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April 17th - 23rd

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

April 17th

Mercury sextile Venus

While Mercury is with Uranus and inching ever closer to the exact conjunction we have a beautiful Sextile to Venus. Venus is exalted in Pisces, able to bamboozle everyone and anyone with her beguiling ways. Now offering support for Mercury and Uranus in this quite shocking and disruptive period. We have support from seemingly beyond our comprehension.

April 18th

Mercury conjunct Uranus

Mercury conjunct Uranus can be very intense and discordant energy in the sense that we can have very out of the blue shocking conversations, on the flip side we can have very liberating and stimulating conversations. Expect things to take a left turn today in accordance with this energy.

Venus sextile Uranus

Venus in sextile with Uranus can be very supportive for the financials and relationships in our lives. We can get outside of the humdrum and mundane and do something different, unique and wild! We can relate to people we wouldn’t normally relate to, we can have a surprisingly good time connecting with people that enter our lives. We can also have good financial experiences with this one. Maybe we surprisingly get some extra money we weren’t banking on and now we have the cash we need to make the purchase or refill our savings! Fun times for sure!

Sun Square Pluto

Sun square Pluto is a very intense energy. This energy is one of exacting motivating. No one stand in the way because you will be bowled over and cut down if it’s not how it needs to be. This is a very cutthroat and uncaring aspect. People may be less apt to care if they hurt your feelings. This day is a heady mix of supportive energy and intensity at the same time.

April 19th

Sun into Taurus

Usually the Sun into Taurus is a slow down and respite from the fast paced energy of Aries season, but this year (and next) we have Eclipses here. The energy can take left turns this Taurus season, really in all the fixed signs we can have disruption, mayhem and inconsistency in signs that are stubborn and slow to move themselves. We can see radical changes afoot this year with the Suns transit and the eclipses to come. Really when we enter Taurus we will feel the beginnings of the winds of change, for anyone that felt that also on the 18th, the Moon was moving through the last Decan of Scorpio where we will have a Blood Moon Eclipse this coming May. As with all Signs, once the Sun casts its rays upon them we sense the inevitable. Most people are unaware it is what they are sensing. This causes people to get prickly and on edge. Especially those with lots of Fixed Energy. The one constant we have in this life is change. The fixed signs are not ones to willingly do so even if they are the ones that initiate it. Be aware we have now entered the Fate/Destiny zone. Things are about to get weird.

April 23rd

Final Quarter Square 3° Taurus/Aquarius

As we wind down from the Aries Lunation the final quarter square is in the fixed signs. The initiatory energy of Aries now meets the lasting energy of Taurus and Aquarius. What we started, now has a foot hold and can inform us on where we go next to refine, continue, and perfect these new beginnings. We may yet see manifest in a few months time with the Full Aries Moon, but for now, we let go of the control to continue on, something else is happening that grabs our attention with the Sun in Taurus and the incoming Eclipse on the 30th.

Mercury conjunct North Node

This is the first of two full conjunctions of Mercury with the North Node, this is also the first time Mercury has come conjunct the Nodes since they were in Gemini. We are embarking on a new journey mentally. We now have information from the adaptations we were faced with on our path, here we can refine them, make them aesthetically pleasing and hone the skills needed to continue for the long haul.

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