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April 24th-30th

April 24th

Mercury square Saturn and Sextile Neptune

Mercury still with the North Node squaring Saturn and in a Sextile to Neptune; today can be a very intense and powerful day. Conversations with authorities or people in positions well above our pay grade may feel intensely fated. We may sense that the conversation, whilst unimportant in the moment, has long reaching affects on our psyche and the status quo. Pay attention around this time, the older generations or people in power places will be saying things that may not make sense in the moment, but foreshadow an impending outcome, our senses are on high alert. We can have an inkling with the Sextile to Neptune that all is not as it seems and perhaps one string plucked reverberates others to see what is truly coming.

April 25th

Venus sextile North Node

If we’ve taken the money situations we find ourselves looking at seriously we can have a sense of where it is we are going, where the markets may fall and rise and where we need to put the money we earn to use for us. With relationship matters we can have very fated situations, people, places, things pop into our awareness and we understand who is meant to be with us for the long haul and who is not. Nothing is good or bad, it just means we are working with forces beyond our control and we can have a sense of letting sleeping dogs lay or of engaging with people places or things that serve us at a deeper level.

April 27th

Mercury sextile Jupiter

More benefic energy from Pisces as Mercury sextiles Jupiter towards the end of its sojourn here in Taurus. Though Mercury will come back to this point later as it is now in Shadow, something beneficial is happening here that we will want to revisit later, though it may not look the same as by the time Mercury comes back to this point Jupiter will have moved on into Aries. Just remember we may not have the beneficial energy of Jupiter upon the revisit but we will remember the benevolence provided and the luck and optimism we had. Maybe we overdo something and we need to revisit this area to get a better understanding of where we can temper and restrain and re-evaluate going forward.

Venus conjunct Neptune

This is such an artistic and creative aspect. We can create our desires and wish upon the stars. At least we feel like we can. It’s an easy energy of love, compassion, creativity. But so much so that we can feel adrift and also taken advantage of. Our compassionate natures emerge quite heavily with this aspect and if we are taken unawares we can become so enamored with love or rose colored glasses that we forget the physical limitations of being human. Sometimes things are just meant to pass by and be beautiful in the passing and not held on to. Something to remember with this aspect as fleeting as a rainbow after a dark storm.

April 28th

Mercury trine Pluto

Quite a change of Energy from when Mercury was square Pluto earlier in the Month! Now we have a grasp on all things tangible and deep. Things that seemed intense less so now that we have the capability of slowing things down and taking stock of where we are and where we are going. Pluto is stationed to go retrograde, the spidey senses may have been on defcon 1 for quite some time, but now the intensity of thought and perceptibility of what is truly beneath the surface can show us things we will need to re-evaluate.

April 29th

Pluto stations Retrograde 28°

This is always an intense period when everyone seems to be nervous about something. Picking up the undercurrents of psychological warfare waged on humanity by the deep unconscious energies of our unmet desires. Some are darker than others. But that being said this has been building for a while now, our perception is about to shift internally and we may not like what we find in the underbelly of things we thought were stable and structured.

Mercury into Gemini

Mercury moves into a home sign! Strengthening and stretching it’s mercurial ways, able to breath a sigh of relief, but this period may not be as big of a breath as we would like as Mercury is slowing down to station retrograde in just a few days time. We have some re-evaluating to do, we have some things that need to be re-adjusted, re-evaluated, remembered or re-done. Pay attention, lest we miss an opportunity to slow down before a mistake is made.

April 30th

Taurus Solar Eclipse 10°

This Eclipse is going to be interesting. We have been feeling this one for a couple of weeks now. As we come into this eclipse we see both Venus and Jupiter coming conjunct in Pisces in a nice Sextile to a Freshly Stationed Pluto. We have beautifully beneficial energies to pull from, the Eclipse itself is in an interesting place. 10° of Taurus is where Uranus stationed to go direct in January. Perhaps themes from then will come to the fore in a big way. Uranus is now at 14° But make no mistake, its influence will be felt with this Solar Eclipse. Expect things to speed up and move at a lightning pace. Expect too that we will have limitations and delays with Saturn in square with the Nodes and a wide Square with Uranus still. While it’s not exact any more and will not be close again until mid-summer, the fact of the matter is it is so close to exact square to the Nodes, expect whatever unfolds to take a long time to either be undone or to be completed. Saturn rules time, as all good things come to those who wait, let us not wait on our laurels. There are things to be done and done quickly, our perception of money and what we value can take on an expansive view and we can have a deeper understanding how the structures in our lives are working, and even have a deeper understanding of the long term relationships with people in positions of authority have either helped or hindered us. Expect food and resources to become a BIG topic, more so than they already are.

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