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April 3rd - 9th

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

April 4th

Mars conjunct Saturn.

This is a frustrating one! Mars is all about action, Saturn is about diligence and dedication and the next “right” thing, limitations, delays, etc. So as long as we are in our integrity, as long as we are doing what is the next right step, we will feel good about this one. If not, and if we are not taking the correct next right steps we can feel pressured and limited in our ability to take action, to do things that we want to do. We can be stopped in our tracks, this is such an irritable energy that can cause us to come up against a brick wall and still try to bash through it. Only in the end, it is us that is feeling beaten and bruised. This can also cause our immune systems to drop so be aware of this as well.

April 5th

Venus enters Pisces Venus enters Pisces today! Venus is in what is called Exaltation in Pisces, she functions well here. The unconditional love of Pisces fits Venus’ loving nature. Venus can connect with humanity at a soul level. Both Venus and Jupiter, benefic wandering stars. Together in the Same Sign! This is a good thing! Amping up and adding to the energy we’ve been sensing and feeling. The compassion and caring for others. During Venus’ transit here she will conjunct Neptune and Jupiter. We may have a doubling down of the rose colored glasses but we can also have benefit here. Depending on where this is happening in your chart depends on how it can play out.

Mars Squares Nodes

Mars squaring the Nodes at this time with the South Node in Scorpio. This will be interesting. What old fears, traumas, anxieties are coming up for purging? With Mars as the traditional ruler of Scorpio squaring the South Node at this time, what needs to be cut out of our lives to be able to move forward? On the flip side, what dynamic future have we been hoping for that needs to have action taken to move towards where we want to go? Fated circumstances and situations can play a big role in our lives at this time. Pay attention. Things will be amping up this summer when Mars conjoins the North Node with Uranus. But for now, we need to cut our losses and move on from the trauma traps we find ourselves mired in.

April 7th

Mercury Sextile Saturn

Mercury gets some grounding with the sextile to Saturn! With Mercury full steam ahead in Aries we can be a little more quick witted, faster paced. Maybe even a lot more hot headed, but with the influence of Saturn we may be able to tone it down, take stock and work with initiation energy to make very clear our path forward, what our long ranging plans are and how we can implement them versus just a flash of insight and on to the next best thing. Here with the sextile to Saturn we can initiate something for the long haul, the long game, it could even be initiating something to do with groups of people, taking up a cause or action on who we want to associate with in positions of power and authority.

April 8th

Jupiter Sextile North Node

There can be a bit of a lucky break in what it is we want to accomplish. Maybe this Sextile to the North Node offers some benefit to the direction we are going in whatever area of our charts this is happening. Benefactors, Teachers, Gurus, people that will help you to get where you are trying to go with the North Node in Taurus. This can be guides that help to create a solid foundation to what it is we want to accomplish. This is also trine to the South Node, an easy energy to bring something useful forward with us to the future we are co-creating.

Mercury sextile Mars

Yesterday Mercury sextile Saturn exact. Today we have the exact Sextile to Mars, while still within a tight orb of Saturn we can take action in a diligent, tangible way. We can use our power, our will and even authority to speak to people one on one or in groups if we so wish. With Mars offering Mercury support in its home sign this can be a great manifesting energy of what it is we truly desire to have for ourselves and those closest to us. As long as we are taking into consideration the needs and wants of other people we will be just fine.

April 9th

1st Quarter Square 19°

This first quarter square after the Aries New Moon asks us to take action by overcoming our fears and obsessions versus our want for security and safety. But we may not be able to do that. The Moon and Pluto are in opposition, forcing us to have a deeper understanding of what hierarchal energies are hindering our growth, while emotionally we just want to be safe and comforted. The Subsequent T-Square with the Sun means that we may not be able to balance these energies without the help of an outside party. The Sun in Aries, though exalted isn’t exactly known for its mediation skills. This would require us to partner with someone to have a second opinion or to utilize mediation to get what needs to be out on the table. Cardinal signs are all about Crises, having a Stubborn mindset while Mercury is still in orb of this first quarter square can cause more problems then it’s worth. Best to seek mediation.

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