice, intellect and speech to rally the masses out of complacent subjugation to see the illuminated truth we personally have come to see ourselves? Where can we balance our personal will and speech in call to have the collective understand we are sovereign beings and not hive minds? We must use both reason and logic. This aspect coupled with the Sun coming exact tomorrow can have us feeling misunderstood by many, we know, we see, we have clarity individually but we can become frustrated with opposing forces because they just can’t see the light of day!

August 2nd

Sun opposes Saturn rx

Both planets are in their home signs. The Sun hasn’t been in Leo for a year now. But Saturn, Saturn hasn’t been in Aquarius for 30 years. This opposition with the addition of Mercury, means the pressure for change is at hand. If we look through the lens of what has happened in the last year and then dig into our memory banks and look back 30 years; some of us were children, some of us were not even born, some of us were young adults or even in our 30’s. I did a little research and in 1992 Gorbachov resigned from being the last leader of the Soviet Union; in 1993 the restructuring and new map lines were drawn for the Russian Federation. The first world trade center bombings happened! Among a plethora of firsts including the First Woman Secretary of State, Janet Reno. Microsoft released the first version of Windows! The space flight to Mars temporarily lost communication with the unmanned Mars observer! The difference this time is the square to Uranus in Taurus. This time around will be wildly different, yet eerily similar. We know one thing from this ongoing square with Uranus and Saturn, things will never look the same and once the lightning strikes we cannot unsee what we have seen. Integration must happen. But with the Sun opposing Saturn, highlighting the NEED the WANT the DESIRE to change in unprecedented and profound ways! Our ego and our intellect are now tied into this change. What happens when two immovable objects are against each other? How do you reconcile the Sun/Mercury conjunction in opposition to Saturn. Lightning! That’s how. And it will strike. Make no mistake, all of us in some area of our lives will see the lightning strike. And we will never be able to go back to what we once were. If we tried, we would be lying to ourselves. The truth, no matter how shocking, will set you free.

August 3rd

Venus trine Uranus

Mercury square Uranus

Venus in Virgo being all perfectionist gets a pleasant surprise in trine with the great liberator Uranus in her home sign!! This can see beautifully shocking endearments of love and affection, albeit in very practical ways, but very out of the norm and out of the blue indeed!

Mercury squaring Uranus can prove even more shocking! Talk about left field chatter from the peanut gallery. This can see very prideful, stubborn, dig the heels in arguments. No one wants to give an inch. As well as a know it all attitude, and a devil may care snarky comment thrown in. With Saturn still in the mix and the Sun coming exact in a few days this energy is about liberating the mental and ego self from the toxic patterns that prevail and are currently permeating the collective must obey zombie apocalypse attitude. Take that as you will. Liberate your mind, liberate your soul.

August 6th

Sun Square Uranus

This aspect begs the question; Who do you think you are? And what in the hell do you think you’re doing? Rabble rousing, contrary for contrary’s sake. IDK, there’s something liberating in being contrary at times. When people can’t get out of the way of their own shadow to see with a different lens it makes for a very boring existential experience. The Sun just coming off the opposition to Saturn and coming into the square with Uranus has me thinking this one counts! I have planets I like dealing with more than others. Uranus is one I like. Even in hard aspect it can shake us up and out of something so dogmatic we actually see things differently than expected and new truths wake us up to a new reality. Nothing is ever the same when Uranus is involved. It’s called the great liberator for a reason. As we move away from Saturn and separate from the opposition, though still VERY active, we move towards the confrontation of Uranus. We crave liberation from those limiting, dogmatic, suppressive energies and towards the liberating, freeing, lightbulb moment! So the question we have to ask ourselves, what paradox needs to be reconciled within us and where will that lighting strike happen? Because it is inevitable. But where and how, that’s the surprise!

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