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April 10-16

April 10th

Mercury square Pluto

This is a not so nice one. Mercury is fired up, kicking the tires and lighting the fires, Pluto is a destructive force in Capricorn right now, revealing what is going on in the seedy underbelly of big business and big government. This square can light things up and cause intense arguments with Mercury especially being in Aries. We could see something to do with the Military, possibly some secrets of international proportions coming out. Things of this nature, Mercury and Pluto are not friends right now, things need to be said, how they are said will make the difference.

Mercury into Taurus

Mercury moves on from the Square to Pluto and moves into the Sign of Taurus. Expect things to SLOW WAY DOWN now, after that big blow up with Pluto, we need to take our time and sort through the thoughts. To do that we need to slow down and evaluate what’s good, tangible, how we think we need to go about attaining or maintaining our status quo even after the intensity of Mercury squaring Pluto. It’s a fast transit but things may take a little longer to work through after the fact than what they were meant to.

April 11th

Saturn Square Nodes

Saturn squaring the Nodes exactly not his day means that there is some type of responsibility we need to let go of in the Scorpio part of our charts to be able to seize the opportunities in our Taurus part of our charts. There is some responsibility, some burden, some way of doing things, wether it be in groups or even future plans/goals. Something has to be put down in order for us to move into the life we want, the security we are craving. It may take longer to shed the past but it is a necessary thing to do at this time.

April 12th

Jupiter Conjunct Neptune

The Time has come, this conjunction is an interesting one! The last time Jupiter and Neptune came conjunct in Pisces was in 1856. The last time they were conjunct for their previous cycle was in 2009 in the later degrees of Aquarius. The interesting thing about the last time they were conjunct in Pisces, this was the year Sigmund Freud, The Author of the Wizard of Oz, Nicola Tesla and Woodrow Wilson were born. Little Tidbit of Weird Info for you! Sigmund was all about the unconscious, though his protégé Carl Jung was more in alignment with the deep unconscious and dreamstates that Pisces is about, The Wizard of Oz is such an interesting tale of the veil dropping and being left gaslit and disenfranchised. With the last conjunction being in Aquarius we saw the real explosion of social media and the different platforms that came about. Aquarius being the sign of Humanity and Neptune ruling media, Jupiter expansion and benefits. We see where we are now. With this one happening in Pisces I do wonder if more energy work, frequency healing, more interesting forms of psychosomatic psychological discoveries and the such will take over where allopathic medicine will take a back seat over time. I’m not anti-allopathy, it has a time and a place. But energy, frequencies, string theory, connectedness, mind-body connections, all of that is starting to see its rise to power, some perhaps the height. Let’s hope it’s not corrupted the way Social Media has been. And any other grass roots effort to move humanity forward in terms of our NATURAL evolution.

April 14th

Mars into Pisces

Mars in Pisces can be a very anxious energy. Maybe we have a doom and gloom sense about us. Maybe we feel like we are spinning our wheels in taking action. Maybe we are angry for no apparent reason. Mars doesn’t like the energy of Pisces, it’s too vast and oceanic for it to really be able to get traction. The Positive is that we have Jupiter and Venus here. Both Benefic planets may help to alleviate some of the more negative effects of Mars. For the remainder of the Month of April Mars doesn’t make any aspects to the rest of the planets unless we want to take into consideration the Moon of course. Being the fastest body in the sky. Positive attributes of Mars here in the watery depths of the collective is that we can take action on those less fortunate, those that are downtrodden or those that are scapegoated by society. We can take action in a way that we can help them. We can be champions of good and offer support to homeless, abused, rejected peoples. The closer to home we do this the more impact we can have. Taking action doesn’t mean sending hundreds of dollars to a faceless mass, it can mean offering up a meal to someone on the street. It can mean putting someone who’s homeless in a motel for a night or two so they can take a hot shower and sleep in a warm bed. Acts of kindness are a thing with Pisces, Mars is about action. It’s up to us what action we will take.

April 16th

Full Moon in Libra

This Full Moon is squaring Pluto. T-Squares are never fun to deal with. Especially when Pluto is involved. This Full Moon looks to be very interesting indeed! What light can we shine on our relationships? What deep, undeniable truths that have thus far remained hidden will come to light. What power dynamics can play out when both the Sun in Aries, and the Moon in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn? Where is the truth in the lie? Jupiter and Neptune are still together at this time. What subliminal nuance is running through the collective at this very moment? What slippery slope have we found ourselves on and what are we going to do about it? With Pluto being in sextile to both Jupiter and Neptune the intensity can have far reaching and unconscious effect on the masses. With Mercury coming conjunct Uranus in a couple of days this shocking revelation or communication seemingly comes out of nowhere. The Sextile Venus offers from Pisces can be aha moments of clarity and realizing the veil has been dropped for some time, only we needed to have eyes to see it. The out of sign Trine to Mars in Pisces from the Moon is showing us the nefarious deceptions we have avoided in our relationships, on the flip side of that we can get help in understanding deeply what actions to take to make our relationships better, more harmonious and capable of weathering the intensity if we only believe in the good inside people.

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